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    Affordable Care Act Survives Latest Supreme Court Challenge

    Source: New York Times

    WASHINGTON — The Affordable Care Act on Thursday survived a third major challenge in the Supreme Court. A seven-justice majority ruled that the plaintiffs had not suffered the sort of direct injury that gave them standing to sue. The court did not reach the larger issues in the case: whether the bulk of the sprawling 2010 health care law, President Barack Obama’s defining domestic legacy, could stand without a provision that initially required most Americans to obtain insurance or pay a penalty.

    In the years since the enactment of the law in 2010, Republicans have worked hard to destroy it, and President Donald J. Trump relentlessly criticized it. But attempts to repeal it failed, as did two earlier Supreme Court challenges, in 2012 and 2015. With the passing years, the law gained in popularity and was woven into the fabric of the health care system. Its future now seems secure. Striking down the Affordable Care Act would have expanded the ranks of the uninsured in the United States by about 21 million people — a nearly 70 percent increase — according to recent estimates from the Urban Institute.

    The biggest loss of coverage would have been among low-income adults who became eligible for Medicaid under the law after most expanded the program to include them. But millions of Americans would also have lost private insurance, including young adults whom the law allowed to stay on their parents’ plans until they turned 26 and families whose income was modest enough to qualify for subsidies that help pay their monthly premiums.

    A ruling against the law would also have doomed its protections for Americans with past or current health problems — or pre-existing conditions. The protections bar insurers from denying them coverage or charging them more for it. The case, California v. Texas, No. 19-840, was brought by Republican officials who said the mandate requiring health insurance coverage became unconstitutional after Congress in 2017 eliminated the penalty for failing to obtain coverage because the mandate could no longer be justified as a tax."
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    "Extreme heat in the West could break 200 records and produce temps up to 127 degrees
    About 200 million people are projected to experience temperatures over 90 degrees over the next seven days, and 40 million over 100 degrees.
    June 15, 2021, 11:53 AM EDT
    By Kathryn Prociv and Jeremy Lewan

    Dozens of daily records were set Monday as highs soared into the 90s and hit triple digits across cities in the Western part of the country, stretching all the way north to the Canadian border.

    Denver hit 101 and Montana's capital, Helena, reached a sizzling 104 degrees. Records in Salt Lake City and Billings, Montana, were broken by 5 degrees or more. Record highs are typically only broken by 1 or 2 degrees, so the fact many were obliterated by large margins speaks to the intensity of the heat that's baking that part of the country.

    And there's not much relief in sight, as the extreme heat across the West will only intensify and become more widespread through the rest of the week.

    About 200 million people are projected to experience temperatures over 90 degrees over the next seven days, and 40 million over 100 degrees.

    More than 50 million Americans were under heat warnings and watches Tuesday as triple digits, coupled with bone-dry humidity, choke the West throughout the week. Highs could skyrocket up to 30 degrees above average in some spots, and nearly 200 daily record highs are possible by the end of the week."
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    They had some interesting insights about MS on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Gorman's comment on workplace physical presence compensation overriding the employees desire to work from a remote (cheaper) location holds merit. Either that employee's total remuneration package must be reduced by a substantial amount, or they can show up in their NYC office. It's quite a simple--and fair-- employment arrangement.
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    Headed for the GOP grifters Hall of Fame....

    "Trump Commerce Boss Wilbur Ross Hoovered Up $53 Million While In Public Office

    06/19/2021 08:43 am ET

    Then he slipped out of public life and into a business he set up in the Cayman Islands while reportedly still commerce secretary.

    By Mary Papenfuss

    Donald Trump’s commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, earned at least $53 million from private companies while he was collecting a taxpayer salary and supposed to be looking out for the public instead of his own profits.

    Ross reported making somewhere between $53 million and $127 million during his four years as head of the Commerce Department. The federal government only requires officials to report broad ranges of outside income.

    It’s possible that Ross earned “significantly more” since he was not required to specify certain income totals over $1 million, noted watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which reported Ross’ financial disclosure filings earlier this week.

    Ross’ many and profitable entanglements with private companies while he was supposed to be looking out for the American taxpayer triggered concern and criticism."
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    "Tufts University political scholar Daniel Drezner, reports that the GOP that has begun to resemble Lebanon’s Hezbollah, 'a political party that also has an armed wing to coerce other political actors through violence. ' "
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    Unraveling the chain of command...

    "NBC News has obtained a transcript revealing an alleged participant in the January 6th Capitol attack was questioned by the FBI about potential connections to congressional lawmakers. MSNBC contributor and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks talks to American Voices host Alicia Menendez about what this line of questioning may indicate about how investigators are approaching this probe. Aired on 06/20/2021."
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    Morgan Stanley initiated with a Buy at Jefferies » $108 price target

    As previously reported, Jefferies analyst Daniel Fannon initiated coverage of Morgan Stanley with a Buy rating and $108 price target, calling it a "compelling compounder" with leading market shares in each of its three business segments. The E-Trade and Eaton Vance acquisitions should accelerate organic growth and increase the contribution from more durable revenue streams, added Fannon.
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    why is this down so much, its a good investment? I would think a great buying opportunity
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    Why hasn't she gone to the border...because if she does and public sees it, her career is over!
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    "On Sunday, Fox News decided not to take advertiser money in order to make a very principled point: The insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021 wasn’t a big deal. That’s the basic position of both the GOP and conservative media writ large, at this point. Their end game is oligarchy and being the financial and power beneficiaries of that anti-democratic system.

    The Los Angeles Times reports that Fox News higher-ups nixed airing a political commercial that highlighted law enforcement’s clashes with rioters and insurgents at the Capitol on that tragic day. Ben Meiselas, co-founder of the liberal MeidasTouch political action committee (PAC), told the Times, “We couldn’t have fathomed in our wildest imaginations that even a Fox News would reject an ad that simply condemns the insurrection, and condemns people who support the insurrection.” It’s hard to read tone and doubly hard to know whether Meiselas is being tongue-in-cheek here or simply naive."
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    "The Republican Accountability Project

    Capitol Police Officer James Blassingame demands a Jan. 6 commission:

    "I would think certain things are above politics...[members] say 'thank you for your service, we appreciate what you do,' but they don't.

    This is very simple – have a commission to find out what happened."
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    "The current American president doesn't bring kneepads to summits like the last guy.

    MORE: $150 million Pentagon aid pkg to #Ukraine includes:

    - counter-artillery radars
    - counter UAV systems
    - secure communications gear
    - electronic warfare equipment
    - military medical evac equipment
    - training/equipment for Ukrainian Air Force base op safety/capacity"
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    That will tick off the knuckle draggers.....

    "The LGBTQ + ESG100 ETF is one of the first funds designed to serve the principles and values of the LGBTQ community and its allies. The fund provides investors with the methodology and results related to performance of the top corporations that embrace ESG principles in the workplace and advance equality. The LGBTQ + ESG100 ETF offers investors access to U.S. large-cap equity securities of companies that have demonstrated a commitment to LGBTQ diversity and inclusion, along with ESG compliance, as part of their corporate social responsibility fundamental mandate.

    “I’m very proud to be part of this doubly beneficial effort: it provides supporters of LGBTQ equality with access to investments that reflect their values, while simultaneously rewarding businesses that demonstrate that ethical behavior and profitability are fully compatible,” said Barney Frank, Former U.S. Congressman, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and member of the LGBTQ Loyalty board of directors.

    The fund will track the LGBTQ100 ESG Index (Ticker: LGBTQ100), powered by Fuzzy Logix, which identifies the top 100 corporations that most align with the LGBTQ community across America. It is the first-ever index to incorporate LGBTQ community survey data into the methodology, generating a benchmark of the nation's highest-performing companies that are most committed to advancing equality.

    For the 18-month period from November 2019 to April 2021, the Index generated a 43.84% return versus a 37.65% return for the S&P 500, while keeping volatility lower by 66 basis points of the benchmark. The Index was most recently reconstituted in March 2021."
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    "Schumer and Durbin are demanding Barr and Sessions testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath.

    "If they refuse, they are subject to being subpoenaed and compelled to testify under oath."
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    "Justice Dept has now filed conspiracy cases against multiple alleged members of three far-right groups

    Oath Keepers
    Proud Boys

    This is the epicenter of the Jan 6 criminal prosecutions."
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    Inevitable reaction to GOP voter suppression....

    "Bob Garrett

    On a press call,
    right now are unveiling 'Project Texas,' a voter registration drive.

    It aims to register 2m of the 3m eligible but unregistered Texans who are deemed likely Dem voters

    Pilots will be tested this yr. Cost: $1.7m
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    Resistance at 91 after this news?
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    Mike Lindell:
    "The Guy's pillow is more than a few feathers short of fluffy."
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    "Weekly jobless claims fell for a sixth straight week to new pandemic-era low

    Emily McCormick·Reporter
    Thu, June 10, 2021, 8:31 AM

    U.S. states saw the fewest new unemployment claims since March 2020 last week, with initial filings down for a sixth straight week as economic activity picked up further.

    The Department of Labor released its weekly report on new jobless claims on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. ET. Here were the main metrics from the report, compared to consensus data compiled by Bloomberg:

    -- Initial jobless claims, week ended June 5: 376,000 vs. 370,000 expected and 385,000 last week

    -- Continuing claims, week ended May 22: 3.499 million vs. 3.650 million expected and 3.771 million last week

    Economists expected new filings would come in below the psychologically important level of 400,000 for a back-to-back week and came ever-closer to their pre-pandemic average of just over 200,000 per week. Jobless claims have also set new pandemic-era lows for each of the past five consecutive weeks, trending lower in tandem with rising labor demand during the recovery."