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    Dakota Territory Resources is based in Lead, South Dakota. They have several drills currently operating and have released drill results from their first hole. They are well capitalized and are clearly the leading explorer in the Black Hills. Solitario Zinc also hold a large (19,000 acres?) land package and are exploring for gold, with prospective surface sampling. They are fairly early in the drill permitting process. Agnico Eagle is exploring the Gilt Edge mine east of Lead as part of a remediation contract on the mine. Cour Mining is currently operating the Wharf Mine southwest of Lead. Mineral Mountain has probably the most advanced exploration, but has run into liquidity issues. I think that's a reasonably complete list of current gold mining activity in the Black Hills.
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    Anyone still here?
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    F3 Gold of MN has been granted a permit to drill on up to 47 locations in the Black
    Hills near our project. Permitting took over 3 years and says nothing about a mine. That would be 10 years away, if ever. Another MN miner with rights to 19,000 acres, Dakota Territory Resources, is also hoping to begin drilling in the Homestake District of the Northrtn Hills. So the kettle is brewing but we know zero about our interests. Seems like we should be getting good vibes, but I’m not sure that’s what I feel.
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    Sammy Z
    Rick your dead wrong about Mineral Mountain Resources. Website is being updated weekly, additional data results on gold target zones being shown. Delays were caused by Covid in the South Dakota. MMV has received their final approval/permits, for their 45 holes they will be drilling. There will be no more delays, they are cleared to move forward and start drilling. Management has entered into a ton of NCNDA with top 25 gold mining companies. They have been engaged in presentations/meetings/negotiations in the last 45 days. MMV will financially be partnering with 1 to 3 major gold mining companies. MMV will be full steam a head for 2021 with a 45 hole, multi drill program that will be announced very soon. They recently completed their Air born scanning, which they received a massive amount of data. Several additional major gold zone targets were located/identified. Full detailed results will be announced very soon, along with their financial partners. We will also receive full details on the 45 hole drilling schedule, expected to start right away. This will allow them to file a 143101 gold reserve report. They have already identified several major gold target zones. This will be a massive break through year, with millions of ounces of gold that will be located/proven. MMV share value will explode this year, it will become another Homestake goldmine.
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    Sammy Z
    $MMV.V MNRL.F Mineral Mountain Resources Great post by William I have been a largeshare holder and long investor of MMV. Warning do not sell your shares you will be making a major mistake. Yesterday had a long update called with 2 top management team members. Their will be major game changing press release real soon. The recent delay has been in managements favour. The great results from the airborne scanning, producing several very large additional gold zone targets, gave them greater bargaining power for this current raise. It also brought several MORE top 20 gold mining companies to the table. They have been overwhelmed with the amount of parties, trying to secure a investment partnership for this multi drill 45 hole program. This will allow for a 43101 reserve report of millions of ounces of gold. 1 to 3 major gold mine companies could be involved in this investment. With roughly 89 million shares, with a large percentage held by longs, this stock will sky rocket. The gold mine investors will be try to purchase a large position of public shares. The public will also try to purchase public shares, especially when the names are released of the top world class Gold mine companies.
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    Sammy Z
    As I have mentioned before, I am a large long time shareholder and constantly in contact with upper management. For all you nervous longs, we will be rewarded very soon. If you go to their website click on Presentation, a full update was just made. It is showing very large gold target zones.
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    Another day of increased volume. 3 hrs into the trading day and it is just about double volume of a 3 month average.

    I agree with Sammy is coming.

    Add to that, Terrence Lyons who is the Chair of Board for Sprott Resources is also on Mineral Mountains Board of Directors, and finally after a long wait and many quiet days on the company the may be ready to release some big news.

    Here is hoping and happy it’s been and easy buy in for the past few months, as it sure seems like any news in the Precious Metals world sends stock prices up very fast.
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    Recent reporting in a Black Hills newspaper: five miners now exploring thousands of acres in the Hills. One miner expanding production base and increasing mine life up to 10 years…. So the Homestake mining gold field is expanding, and all we need is some solid reporting from one of these sources. Such news would certainly push MMV….. I can see the Hills developing into a massive mining district stretching miles. BTW, just out of range from the Hills, in NE Wyoming, is one of the largest deposits of rare earths on the planet…..
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    Sammy Z
    Great posts from other investor in other site. Mineral Mountain Resources moving a head with 45 hole drill program. This will allow MMV to produce 43101 gold reserve report. Several large gold target zone have been located. The current hole they are drilling, has produce great surface results, they will continue downward, (which new technogly used) identified several large gold target zones. CEO Baker stated, negotiations with several top 15 goldmine companies are being completed. A financial partner will be announced very soon for this 45 hole, multi drill program. These cheap share prices are about to disappear. Recent airborne scanning that was completed in Oct will soon be released. This will add greater value to this 7200 square acre parcel, as just they have already located/ confirmed several major gold areas. The team of experts truly believe they have discovered another Homestake goldmine. This only makes sense since they are just down the street from the historic goldmine.
    MMV-TSX-V MNRLF-OTCQB M8M:FRANKFURTVANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 02, 2020 /CNW/ - We admire the patience and continued support of our loyal Mineral Mountain shareholders.
    MMV-TSX-V MNRLF-OTCQB M8M:FRANKFURTVANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 02, 2020 /CNW/ - We admire the patience and continued support of our loyal Mineral Mountain shareholders.
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    PDAC last year was supposed to be transformative.
    The share price action does not presently support your thesis.
    Management talk counts, as ever, for exactly nothing.
    ONLY thing that counts is the news release.
    When will that be? Only God knows.
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    This was taken from another message board (Canadian) and posted on April 7, 2021:

    RE:Recent video

    During the interview from the CEO of mineral mountain resources, Nelson Baker I heard things that I’ve been hearing on the message boards for years.
    People who know what’s going on and others who actually call in and talk with management have been saying much of this.

    I am so refreshed hearing this out of the CEO’s own lips. With him explaining why he believes it. Like he says I’m not just saying this, this is from technology and science.

    Does Nelson Baker believe that he has a monster deposit, yes!

    Things I got from the Nelson Baker interview:

    The Black Hills area is heating up, other gold companies are coming up with good results.

    22 min Insiders hold 60% and another 10% is available to them.

    23 min Terry Lyons and the other directors have many years of professional experience in this field. He says they all have confidence that this is a major gold deposit.
    Note: Terry Lyons is a major player in the gold industry. He came on this Board of Directors two years ago.
    This is a man who knows gold and would never get involved with a company of this size without a reason.

    26 min Nelson believes that the standby mine area holds the same gold potential as that of Homestake mine’s largest ledge the Ledge Nine which produced over 9 million ounces of gold.

    27 min He is satisfied and happy with the results from the previous drill results that were at shallow depth. Even though with the new understanding of the type of deposit that it is he would’ve drilled them in differently.
    He doesn’t mention that the Homestake mine found little to no gold at this shallow depth.

    Nelson believes that we have not hit the centroid yet and that the next drill program will intersect it.
    The centroid which is deeper is where all the gold was found at Homestake’s Ledge nine and all of their other ledges there.
    He believes that if successful they will intersect it by mid summer.
    With those results they expect to “define” a resource.

    Also to permit and start drilling the Cochrane deposit which they believe is another major deposit. In addition to those two “targets” they have three other areas which have potential.

    31 min He said if we’re right mineral Mountain will become a significant mid tier company.

    33 min He comments on how large an area of the Homestake mine’s type of deposit was and believes that Mineral Mountain has the same type of large deposit.

    He said, “If we prove our theory right I’m willing to bet that we have one of the best gold deposits in North America.”

    He says this is all based on technical science not just me standing here saying this Is what we have. It’s all based on research.

    35 min In discussing shareholder issues and share price explanations he believes that shareholders were expecting gold numbers that will be produced at much deeper depths.
    With the new technology and the latest positive results produced from it, he believes investors will see great value in this.

    38 min He talks about the upside potential for mineral mountain. He believes he has the right team.
    He says if our model is correct our upside potential is similar to companies like Great Bear (they have found a major deposit and their stock price is in the teens).
    His last project was Rainy River, traded as high as 13 1/2 dollars before it sold to a major gold mining company. He could see it being something like that or much bigger.
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    Sammy Z
    Take your sell orders off, do not sell out for cheap. Several major new developments have taken place, We will all be update early next week. 45 drilling permits approved, airborne scanning was completed, we should receive a full update on all the results, new major drilling program is about to start, full details of the AGM must be release as it was completed. I called into management, which cannot release any details. Management stated there is a lot of new developments that have taken place, they have a lot of great news to release.
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    What’s the deal here, are we STILL supposedly in discussions with “2 or 3 big gold/mining companies” or is this going under? Would be nice to get some news for once. I’m long but this is frustrating...
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    Been watching this stock for a while now. I got out a few months ago as it had flatlined. Very curious to see it hasn’t gained anymore interest given the price of gold at the moment
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    Interestingly I did email the company yesterday expecting no reply. But had one from Nelson himself this morning . I asked if he was still a believer. The reply showed me that he very much is. And with that I shall invest. The price right now is 7.5 pence a share in the U.K. it’s worth a flutter and the potential results could out perform a Meme stock.
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    Any thoughts on a short term and 1 year target?
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    Sammy Z
    Everyone has to relax, stop selling your shares, while management completes this major financial/partnership deal. Management has been in major negotiations with a ton of top Goldmine companies. A deal will be completed shortly, with a major announced. They will also release all the new data results, from the recent airborne scanning. MMV stock will immediately skyrocket past the dollar plus mark, when all this is released. Management looking to start the drilling immediately, with multiple drilling rigs, on a approved 45 hole program. This will allow them to file a 43101 reserve report. Then we’re are talking very serious dollars. The majority of shares are own by long holders, knowing this is going to put million of dollars in their hands. CEO Nelson Baker has impeccable record of massive return on investment. Just look at his last 3 goldmine plays he was involved with. CEO Nelson stated, he believes with all the results he has seen to date, this is his best discovery ever. It has the potential of another Homestake goldmine. So patience is key here, especially when the big boy Gold Corp partners are announced. The wealthy Goldmine Corp investors, with thousands of their public investing followers, will try to purchase a lot of public shares to gain a large position. This will really drive the MMV stock price upward. Everyone should be in here for the big dollars that are about to come, not the pennies.
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    I believe this stock is due to come alive. This Gold belt region is hot right now. MMV'S only other junior explorer neighbor (DTRCD Dakota Territories) in the area just completed a $45 million financing. I don't believe the market will ignore this stock when its neighbor is trading at x 10 times its market cap. Let's see...
  • b
    Less than 3% of explorations become mines. We really don’t care. All we need is some good news, some cheerleading, and we’ll have a return. F3 Gold from Mpls has been working a nearby exploration site for two years or and so far, no progress as the battle for permits goes on. We are beyond F3 in that regard I think, and we have a bigger target area for exploration. So we wait , and wait, and wonder: buy more at .10? In the stock market you only need to be right ONCE if you hold enough shares sez Mark Cuban of the Mavs. I was thinking I had too many a week ago, but at .10 I think I should double up.."….