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Manganese X Energy Corp. (MN.V)

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  • V
    Future is looking very bright for this company. Hold for the long term and don't let the "SHORTARDS" manipulate your emotions. Looking forward on seeing $0.60 next week and doubling up my positions from 7500 shares to 15000 shares.
  • E
    At the end of the last 3 trading days, an Morgan Stanly investment fund is buying over 50K worth of stock in the last few mins at 2 to 3 cents higher than S/P
  • j
    People are slow... the guy on the research department is the brother of the head of teslas battery research department. Jeff dahn and Roger dahn. I checked a arbitrary of the mother and biths names, one from Manitoba and the other from i believe new Brunswick just like it says on wiki were both on the arbitrary as brothers just like we heard. Sorry i had to bring up a situation like an arbitrary but I had to do my dd.
  • j
    If anyone follows manganese x on twitter there is a tweet they just posted that the deal went through for the 1.5m investment!!! I have a good feeling bout this!!!
  • B
    It’s only money, at the end of the day as long as you are healthy you’re okay. I’m down 40 percent, I’m not worried. I believe the dots are connected and this will take off one day. I have survived cancer, so losing money is not as important as being healthy. I understand we need money in order to live, so losing is not good either. Have a great weekend and be patient
  • M
    8,750 @ .83 still holding long. If I sell now, its like welcoming my in-laws into my house.
  • J
    calling 0.40s eow
  • T
    The Big Dog
    There were nearly 100k shares bought in the last two minutes of trade on Friday, pushing the SP up by 14% (10% day over day).

    Expect a large rise and rebound this week for MN.
  • E
    Ehab Scroll down to the trades, you can see Morgan Stanley Group bought 56.5K Shares at 0.37
  • j
    Buying into HVAC is a brilliant move for MANGANESE X and it’s share holders , we now know and it’s been proven that not only can we be infected by the SARS -CoV-2 through droplets within) feet , but Airborne Transmission which are smaller droplets and particles that can remain suspended in the air for longer distances than 6 feet and can remain in the air for HOURS!!! There’s an excellent report that came out on October 5 from the CDC which I will probably link with this or separate , Definitely read it as it directly pertains to MANGANESE X and their plans to acquire a 50% chunk of PureBiotics an Environmental Air Quality Control company, Although very unexpected to see a mining company buy into an HVAC company, times are a changing and X is smart to change with them!! What a fantastic opportunity we have here to own shares in both a Battery mineral for EV’s play and an air quality and disinfectant for COVID-19 play!!!
  • M
    Great entry price
  • K
    eod big buyer :)
  • j
    I can see Manganese X skyrocketing soon ,their latest acquisition for a 50% piece of PureBiotics an air Quality Company is a smart and lucrative move for X , plus the current attention and demand on manganese as a key cathode component in battery chemistry should make X stand out !! Elon Musk is looking to source battery grade manganese which has been dubbed “ELECTRIC GOLD” , the fact that MANGANESE X is only 12 miles from the U.S. border gives it a decided advantage not to mention that their the only property in North America on a fast track to commercialization!!! .......So I say hang in there because there’s a lot to like and I’m sure there is a lot going on behind closed doors between Tesla and other suitors as well !!!
  • I
    Im just gonna hold until it blows up..
  • D
    They are real and they have a great project.
    Calm down.
    Myself I should have sold at .60 I was up 300% but no I bought more at .95 now my average is .45 but that is greed.
    I still believe in them. It went up fast once it will happen again soon.😉
  • D
    Just bought another 100000 shares to bring down my average to .43 hope I did good.
  • T
    The Big Dog
    The company has received an order from an individual strategic investor. The investor will be required to complete a subscription agreement which confirms, among other things, the availability of an exemption from the prospectus requirements of applicable securities laws in respect of the sale of Units to such purchaser.
  • j
    It’s all been said,mineral stocks for EV’s have a lot of hype to live up to , I think Manganese and GIGA received most of this hype before Battery day and now has to prove this hype to be founded , give it time ,all your big EV companies are looking for NORTH AMERICAN minerals and soon will see a deal made with one or more of these companies, Manganese is a viable mineral needed in the production of high end EV batteries and Manganese X I’m sure is high on this list!!
  • L
    Lawrence Ivan Villaran
    just look at my comments from last week. this stock will be in red until next week. and will rise to green 2nd of nov. got it?
  • H
    Company has disclosed to me via email that the due diligences performed by this investor were extensive and underway for some time now. Disclosures not available to the public were made, and ultimately netted this investment.