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MedMen Enterprises Inc. (MMEN.CN)

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At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • P
    and tilray in at 36 cent and thought that was a good deal..rofl
  • T
    665,000 shares traded today which is roughly $24,000. Management still In hiding while company slowly sinks into insolvency, even the shills have abandoned ship.
    Read the recent 10K and you’ll understand why.
  • T
    It’s probably getting within 45 days of a major announcement imo. No way this company is surviving, not paying bills/rent/debts/loans, and not being held accountable. They do not even hold earnings calls anymore.

    There is literally nothing good left of this company. I don’t even know if I would holiday company because that would imply that they are in business to make a profit and they have actually never made a profit since they were Inc..

    I would have to say I am pretty firm with my consensus that they will be bankrupt by Christmas. I don’t see any way around that absent a miracle. I am only going off their earnings reports and nothing else.

    If I had any other economic forecast or announcements from the company I could make a better decision but that keeps getting delayed.

    If you thought this was a buy at six, five, or 4.5 cents, it goes to show you how quickly things go bad at this price point.

    Just be careful here. If they are not telling you anything, there’s probably a reason for it.
  • I
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • T
    I truly feel sorry for those that believed all the shill lies…
    But you were warned.
  • T
    .0391 now…..that was fast…into the 3’s
  • J
    Sure are alot of SEC form 4's posted recently. Why are the directors being issued shares now. ??
  • N
    They sold off Florida’s assets and business. Great move that state is underwater
    They got Ascend deal. Weeks later the CEO of Ascend get arrested for domestic abuse.

    Medmen is getting lucky AF.

    They cashed in on Florida
    And they avoided ascend deal

    Best case scenario ever.

    Florida will never pump the tens of millions now... that Medmen just cashed in

    And Ascend deal would have tied Medmen to a bad co.

    Medmen on ramp is way better today
  • K
    Can’t even pay their rent. Owes almost 1 million to Thor Equities. Put your money elsewhere.
  • J
    Jump in Jack
    Wow.... talk about yawn fest. My 97yo grandma moves better than this stock.
  • J
    who has more than 500,000 MedMen? how about a million?
  • N
    Medmen got soooo freaking lucky

    They pulled 70 million from fla assets weeks before hurricane Ian

    They get pulled from Ascend. Weeks later Ascend CEO gets arrested for domestic abuse

    Bad luck is good luck for this co

  • S
    Are you in the stock market or in the matrix?? Which one is real and which one is fake??
  • T
    The InvestorSmith
    The writing is on the wall for them. They are selling almost every revenue generating asset they own. And they are saying nothing.
  • S
    Step right up step right up and lose some more money!! Place a bet and make a wish because that is all that you will lose.
  • S
    Florida deal done, all the money gone!! Done deal, good thing they got out of Florida because the whole company would be locked out of their stores by now, but we just give it another month and that still could happen.
  • B
    The entire sector has been taking a massive hit. It’s a gamble in any one of these MJ stocks, but the reward can be extremely high. Medmen is a larger risk than some, but the rewards can also be much higher.
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    200 Day Moving Average: .11 cents
    50 Day Moving Average: .06 cents
    20 Day Moving Average: .06 cents
    90 Day Average Volume: 1.8M shares
    10 Day Average Volume: 1.4M shares

    So we see, long term, over the last 18 months, the stock has lost 99% of its value. However, in the short term, we are seeing not only a steep decline in value, but a drop-off of shares.

    In the past 10 days we have seen a drop of 22.22% of volume. That is significant if we consider the price is dropping too. Interest is waning, price is dropping and we know sales are horrific.

    Medmen is basically surviving by selling off its carcass. They cannot repay debts and cannot survive at their old store volume, never mind that volume of stores is now decreased by over 33%.

    If ever there was an "its over" moment, it is here.
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  • J
    Jump in Jack
    Would sure be nice if thus stock actually moved.... all this yapping about the moon and stuff ... yet... it just sits there doing nothing for weeks on end... up ..... up .5c... down .5c.... repeat