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    Can someone check my logic! Earnings this year estimated 9.70, thus current PE is 31 based on Fridays close. Estimates next year (excluding acquisitions) is about 11.40 (15%) growth. PE at year end (June 2022) would be 26. P&G who were able to demonstrate solid earnings close with a PE of 29 based on Fridays close and there stock was up 3% last week. You could argue that MSFT valuation has been pushed and a small correction was probably justified, but struggling to see how it can fall more than another $20 in the next couple of weeks. Would then see a gradual raise back to 320 over the next 3-5 months. Thoughts?
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    For longs in this market, be cautious short-term but optimistic about the direction a few months from now. MSFT has the moat, the cash, the product inventory, worldwide presence and forward-thinking leadership.
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    In light of the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic and the likelihood of colossal mistakes by the federal reserve in the coming months, I believe we are on the verge of a massive, and possibly prolonged, recession. I have been following the market for over twenty years and have never seen anything like this. The sell-off in 2000 and the meltdown in 2008 paled in camparison with what we are witnessing today, where average investor's wealth is being wiped out on a daily basis. At least the calamity of 2008 happened on the heels of collective (and egregious) errors on everyone's part-including the institutions and average home buyers. What we are witnessing today can only be attributed to federal reserve's ill-advised decisions in the last couple of years, in addition to the rash policies they project implementing in the coming months and years.

    There is no doubt in my mind this this current meltdown will force the fed to reverse course and cease interest rate hikes. The economy is just too fragile. I can't see any other way.
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    Today's record breaking $1.3 trillion in option expirations will shift the momentum and we will finally see a bigger rebound than yesterday. 10 year has dropped from over 1.83 to 1.76. Yet market pulls back instead of reacting inversely. Last week when 10 yr pushed up, they used the it as FUD reason for selloff. The FUD is exhausting, but media talking heads keep using it to influence daily market reactions. Yesterday's expected rebound got yanked back minutes after PTON crashed. Algos triggered a mass selloff across majority of stocks. Then he $NFLX ER which was actually good, but subscriber growth numbers not meeting expectations, depressed markets down in afterhours. Many overreactions. Keep in mind, retail investors aren't doing these minute to minute market selloffs. These are all triggered by professionals/institutions that use algos to trigger and manipulate prices using options to sway sentiment; they will throw away millions to make hundreds of millions. Key is not to overreact. Always be ready to take advantage of the fear being pumped into the news cycle. Move in and keep adding shares. Markets will rebound because the same people manipulating the prices with various methods also need prices to go up as well, and they will run prices back up once they've gotten cheaper shares. There is no correction; only momentum where they want it. During the latest FUD, I'm going to be adding shares to MSFT, NIO, XPEV, $OPEN, $AAPL, and $AFRM. These are all long term winners and should not be at such oversold levels. As mentioned before, positive ER next week from $AAPL and $MSFT will also play a part in pushing a positive sentiment. Report the short spammers and ignore their short sighted efforts. Keep your goal clearly in mind and stay long in all of these conviction worthy names. Keep buying. Keep holding.
  • J
    Completed my twice a month buying of stocks today. I added shares of MSFT, $AAPL and $GOOG. Hoping today is the bottom.
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    Since November, the money supply has gone up $350B and real rates got more negative. Msft’s operating prospects have only brightened.

    Stock should be well over $350.
  • X
    best strategy: hold, and add shares if you have spare cash. Microsoft will be 25-30% higher (at least) EOY: safe and profitable investment.
  • M
    Chance of a lifetime for young investors to enter the strongest name past present and future! MSFT will do you right for the long haul!
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    World Bank President David Malpass on Wednesday criticized Microsoft's $69 billion takeover of gaming developer Activision Blizzard as a questionable allocation of capital at a time when poor countries are struggling to restructure debts and fight COVID-19 and poverty. With all the crazy things going on and my limited time/ability to day trade I have found useful
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    Over the weekend money managers are rethinking their investment patterns. MSFT is the “return to” stock of choice. Expect $5.00+ increase near-term.
  • D
    Buying MSFT Monday in anticipation of a strong upside reversal due expected good earnings
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    The Big Institutional Investors are controlling the market. The stock prices rises overnight on the indication of a market rally and then gets dumped during the afternoon to close at or below the opening price. This is not Investing, it is Day Trading. A lot of people are being hurt in their 401K and IRAs.
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    Diversification in products and services distinguishes MSFT and GOOG from companies like NFLX. Their paths will diverge greatly and increasingly as time goes on.
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    Fed quiet period is over, watch them backtrack on 4 rate hikes next week. If Market crashes that will cause recession, do u really think the Dem’s will let that happen ? It would be total rout in midterms
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    Despite the economic crisis, this is till a good time to invest in forex and bitcoin trading
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    Whenever I get unsettled about this recent decline in the price of MSFT shares, I simply switch the chart over to view the past five years of performance, then ten years. Then I think about how this company has positioned itself for the foreseeable future. Then I relax and take a nap.
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    WAKE UP CALL !... You need to be at around 5% interest rates to stop run away inflation at 7%..
    Basic Economics... You can't talk inflation down with words like "Transitory" or put Yellan on TV to talk it down. You just can't talk inflation down... You need Federal Reserve Action.
  • C
    Common Sense
    Selling now would be the worst thing you could do….go do something else instead of staring at your quote lol…or better yet if you have cash go add a little today and every down day in the short term…hang in there u poor things and do not sell!
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    Don’t panic kids, contribute yearly, buy the dips if you can too, sell only much much later, and enjoy your great retirement. MSFT has been a winner for 50 years and will continue likely for 50 more years.
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    I've been long MSFT since 2000, and I plan on staying long for the next 5-10 years, but this Activision merger concerns me, longer term than interest rates do. Activision is a broken company, and MSFT may have to replace a lot of key people over sexual harassment and the general corporate culture. In addition, the company is huge. How do you merge a company of that size with another huge company? I think this acquisition dwarfs any other that MSFT mae.

    In addition, what Acitivision can provide is a far cry from metaverse technology. It certainly doesn't mean instant future prominence in that market.

    Nadella has been brilliant since he took over, but I'm wondering if hubris is starting to creep into the company. Mergers can go badly and weigh down a company. (I remember owning Compaq in the '90s and seeing their stock stagnate after acquiring Digital Equipment Corporation. The stock never recovered afterward, and HP wound up buying the company.)

    Nothing like that is likely to happen to MSFT, of course, but I hope they haven't bitten off more than they could chew.

    And I sure hope Nadella, etc., know what they're doing.