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    Needs to pump to a dollar to attract investors again . Hemp has a bright future will Mgw take advantage?
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    what's pushing this higher?
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    Fake pump ? or some positive news on sales and partnerships coming ? Needs to break past 20 cents per share with volume to show true uptrend and positive support.
    16cents is the first test
    break past that with good news this could go booooom
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    Convertible Debenture FAQ.
    The company is managed by a Chinese (Hong Kong) entrepreneur who has over 30 years of experience in publicly listed companies in North America. At one point, the company's market value reached over three hundred million. At that time, the Company saw an opportunity in the cannabis space to develop products for medicinal purposes. The Company needed to adapt quickly and evolve to reach its growth potential and increase shareholders’ value. To achieve this, the Company needed to expand its vision and engage with new technology and media, entertainment, and finance which have great growth and profit potential.

    Strengths of Maple Leaf as a public company
    The attractiveness of a publicly listed company is that it is regulated by securities commission and stock exchange, audited by reputable 3rd party auditors, and its business activities are open and transparent to the public.
    1. Experience and Talent:
    The Company has partnered with experienced and highly renowned individuals all over Canada who share the same vision and goal to help advance the Company.
    2. Large Capital Network:
    The Company and its partners have a large network of like-minded investors who seek to invest in companies with a solid strategic plan for growth and expansion.
    3. Targeting Growth Projects:
    The Company and its partners are evaluating high growth projects for investment purposes. These projects often struggle due to lack of funding, resources, network and financial tools. Our goal is to bring such projects under the Maple Leaf umbrella and maximize their true growth potential.
    4. Stock liquidity:
    One of the most important aspects of a stock to its investors is its liquidity. It’s the ability to rapidly buy and sell stock without substantially impacting the stock price. With the Company’s vision in place and the expertise to execute, the Company aims to improve the stocks liquidity by achieving its goals and make the company revenue oriented and profitable in sue course.
    Question 1: Why use convertible debenture?
    Answer: Corporate convertible debentures are most popular with investors during the initial stage of corporate transformation and financing because it has a fixed return rate of 10% with the options to convert the loan to stock, which is a benefit to the investor.
    The Company believes that it will increase shareholder value once it has raised its capital and acquired its targeted revenue generating projects.

    Question 2: How to evaluate and measure publicly listed companies? Answer: A publicly traded company can be evaluated and measured by:
    1. Management Team
    The experience, ability and character of the of the management team to adapt and focus on providing value to its investors.
    2. Capital
    The Company must have sufficient capital, cash flow, and steady revenue.
    3. Stock Liquidity
    High volume of trading will increase the ability for investors to buy and sell stock without substantially impacting the stock price.
    4. Growth
    Continued projected growth will ensure stock appreciation.

    Question 3: There are many publicly listed companies. Why invest in Maple Leaf Green World Inc.?
    Answer: Maple Leaf Green World Inc. has created strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs from China and elsewhere for taking the Company to next level. The Chairman and CEO of Maple Leaf is familiar with the cultural difference between China and N. America, and the ability to overcome such difference and capture the huge market potential in China. The management is confident that it can create a new era for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs under current challenging time. Crisis creates Opportunity!

    Question 4: How do I invest in a convertible debenture?
    Answer: There is a standard subscription agreement for interested investor to apply to invest in the Company’s convertible debenture. After subscription agreement is accepted by the Company, a convertible debenture certificate will be issued to the subscriber. The subscription agreement will indicate the fixed rate of return, stock convertible price and the conversion timing.

    Question 5: What are the Investor qualifications?
    Answer: There are various exemptions available for investments in a private placement. Please contact the company and consult your lawyer for details of the same.

    Question 6: What is the minimum investment?
    Answer: The minimum investment in this convertible debenture is CAD $150,000.

    Question 7: Can investors from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan invest in the convertible debenture?
    Answer: Any accredited investor who meets the conditions and qualifications can invest in our convertible debenture and stock from around the world.

    Question 8: Where is Maple Leaf Green World Company registered and listed and what is the stock symbol?
    Answer: Maple Leaf Green World Inc. is registered in Alberta, Canada. The Company is listed in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the ticker symbol MGW and in
    The United States of America
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    I bought 10k at 0.10 several months back. Should I hold or dump some and keep some? I'm new to all this
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    Here you go.
    MAPLE LEAF GREEN WORLD INC. February 6, 2018 CALGARY, ALBERTA – Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (“Maple Leaf” or the “Company”) (TSXV: MGW, OTCQB: MGWFF) announces that, further to the Company’s ongoing discussions with the TSX Venture Exchange (the “TSX
    MAPLE LEAF GREEN WORLD INC. February 6, 2018 CALGARY, ALBERTA – Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (“Maple Leaf” or the “Company”) (TSXV: MGW, OTCQB: MGWFF) announces that, further to the Company’s ongoing discussions with the TSX Venture Exchange (the “TSX
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    Aaaaaand here we get the same news release as we did 10 days ago.
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    Are they finally finished building their facility?
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    because of the volume of trading increasing in a huge way. get ready for a drop in price b4 close. a significant drop.
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    Who here doesn't care that this company is going to be de-listed from the venture exchange?
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    Any good website to see the price in real time?
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    whos still buying /holding this
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    Alejandro Sosa
    Amazing increase in trading volume this week! Something is happening here. Looks good so far in 2019
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    what's going on with their license, no news in a while
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    Just got off the phone with Dale Shirley from investors relations and he explained that the license for Nevada was obtained and that the projects there are well underway, he also explained that they will cover both Canadian and US markets in the coming yea. As for the California operations, they had a few set backs because of the weather conditions and they are projecting a little lower earnings. As for the Canadian market, they were few weeks late to start construction of the facilities and they expect to have products in the ground early next year, then it is only a matter of the Canadian agency to check for product compliance and they will obtain their license before the legalization. He also mentioned that he would ask Raymond Lei, President of MGW to prepare a press release before the closing year to better inform on the coming events. So basically business is taking it's course. He explained that the Canadian license is only a formality that is going to take place when the agency verifies the product acceptance and that it meets product requirements.
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    Maple Leaf Begins the Process for Foundation Construction for its Telkwa, British Columbia Facility

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    blue has been muted
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    I wrote to company, response in return.

    Hello Darren,
    Thank you for reaching out. We understand the decline in stock price is frustrating to see. We've been working hard over the last few years to build the operation in California to bring the value back to shareholders. Our greenhouses are now all automated and we have product as well as new Delta 8 vape cartridges being manufactured. We have secured an extraction lab that will process CBG oil for us to manufacture CBG vape cartridges. With the biomass we have left, we can produce about 50,000 CBG cartridges with a market value of about $5 each. Hempacco should have our Phoenix Crave cigarette packs ready in August in which our sales team will be presenting to their network of dispensaries and distributors. Our SwissX crop should be completed in Sept which they have agreed to purchase the entire batch back. So our current priority is generating revenue and as we pass these milestones we should see it reflected in the stock price.
    Please let us know if you have further questions,
    Team MGW
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    All i can say now is : I Santa :-) OK, getting there slowly, still no confirmations on the licenses or project status. This company has always had a communication issue whit the investors, but, it always gets things done.
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    hello 1.50 open