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Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST)

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87.54-2.37 (-2.64%)
As of 02:26PM EST. Market open.
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  • n
    Fadre and others this CANarchy deal is bigger than people know our management spent 330 mil a mere 10% of our cash on hand to purchase this new growth buzz saw. These beers and seltzers are all in their infant stages in a beverage category that will balloon much like the HANS / MNST of the past
    The beat goes on.
    Hold on to your dreams.....................
    God bless all......
  • A
    AAmos Marcus
    Coke, Pepsi, VPX, etc.: let’s take one our brands and launch an alcohol version.

    Monster: Hold my beer while I buy an entire company.
  • e
    Like to hear your thoughts re: aluminum’s shortage effect, and whether MNST’s beverages have a moat? The stock passes all my screens but I want to hear what you think?
  • F
    I’m actually a little bit intrigued going into this year’s January meeting/update. Usually I just figure it’s vanilla news. This year though, there are some possible announcements on Constellation deal/partnership/?

    After the initial breaking news I have heard nothing. I’ve been distracted and could have missed it, but still it seems like this news died quickly. Any opinions on what that means? Any thoughts in any updates you want to see?
  • M
    Analysts are bearish on the recent acquisition of beer business.
  • M
    Constellation Brands chooses Coca-Cola Fresca deal over doing business with monster beverage. OUCH!!! That has to hurt.
  • F
    That’s a surprising announcement. Not much of a reaction so far. Light volume. I definitely have no insights to share. Anyone?
  • J
    There is no such competitor business out there with better numbers. Good price range to enter.
  • P
    PF Wagner
    $MNST just broke through its 50 and 200 day MAs. Prediction: it's heading down and will be testing its recent low of ~$81. If it breaks through that...
  • P
    PF Wagner
    Bailed out and took my decent profit while I still had it. The P/E is now too damn high for a beverage company anyway. Good luck to the longs... I think you'll be needing it. I have a feeling $MNST will be testing its recent low of 81 fairly soon. BTW, watch out for the convergence of the 50 and 200 day moving averages around 91. If it breaks through there it will go to 81. Or lower.
  • n
    Who is to say KO would not be interested in Constellation brands through the back door.........
  • M
    The smart money is buying Coca-Cola.
  • M
    monster beverage owes all of its success to the Coca-Cola distribution system. and Coca-Cola has done well with its 20% ownership.
  • i
    when was the last time you had a Corona beer ?
    constellation brands, $STZ is low growth, with
    high levels of debt. this proposed merger would
    be bad for stockholders of $MNST , which is basically
    zero debt, and is high growth, the ideal stock to own
    for a long-term value-oriented investor. If you
    combine a high growth company with a low growth one,
    you end up with a mediocre growth company - especially
    when there are no syngergies --- the distribution networks
    are separate. Besides, Monster relies heavily on agreements
    with Coca Cola Company to keep their costs low --- that
    arrangement would no doubt evaporate, unless Coca Cola
    Company wishes to diversify into alcohol and spirits -- which
    historically they have opposed , since their brand is basically,
    "Mormon friendly".

    .. But as the spirit of antichrist, which is in
    the world, continues to grow stronger -- see how they deny
    Christ in the Christmas Season - replacing True Religion with
    rituals and symbolism that would make a pharisee blush --
    Coca Cola Company might yet open a liquor store near a Native
    American Reservation with drive-thru service. Such is the way
    of they who seek to maximize profits regardless of what it does
    to the Social Fabric, and the Republic - which is supposed to
    safeguard the wealth of they who acquire wealth by lawful means.
    The role of a CEO is to maximize the Value Per Share of a company,
    subject to legal constraints. And the laws of the land reflect the
    ethics of the nation, if not the morality of all the citizens. This proposed
    merger, is a portentious omen of trouble ahead, spiritually speaking.

    Mary. Christ. Mass.
  • I
    Wait $74 , 50% in . then $67 ,100% in.
  • C
    I own calls on both KO and MNST because of unusual call buying activity. I can't figure a way that the call buying is related, unless it is simply money moving into the sector.
  • n
    STZ loves high margin products, maybe your divie coming..............
    God bless all..........
  • S
    Hey guys, check out ZVIA (Zevia). They are up 6% today! Throw Monster Energy drinks down the well! lol. The artwork on their cans is quite distasteful. Lookup Hebraic alphabet 6-6-6 and Monster drinks. Monster Energy is run by Satanists.
  • M
    News: Coca-Cola to aquire controlling intrest in BodyArmor. Great news for KO longs.
  • n
    Kevin apparently you do not follow MNST close enough. Yesterday afternoon management conducted a webcast of a investor meeting / business up date. This was announced 1-2-20. I found the details in a multi page report on my Schwab feed after the market close. It was all reasonably positive and met with some analyst upgrades, for starters, Jefferies ups to $74.00 per share. MNST immediately popped in the afterhours trading.
    Just like todays news, you have to dig a litter deeper or you are going to be stuck with the fake news...………..
    God bless all...………..