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Mission Ready Solutions Inc. (MRS.V)

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    Dan's new insider buy of 30,000 shares to add to his 12.8million shares. You know what this means? 🤫
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    So many good things

    1. $435M PPE contract with the whole amount likely to be fulfilled. We have 112/435 and 50 more weeks to go. However, gowns are due by January 2021.

    2. We partnered with Lyft and Honeywell

    3. New Investor Deck

    4. New Corporate Website

    5. Institutional Awareness

    6. Marketing/Promo

    7. Insider Buying

    8. OTCQB application

    9. $4 billion contract

    10. Fundamentals are set

    On the NASDAQ it would be $5+
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    Hoping for big news this week! 30k shares added by Dan...
  • R
    I can't wait to see mission ready's financials in late November!
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    For the past couple of weeks, CIBC has been manipulating the price. CIBC has been put on notice
  • b
    Up from here. Can’t wait for the oh so mighty $
  • A
    Past resistance at .195 is now support.
    Watch for her to test .40 next.
    Covid is not going away any time soon and MRS personal are making very big in roads with government contracts.
    Next will be corporate contracts
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    Nice little bounce today
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    You guys are right. The stock does drop every time there is no news. Do you know why that is?

    It's because the old CEO messed up on many occasions which has many investors nervous. The reason why this stock isn't higher is that people are scared the same will happen. The old CEO had us in a 8 month halt, lost the Foreign Military Agreement, did back to back private placements, lost the SOE status, messed up the website, didn't pay his vendors. Thank goodness that guy is gone.

    Things are now different in my opinion. With the interim CEO and the new CEO coming in, the company should be poised for success!
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    Upcoming Catalysts

    $4 Billion Pot - We have yet to hear about how much of the $4 billion in contracts that they've won for this current DLA season. The season ends on October 1st and last year, they did $75M - how much will they do this year. The contracts are posted on FPDS but they're 3 months behind.

    Lyft Contract The company is the secret partner of Lyft and is supplying PPE globally to its drivers. This includes masks, gloves, disinfectants and even partition shields from what I've read. They were outed as the secret company by CNET.

    Antigen/Vaccine Distribution DLA recently bought 3 million antigen tests from an unknown company and they will be distributed by DLA Troop Support which MSNVF/MRS are part of. We've yet to hear anything about this.

    FEMA Contract The company was awarded a $24M contract with a $12M option back in May. The contract comes to an end on September 30th. The $12M option was likely to be exercised. I believe we will hear something about this next week.

    Court Case Update We've yet to get an update on the court case. The company is in court because they were excluded from a $33 billion - 10 year contract with the Department of Defense. They believe they should have been included. They've filed a meritorious claim. Court case can be monitored here.

    In my opinion, this is a undervalued stock that could potentially have $600M in revenue by the end of 2021. These are NASDAQ type numbers. My goodness.
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    All we need to do is uplist and this can go dollars the most underrated stock on the market! When it’s quiet buy and accumulate
  • N
    I should have buy more when it dipped. It's impossible that this stock goes down; not with all those HUGE contracts. Imagine the next one, and the next one....
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    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Ready Solutions Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSXV: MRS) is pleased to...
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Ready Solutions Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSXV: MRS) is pleased to...
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    looking good...great time to add and ride this wave
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    Today was a great day. Albeit it was dissappointing to see what happened with Nikola Motors and the negative market news. We were up 180% on Friday and down 8% today. Accumulation phase is on! Let's see a PR this week and then we're back on the road.
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    Guys, be patient. It's not all the time you run into a company like this. They have two divisions to make revenue for you.

    1. Manufacturing (
    2. Government Contracting (

    1. Manufacturing has yet to achieve significant revenue or contracts. Last time the company announced anything major for this division was the $400M foreign military agreement which the country backed out of. Since then they've been making little body armour here and there. The body armour industry is $2 billion a year. Hopefully we hear something about this division.

    2. Government Contracting has been on absolute fire. On top of the $435M contract that they just got, they've already confirmed $100M year to date as of May 2020. It's September. I honestly believe the company will have more than $600M in delivered sales by 2021. At 8-10% gross margins, this is roughly 40M+-60M in gross profit. Minus expenses.

    What will truly set this company apart is if they win the court case. That gives them their prime vendor status back.
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    How about insider Dan Raczykowski owns 12,800,000 shares purchase another 30,000 more units. Last time he did this, we got the $435M contract. What sign is he giving us this time?
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    MRS is listed at a "fair value" of 0.40 on the RBC Direct Investing Morningstar Rating System.
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    good news👍👍
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    Another 4000 shares purchases by an insider today. His last three purchases add up to 69,000.

    Remember when he bought 69,000 at 0.069 and we got the massive contract?