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Monro, Inc. (MNRO)

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  • K
    What will auto maintenance shops do as the share of electric vehicles increases?
    EV doesn't require oil changes. Tires might need to be replaced more often due to heavier weight, but I don't think it's enough to replace other maintenance revenue.
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  • p
    Bad economy. 30 m people out of work. No quick fix. Car repair vs new cars logically should cause the tide to rise. Thoughts?
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is down -4.91% to 60.95
  • A
    Too bad management has resorted to including an uncontrollable into quarterly performance results. OK, the virus affected everybody - no blame to MNRO for that. But, come on, in the most recent 8 quarters they've mentioned weather 5 times, 3 times as negatively affecting performance, 1 time positively affecting performance, and 1 time hoping for good weather to bolster performance in a future quarter. One of the first things you learn in the retail business is never, never, ever claim performance - up or down - based on the weather. Since they've resorted to that strategy for an extended time, it means they don't really have a future plan. That makes me bearish.
  • S
    They wanted to get into California. They purchase a thriving company that the only reason they were able to purchase was the owners declining health and have turned the stores into ghost towns. I worked at previous company in a location that averaged 1.8 million in sales and net profited 300k annually. I left the 1st day they took over it was obvious to me I would be one of the first to be laid off due to the fact that they have no clue how the automotive repair industry truly works. People might come to your location the first time due to company brand and or advertising but after that any sustainability is in the relationship and trust built by the person in charge of the location. It's funny the nic believes that his work force is overqualified. His idea is to have a kniosk and the customer come in and select 2k in services and a cashier to take the money when done. God I wish it was that easy. I stopped by the location recently and the new "manager" was excited that he had broken the 100000 a month sales mark. He quickly told me but I know you used to do 150k a month. I then asked him what his mix of business was and he says what that. After I explained to him he let me look at the books I ran 70% service 30% tires he was the opposite after a crash course on expenses where I showed him how the location had actually lost 25 to 30k on his 100k in sales he wasn't so excited. This is typical for their locations as their idea is to keep purchasing locations. Easy math 1.2 billion in sales for 1300 locations is less than 100k a month which means out of business. So go ahead and keep buying that stock. And to the nic Brett good job buddy in ruining what was a good company to work for in less than 9 months you won't be able to hide much longer maybe if you get another shot somewhere else you will remember in this business it's all about relationships and trust
  • f
    I'm very familiar with a recent acquisition , Hasn't gone so well . They trade at 31 X earnings so as long as they can make acquisitions at less then 10 X earnings they will impress the stockholders , Problem is they are driving those stores into the ground .
  • S
    Shorty McShortBear
    Hey Now. Could it be, yet another big Pure Earnings Short Sell victory for Shorty?? Oh yeah. Covered my MNRO Short Sell a few hours ago at $62.75 for another very nice, very fast profit of thousands of dollars. Short at $65.26, so that's a profit of $2.51 per share, and I had well over 2000 shares. :-)

    Immediately threw all my money into a new Pure Earnings Short Sell of PANW. Short at $342.18, and so far in the AH session PANW has been going up on a fairly good earnings report. I don't care, not covering even one share until later tomorrow. So often positive sentiment reverses once the regular session gets underway following an earnings release. Gonna run PANW with a 10% Bracketed, Conditional OCO order, to protect against an excessively huge loss, while trying to stay in the play.

    Good Luck! :-)
  • S
    Shorty McShortBear
    After I Cover my TJX Pure Earnings Short Sell play this afternoon, I plan immediately dump all my hard cash into a new PESS play, and I have narrowed my picks down to MNRO and HRL. I really really loved MNRO to the Short side when I chose her yesterday morning before market open, but this Bloated Baby already sold off quite a bit yesterday, making her slightly less attractive to Short later today. If I can get in +$66, I am still planning to do the play, if not I might opt for yet another overtly bloated stock due to collapse upon her earnings release, HRL. But for now let's look at what makes MNRO so likely to go down after releasing earnings tomorrow morning:

    1: Stock is seriously overvalued and close to her 52 week high.
    2: Company has a poor quarterly earnings history, lots of missed of consensus EPS and Revenue estimates.
    3: Analysts see extremely limited if any upside potential from current price point, even going out 12 months.
    4: Overall financials are mixed to poor, nothing impressive enough to warrant current valuation. Growth Rate (TTM) is particulasrly anemic.
    5: If you examine the past 8 quarterly earnings releases by MNRO, you see that she failed to meet consensus estimates on either EPS and Revenue, SEVEN out of the EIGHT times. If this happens tomorrow morning, I would expect a minimum 5% drop in share price from today's close, perhaps MUCH more.

    Oh yeah, this one looks poised to collapse and that is why she is very likely to be my next Pure Earnings Short Sell Play of the Day!

    Good Luck Folks! :-)
  • M
    Mighty Thor
    Debt & payout ratio don't seem too high, but operating cash is decreasing. What is the reason, and what are they going to do to change that?
  • T
    this should close north of 67, all things being equal
  • J
    Is anyone able to get a credit rating on this company?
  • S
    This company is a joke!!!! As a former top tier store manager I had to quit after several years of management incompetence. Working in district 10 the home company district I have bedn severely disappointed. The balance sheets look better than what they are. One of the companies key focuses has been profitable acquisitions which helps artificially inflate the EPS and margins. There is a severe lack of competent staff,technicians and ethics. Read the online reviews and talk to current employees and you will learn the truth. This company has a good footprint in the industry but lacks sufficient training for its staff top to bottom. Their primary goal is to empty the customers wallet today and worry about the consequences tomorrow. When there is a high turnover rate in upper managwment that should be a signal to investors. There is a reason that Goodyear and Bridgestone aka Firestone are more successful. They have a training regiment for ALL employees that is structured and eork for profitability. Monro has great potential but they need to start with proper technician training and employing ethics. This us just my opinion from a former manager and an investor perspective.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is up 4.99% to 55.80
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is up 5.70% to 64.95
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is up 4.98% to 53.75
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is up 4.99% to 54.70
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is up 5.38% to 55.80
  • S
    Shorty McShortBear
    Sold Short a lot of MNRO shares today at an average price of $65.26. This is a Pure Earnings Short Sell play. I expect a weak and disappointing earnings report from MNRO tomorrow pre-market, to be followed by a significant sell-off of 3-8%, depending upon how bad the ER actually is. Not really happy with my fill price, but this Bloated Baby has LOTS of downside potential to the very low $60's.

    Did you know a major part of MNRO's business is mufflers? And guess what? EV's, Electric Vehicles, don't HAVE any mufflers! Just one of MANY reasons MNRO is very likely to go down tomorrow.

    Good Luck Folks!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MNRO is down -6.68% to 53.05