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McCormick & Company, Incorporated (MKC)

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189.27+3.78 (+2.04%)
As of 10:55AM EDT. Market open.
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  • y
    wow....spices? Who'd a thought this would be so lucrative??? I mean.....I grow my own herbs in my backyard rather they paying for store spices....but yes, I do still buy some store spices....but its not like I go through them in a week or anything like that.....anyway....enjoy the ride....
  • S
    Re acquisitions—I assume management has a sharp focus on strategic opportunities if there are any that are open to or in need of a transaction. The company has a good thing going as things stand now and that good thing has to be cared for with the utmost TLC. Company leadership seems to check that box well.

    But then there’s also the natural confidence that they can do more and add to the good thing they’re already doing that can lead to expansion in various ways, including through acquisitions. I would think that in these challenging times, there would be opportunities out there.

    The decision making, however, would be a balancing act between keeping the good thing we already have in tact and not hurting it vs possibly growing even stronger by taking on something new.
  • J
    What’s a good entry position?
  • R
    That premarket uptick of +13.22 appears to be a glitch. I am seeing +0.22 on other exchanges. Perhaps a fat finger happened but in any event, it doesn't look like a thing.
  • S
    The shorts are now down to 1.80% compared to 6%+ earlier this year.

    What does that say about the market’s view of MKC?
  • B
    Stay at home schooling. Does that mean more or less PBJ sandwiches?
  • B
    New sauces going to Canda and packaged in dip cups and being sold to restaraunts soon. Up we go.
  • S
    Shorts are down to 1.85%. They used to be 6%+.
    Given the consistency of performance, advancements of the company, and continuity of management—this is not a good short play. The earlier shorts discovered that the hard way. The current shorts are either computers that don’t reason or gamblers playing with other peoples $$$.
  • Z
    Any chance of a split as we get over $200?
  • S
    Performance has been strong and smart. Company demonstrates soundness, consistently, reliability. Shorts have finally given up-down to 1.91% from 6%+ in the past 12 months...strange.
  • m
    mike s
    a good one to be in as many are cooking from home and learning... but over-priced (IMHO) at +33 PE.
    I'll take SYY under $20 PE with upside as things come back or they start looking to new supply opportunity
  • K
    New to MKC but concerned about the debt . From what I’ve put together they had enough earning power that the debt isn’t a concern . Can someone correct me here ?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    McCormick reached an all time high at 190.94
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    McCormick reached an all time high at 194.32
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MKC-V reached an all time high at 189.17
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MKC-V reached an all time high at 188.84
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    I think of this investment is a reliable place to put fairly conservative portion of my investment portfolio. The products they sell, spices and relate, have been in demand for thousands of years, and the McCormick brand has long been recognized as a tried and true leader. I'm not aware of any reason why that would change for the worse in the foreseeable future. Management as steered this ship in a solid and steady fashion, it seems. All that equates to a nice place to put conservative investment dollars and hope/expect them to grow at a decent rate (if not better) on a long term basis.
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    Original cost..............$100
    No. Of shares ..............100
    Total cost basis......$10,000

    Today’s mkt price ...$155 (hypo)
    Sell ........................100 shares
    Sale proceeds .......$15,500
    Taxable gain.............$5,500
    Fed and State tax rate....35% (hypo)
    Tax paid ...................$1,925
    Net cash remain.......$13,575

    Stock price drops to ..........$145
    Buy.............................94 shares shares
    Total cost...................$13,500

    Stock price rises to ......$155 (hypo)
    Mkt value of 94 shares...$14,570
    Mkt value of 100 shares..$15,500

    Stock price rises to ......$165 (hypo)
    Mkt value of 94 shares...$15,510
    MKt value of 100 shares..$16,500
  • .
    I have had it since shares were $38 living on dividends.
    been through 2 splits dividends increase every year love this company and management
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    Steve F
    Ex Pinnacle Foods/ ConAgra shareholder, now a MKC shareholder.
    I owned Pinnacle shares for about 6 years & they performed incredibly well.
    Unfortunately they were swallowed up by ConAgra about 1.5 months ago. My 'new' ConAgra shares were already down over 16.00% as of today. The only good thing is that a large portion of the deal was cash.

    Earlier today, I sold the CAG shares & invested the proceeds in MKC.
    Hopefully, over time, that turns out to be a smart move.