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MedMen Enterprises Inc. (MMEN.CN)

Canadian Sec - Canadian Sec Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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0.0700-0.0050 (-6.67%)
As of 11:43AM EDT. Market open.

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  • t
    MMNFF is no longer listed on the Office of #$%$ UseFlorida Department of Healthsales report.......
  • K
    No news, no quarterly earnings, because the ship is sinking. The silence from management is deafening.
  • M
    so tell me, what happened to the so called earnings report that was supposed to be out this week, never developed and how does it just disappear?
  • C
    Additionally we need a good PR campaign in California !!! Re-rack and try again !!! Back to basic management !!!
  • b
    massive squeeze coming at MM
  • P
    1 post in two days! Looks like I’ll be the one to turn out the lights on my way out
  • S
    Been straight flying in .05 territory for a while. The pumpers have been deflated, but if you can’t get enough hilarity check out sub reddit r/mmnff there is a nut job handle named: EnvironmentalLevel40 that guy is the Jim Jones of MedMen. Cool-aid giver and taker. Total wack job.
  • S
    1,690,303 Already this morning ... Something's up ???
    Avg. Volume 1,675,464
  • J
    Jump in Jack
    Up 18% pre market...
  • c
    If it tripled tomorrow, I could get a third of my money back.👍
  • b
  • r
    Cannabis: ‘The U.S. is a $100 billion opportunity,’ Tilray CEO says
  • L
    Double volume already traded. What’s up
  • K
    On July 29, closed at ,056 and opened at .079 on August 1st. Had 20,000 shares for sale at .079 and 10K sold. Guess someone bought at that SP, but weird, I think.
  • T
    This company is kaput. I love when the last big news was the MMNY sale 3 months ago - and only because they were forced to sell after litigation. Ah Medmenron - you have led people on for so long, but it appears you cannot get over 6 cents, and once it breaks that 4 cent threshold (which I admit has taken longer than predicted, but it is indeed coming), the only thing left is insolvency.

    Yes, MEDMEN will be out of business by the end of the year, we all know it, absent multiple miracles now. I see zero way out now and have no position in Medmen other than to try to keep people from getting in.

    They are an unhealthy company corporately, personally, and professionally. From earnings calls to PDF's, to being delisted on exchanges explaining how much they move.

    It is completely and utterly OVER here.
  • r
    The wheels are in motion something big is going to pass. Booker and Manchin are on board
  • W
    William D
  • J
    Earnings death ahead
  • M
    Simon (from the latest Tilray earnings transcript yesterday):

    I mean, Manitoba Harvest distributes products to 17,000 stores. If you think where we sell our beer business and our bourbon business today and you look at the different distribution. So we know how to build brands. We know how to build businesses. We know the adjacencies that are out there. We have the strong balance sheet to do it. And with that, depending upon legalization. And if it's one day merging or buying with one of the current larger MSOs, we have the ability to do that. And we won't forget about MedMen and have an optionality on MedMen is something we have that upon legalization, we could go ahead and acquire MedMen, which has a strong brand name that can be used in multiple products throughout the US.
  • r
    All we need is MedMen to survive for 3 more months when Safe gets passed or pumped like it’s gonna a get passed, then MedMen will hit $1.49-$2.30 minimum, and it’s time to cash out for Good!!!!