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    Report is out.

    PEA Highlights (All dollar values are in US dollars unless otherwise stated):

    Robust Economics
    After-tax net present value using a 10% discount rate ("NPV10"): $486 million
    25% internal rate of return ("IRR")
    Capital costs ("CAPEX") of $350 million with a payback of 2.8 years
    Average annual gross revenue of $177 million per year over the 47 years Project life
    Average annual gross revenue of $220 million over the first seven years
    Life of mine ("LOM") operating cost ("OPEX") of $122/t material processed
    HPMSM Market Price
    Base case market price of $2,900/t for battery-grade high-purity manganese sulphate ("HPMSM") is well below the long-term forecast price of $4,200/t HPMSM estimated by CPM Group
    Price Sensitivity
    Base case undiscounted after-tax cashflow: $3.4 billion
    Sensitivity analysis shows after-tax NPV10 reaches $914 million at $4,200/t HPMSM
    Long Mine Life
    40-year mine production life and seven years of stockpile reclaim feed
    Total LOM production of 3.2 million tonnes of HPMSM
    Average annual HPMSM production of 68,000 tonnes over the LOM
    Average annual HPMSM production of 84,000 tonnes in the first seven years of production
    Low Environmental Impact
    Flowsheet produces a filtered residue leach product with initial acid-base accounting and non-acid generating test results showing no acid drainage risk
    Project Objectives
    Project is now advancing towards a pilot project, pre-feasibility study as well as advancing a drilling program to upgrade and expand manganese resources
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    What thoughts on new PR?
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    “Manganese X is continuing to work with Kemetco Research Inc. which has been our world-renown partner in research and metallurgical development for the last four years. 
    Kemetco will be spearheading our Pilot Plant Project to produce High Purity Manganese, a pre-curser to the cathode.   Kemetco developed and has intimate knowledge of the technology required to take this next ground-breaking step, that of a processing plant being able to produce a substantial volume of EV compliant High Purity Manganese on a on-going consistent basis. 
    Our economically robust PEA will be posted on Sedar the latest, on Monday, June 27.  It will help outline in great detail our moving forward plans.” - Martin K

    So to me it looks like we should see a very detailed plan on Sedar sometime this upcoming Monday (at the latest) which will confirm what exactly is the next steps moving forward with our plant
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    Next step will be to get a strategic partner on board. Waiting patiently and ignoring the price movement is the best strategy right now imo. GLTA
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    The score
    So. What's the interpretation of this. ?moon?
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    Guys should take a look at Our Next Energy, they’re developing a battery pack called Gemini which will use Manganese as a key component to their batteries.
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    This is a Buy or Cry moment. I choose Buy adding around 5000 shares this week at great prices. I have been with Mn since december 2020 and this is not my first buy or cry (april 2021). Actually two more article on manganese in the last 24 hours for ev battery. For those that have done their homework, there are JUST 5 junior project with potential of high purity manganese : Mn.v/Emn/Giyani/Cdmn and i think Amy is the fifth. We have carbonated resource that is much better than oxide. I choose BUY :-)
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    come on!! do something!!!
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    Sooo I’m gonna be holding for a long time
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    I have been in contact with Martin last week. He sent me a email reply about questions regarding pilot project and % of ownership of management.

    He said pilot project estimated time frame is 6 to 9 months. PEA must be published on SEDAR by the 27th of June.
    Secondly regarding ownership of management, he said for the past 6 years they have been working hard withough being remunerated. They received options instead. They are now addressing this situation. (Whatever that means...)

    Though you guys would like this information.
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    Goes up to .55 cents off the hype of the PEA. PEA comes out and it’s back to what it was before the hype. What a disappointment
  • J
    Bahhh, should have sold the news and rebought. Oh well, one day it’ll go!
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    It is what it is.. time to buy more
  • M
    Entire market is crashing don’t sell
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    I am glad we have cash flow right now because a lot of junior will suffer big time if they have to dilute at those share prices in order to get financing.
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    What is next big step / upcoming big news?
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    I think they should fire the PR team
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    .29 dang...
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    I talked to Martin today and he confirmed that we do have the funds to bring a Pilot plant to life and complete our PRE-feasibility study. (Not sure if offtake deals will fund the full feasibility study or if that’s when we will see a JV). ALSO he did note that MN is eligible for all kinds of government assistance for the pilot plant project.

    This means eventually we will bring our pilot plant to life and hopefully woo some business with our product samples.

    Another note, Martin would ideally like the engineering firm to design our Pilot plant be Kemetco, however he did state “we will tender out the work, depending on price and budget. We would prefer to go with Kemetco Research  as they have exemplified great success.”.

    With the special meeting in Vancouver that happened with Martin and Kemetco, To me this sounds like Kemetco received all the details of this project, but have yet to respond to MN-X with a final price tag on the project. Eventually when Kemetco gives them a price that will eventually decide if we go with Kemetco or another engineering firm.
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    We will need Tsx Venture to go up and it's been gaining some of the loss since May 12 th. On April 5 the Tsx venture was 891 and MN.V at 58 cent and now the venture is at 737. When the Venture was at 1085 (Feb 16 2021) Mn.v hit a 1$. It goes beyond the Venture but it's a good indication of the small cap stock