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    i guess this is still a hidden gem this is a billion dollar company in the making
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    im all in this company the next plug
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    On our way back up. Still a great buying opportunity. Patience is a virtue.
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    I asked the company some questions via the contact form on the PowerTap website and received this important information:
    1. "The manufacturing for PowerTap generation 3 will take place in the USA. We will be making an appropriate announcement soon. Our outsourced engineering team is mostly based in Florida".
    2. "We will be announcing more launch plans in the coming months including plans to uplist our stock market listing".
    3. "The patents are owned by PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. which changed its name last year from Hydrogen Fueling Corp. If you do a search for patents under Hydrogen Fueling Corp."
    4. "Clean Power Capital is an investment holding company with administrators running it, the key management are in PowerTap."
    United States Patent and Trademark Office
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    A risky stock for sure, but new highs can happen virtually any day.
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    I'm glad to see this in the green again.
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    Rod Mac
    Cant wait for the actual contract or partnership! It will POP up quickly
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    we need to get some hype around this stock.
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    In Germany an investigative Reporter found out the following:

    However, one should not jump on shares that live only on announcements and promotion, such as the hydrogen stock Clean Power Capital. Until three months ago, Clean Power Capital was still a cannabis company and called itself "Organic Flower". Here, the highest level of caution is required.
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    waiting till it hits 10
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    WHY is it dropping i thought we would see 3 to 4 $ by now
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    buying monday. this things is done the dip imo. 🚀🚀🚀
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    JUST ANNOUNCED: Electric and hydrogen vehicles to get $1.5 billion in stimulus funds in California.
    Beyond funds to support the purchase of electric and hydrogen vehicles, the funds will also be part of an investment into the building and maintenance of the charging and refuelling infrastructures.

    PowerTap / Clean Power Capital Corp. Partnered with Andretti Group, expanding fueling network to work hand in hand with fueling station owners in California (to start with).
    Governor Gavin Newsom intends to set that amount aside for the vehicle makers from his 2021 plan. California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that electric
    Governor Gavin Newsom intends to set that amount aside for the vehicle makers from his 2021 plan. California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that electric
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    Clean Power’s PowerTap Signs Definitive Agreement with Andretti Group to Both Install At Existing Gas Stations and To Distribute PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Stations
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    PLEASE buy and HOLD

    I feel like there are a ton of new and confused traders in here so I'm going to help explain what's happening...

    Gamestop (GME) and (AMC) are two failing companies who's stocks got a bump in the market due to some recent good, but ultimately inconsequential news. That jump caused large multi-billion dollar short-selling hedge funds to short GME and AMC stock with the assumption that they'd continue to fall after their bumps.

    (Short selling is when someone borrows shares at a higher price then sells it with the assumption that they can buy the shares again later (1/29) at a cheaper price, give those shares back and then pocket the difference.)

    This is where we the people (FB, Reddit, Twitter..) come in to ruin their day.

    A bunch of us agree to flood AND HOLD! the stock with unexpected new money, causing the stock price to rise instead of fall. This causes the short sellers to lose money because they are going to have to give back those borrowed shares in the future (1/29).

    As the short sellers watch the stock rise alomg with their losses, they start folding one by one and buying the stock in order to give the shares back and close their position. Buying those shares causes the stock to rise which in turn puts MORE pressure on the short sellers and more of them have to buy more shares... This is called a SHORT SQUEEZE.

    On Friday (1/29), time will be up for many of the short sellers. They'll have to close out their positions by buying stock which will cause AMC and GameStop to sky rocket.

    That is why you BUY NOW (apply pressure and start your investment) and HOLD. Because every person that sells is relieving the pressure and reducing the billions of dollars the hedge funds will owe us, the little guys.

    The price will go up, and it will go down, just buy it and hold it at LEAST until Friday 1/29.

    I copied this comment so Copy and paste to educate the people!
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    I really wish management would share the revenue model for 1) the installation of a station, and 2) the revenue share statistics for a station once installed and 3) the anticipated H2 volume pre station going forward.

    I have run a few models (with way too many wild guesses) and come up with revenue forecasts in the $100mm range for FYE '22. Based on current H2 forward revenue multiples, this company could see a $3b market cap bye the end of '21. Less 10% for the ownership structure and another 10% to 15% dilution and we could be in the $2.5b cap range or $25 per share.

    And I stress, way too many assumptions, but promising none-the less. Hoping management will give us some clarity as we move forward. - for the record - I own this stock.
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    500 gas stations this year 1000 next year huge potentiel
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    Hello . Was that article there all day . I just saw it . I wonder why the stock did not bounce up ? Anyone !
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    Manipulators doing their thing
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    Miles Ahead of the Pack

    Clean Power Capital’s timing could not have been better, as everyone from the largest hedge funds to Big Tech have been all about ESG, or sustainable investing, in the past year.

    If they were to try to acquire the PowerTap technology again today, the price tag would be so high, it would’ve been impossible for them to do it.

    And their breakthrough technology offers them a huge advantage over their competitors.

    While others estimated it could cost as much as $15-16 million to build each fueling station, PowerTap could get it done at just a sliver of that at $4-5 million.

    That could give them the ability to build stations far faster than the competition, and that’s after already having a head start at 14 existing stations using their PowerTap technology.

    Toyota and other major companies plan to build more of these hydrogen fueling stations, but many aren’t expected to be completed until 2023.

    Clean Power Capital, through PowerTap, on the other hand, expects to have at least 5 to 10 fueling stations up and running later this year.

    In fact, they recently announced they’ve signed an agreement with the Andretti Group to install several PowerTap’s fueling stations by the end of 2021.

    With the Andretti Group’s 39 fueling stations in the state of California alone and over 100 facilities throughout the United States…

    This deal could signal the start of the hydrogen-powered push the industry has been waiting for.

    And in the next 3 to 5 years, Clean Power Capital is projecting they could have 500 PowerTap stations or more pumping hydrogen into these next-gen vehicles around the nation.

    And this could all become much easier to get the job done with California’s latest news.

    In their proposed 2021 budget, California’s governor proposed earmarking a massive $1.5 billion for the companies building charging and hydrogen fueling stations.

    If PowerTap receives even a small portion of that, that could mean Americans could start seeing these fueling stations popping up before they know it.

    Plus, they’re expecting to be able to drive revenue even before EV freight trucks become the norm.

    That’s because California will also be offering carbon credits through their Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credit program in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

    These carbon credits can even be granted to companies producing hydrogen before dispensing any hydrogen from these refueling stations.

    And if they receive these credits as they expect to after installing these stations, they can sell these to other companies on an ongoing basis on the emission trading markets.

    These are in high demand for companies like Big Oil, who need to buy these credits to offset all the carbon emissions and reach their targets to avoid major issues.

    With the size of their stations and the amount of hydrogen they could produce, conservative estimates say PowerTap could earn$1.3 million per year in carbon credits.

    And should they achieve their initial launch of 500 stations in the state, their network has the potential to generate up to $1 billion in revenue from these credits each year, before taking into account any revenue sharing arrangements.

    This has already been a massive revenue driver for major companies like Tesla, which received over $1.5 billion in carbon credits in 2020.

    And soon, PowerTap could grab a portion of this market as well.

    We’re on the cutting edge of what could become the greatest change in transportation since the internal combustion engine.

    And with the amount of help green companies are getting while riding an EV wave that’s been building for years, it’s no wonder several are already seeing massive gains.

    Plug Power, another company building hydrogen fuel cell technology, soared for rare, extraordinary 1,510% gains over the last year.

    Now, PowerTap hopes to share in that success.

    They’ve engaged the top engineers in the business with expertise in hydrogen. And they have a manufacturer set to make these units in just the coming months.

    Starting in California, they expect to move up the coast and take over the Pacific Northwest before making their move west and covering the entire United States.

    After the incredible success EV companies like Tesla and Plug Power have enjoyed over the last year, this is an exciting time in what could be a massive transformation in how we drive.

    And for PowerTap, this inflection point offers investors an opportunity to get in at the ground floor before more developments are expected later this year.