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    Guys,if you are planning to buy crypto, it's more than just that.Without risk management you might lose it's advisable to speak to a mentor or an expert on this.A lot of fakes out there though,so be careful.
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    This is why I told you to buy as much as you can of $MSFT, $AAPL, and $AMD. All up closing in the green as expected. All three recovered nicely and only going to get better next week. Stay long and keep telling yourself: The FUD is unsustainable. Keep buying. Keep holding.
  • M
    You really can't but laugh hard on all analysts and institutions who have been flocking to CNBC and Bloomberg to talk about their intense worry about inflation and whether the FED will raise interest rate three or four times this year. and they would tell you that they have sold all their stock holdings of technology at the peak. And they ask investors not to buy anything until it drops 20% or more so that the same analysts and their institutions or Banks can pick up those stocks at cheaper prices and double their profit. These are the same analysts and institutions that pumped up these stocks not even three or four weeks ago and raised their targets on them. Now they've done reviewed ratings and reduced targets. Manipulation at its best.
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    all charts point to a massive climb this week. this is one rocket ship to not miss out on.
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    In Barrons today, check it out.
    "Microsoft is one of the favorite tech stocks of 2022 for Dan Ives, an analyst at broker and investment bank Wedbush who is bullish on the wider sector. Wedbush has a target price on Microsoft of $375 with a rating of Outperform."
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    Great close for MSFT as bulls took control and closed it above key level $310. Massive after-hours buying in the first 10 minutes after close with 3.29M volume. Only 6 trading days till earnings and next week should continue the rebound trend for MSFT. Would love to see anything over $320.
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    The heavy rotation into protection stocks and out of tech will last most likely Q1-2 this year. While I anticipate some rise and possibly lower prices in MSFT, I am buying up. Loaded up more today at $305-$307. Next levels to add will be $300 - $280. I'm holding for Q3-4 profit potential.

    Hang in there ... its going to feel tough in the coming weeks.
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    Virtually every analyst I heard who talked about MSFT during the past week said that the sector or big tech may be a bit rocky right now and in the foreseeable future, but that a company like MSFT should be fine. One or two have even said, even though they hated the cliché, "buy on the dips."

    Some examples: an analyst said that, when it comes to tech, fund managers inevitably will have to buy the big names rather than the smaller-cap stocks that haven't really proven themselves yet. Another said the cash pools from businesses are increasingly flowing toward new technology. For MSFT, this means Azure and MSFT Office. And you also have the metaverse, which may be as big as the Web was in the late '90s.

    If you're long, relax, and feel lucky that you own this stock.
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    whoever sold MSFT at this low prices will regret soon, this stock will skyrocket in the next weeks. Just buy Microsoft and never sell, or keep it for a decade at least.
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    MSFT on track for $320s near-term with solid earnings and nice dividend approaching.
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    Microsoft Extends Lead Over AWS in Most Recent CIO Survey - Morgan Stanley
    "The CIO Survey once again indicates growth and fundamental demand trends remain intact heading into 2022, and Microsoft's growth trajectory appears stable despite the rising market uncertainties. Cloud migration continues as CIOs anticipate 44% of workloads in the cloud by 2024, providing Microsoft with a long runway of growth through its strong hybrid cloud positioning. Equally important, Microsoft looks to gain share in Public Cloud as enterprises ramp up the build out of modern applications, and is gaining share among those surveyed in the hybrid cloud space. Microsoft polls ahead of the #2 vendor AWS by 22% points as the most preferred hybrid cloud vendor today – this is the largest gap we have seen over the past six survey periods."
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    Inflation is at 7%. Interest rates may reach 1%.

    That is as strong a reason as could be to buy stocks and sell bonds.

    It is true that nominal rates are going up, but the real rate is presently -7%.
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    I can’t believe I bought this yesterday and for the first time a stock I bought didn’t tank the next day!😊
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    WAY oversold: great buying opportunity today
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    As expected, MSFT, AMD, and APPL are rebounding from yesterday's kneejerk selling. Options expiring today will help give an additional push up and next week should be testing higher resistance with the shorter trading week. Everyone's looking at value stocks now and $MSFT, $APPL, and $AMD are going to be one of the big names everyone rotates into. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    big boys wiped out all 3-month gains from many stocks and MSFT is not exceptional meaning the JAN correction may be well done!
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    I'm an investor, not a day trader so I will stay long as always and hope for the best with earnings very soon. After all, I am invested in one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.
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    MSFT has solid fundamentals and huge growth opportunities!! This. is. a. dip. Buy buy buy!!
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    Price target keeps getting raised and the stock keeps dropping. It’s going back below $300. Who’s kidding who here. Joke
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    BMO Capital this morning gives MSFT a BUY rating and upgrades PT to $360