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Medallion Resources Ltd. (MDL.V)

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    Doubled my holding.
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    I bought a significant position in this little stock, looks like they have a unique process to get magnet rare earths from the inexpensive tailings of other monazite ore processing. A new CEO with a good monazite history says good things to me, he must be onboard because he believes in Mallof. Then In last weeks as I have been watching trading activities I have seen where some one sells a good bit and the price falls and then seen where someone else buys it up and more. Volume is up and the stock is trending up. So some bigger pocket buyers on this. So my theory is that buyer(s) must have a lot of conviction, perhaps some understanding of very likely great news coming? Best news I can think of is business arrangement to setup their refining process, perhaps with the Dept of Defense? They have said they are in discussions with the Defense Dept. We shall see and I don't think it will be very long to see.
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    Jan Rosholm
    Key Points
    Latest staus by october 2021.

    Medallion has separated high purity magnet REEs neodymium and praseodymium from natural leach solutions using LAD Chromatography in collaboration with Purdue University.
    Due to this success, Medallion has purchased automated and up-scaled chromatography equipment to accelerate research.
    Medallion is preparing 70kg of mixed REE carbonate from mineral sand monazite stockpiles for ongoing separation research, engineering and financial modelling.
    Heavy REE feedstock has been acquired and simulation run for the separation of Dy, Tb and other high value heavy REEs. Heavy REE separation will soon be tested.
    Australian partner ACDC Metals Ltd has initiated the ASX Initial Public Offering (IPO) process.
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    @Looking for Doubles:
    I could see the US buying REEs from Australian Monozite simply because:
    1). A one-way trip across the Pacific costs less than a round trip, and
    2). US policy turns a blind eye to guarding it’s most necessary minerals.

    For instance, in 2018, a lot of Monozite in Texas was sold and shipped to China for REE processing. Chances are, US companies bought the Chinese REEs and had them shipped back to the US after processing. An expensive round trip. And yet another loss of strategic US resources better kept at home for both processing and production.

    Granted, I would rather see REE extraction done in the US. The costs associated with shipping both ways to China are added to the price of REEs, making end products more expensive. In the near term, buying refined REEs from Australian Monozite might cost US buyers less than Chinese REEs. Maybe.

    A dual approach of both processing in-house and sub-licensing to others around the globe is probably Medallion’s best bet. Medallion is really setting up to be a money-maker in a couple of years, isn’t it? Really like the Purdue tech.
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    Jan Rosholm
    Positive developments in the US REE permanent magnet and electric vehicle sectors highlight the critical nature of a secure North American supply chain. In this light Medallion has engaged Chardan Capital Markets LLC (“Chardan”) to advise on, and if appropriate, support an up-listing to a major US stock market and complete a concurrent financing. A US listing will significantly strengthen Medallion’s profile in the REE technology sector, increase the capacity for US shareholders to invest in the REE and EV industries and enhance access to capital for future investment, execution and acquisitions.
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    IIROC Trading Halt on MDL, requested by the COMPANY pending news dissemination ?? Yet, no news that I can find. Good price pop today on significant volume too. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!
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    Jan Rosholm
    The price of dysprosium and terbium has increased by about 60% and 90%, respectively, from a year ago, and due to demand will increase further.

    Booth products are to be part of Medallions separation process, and will together with the other two magnet materials Nd + Pr be the basis of Medallions future business model.

    When are we going to see some results ?
  • A
    Financial and company information has always been hard to come by with Medallion. It's gotten better over the 5 years I've owned the Company. A recent interview with Mark Saxon on Radius Research answered quite a few questions regarding the Compnay, so I thought I'd share them. At the 42:20 minute mark, Saxon states. Initial production of 10,000 tons of monazite material should start in roughly 2-3 years. The Economic Feasibility Study should be out in another month or so. After that, it will take 6-12 months for site selection for the processing plant. This will probably be in West Texas. Step 2 will be the permitting process, which should take 12-18 months to complete. The final phase will be the Construction of the plant. Allow another 12-18 months for that. They are still looking at a number of sites for sourcing their Monazite, but I got the impression the favorite is Australia. This makes sense, since Mark Saxon is from Australia. The probable sourcing for funding will be an Offtake agreement with 1 or more clients. In return for guaranteeing a certain level of production, the Client will commit to purchase that amount and the contract is then used to obtain Bank financing. Initial production is targeted at 10,000 tons of Monazite, which is 60% saleable Rare Earth Minerals and 35% Phosphates. Waste product makes up the remaining 5%. Of the 6,000 tons which are REM's, 15-25% are the Magnetic ones that are the most valuable. The current price is $8 per kilo. Phosphate sales will make up roughly 5% of revenue. first year revenues are expected to be $50,000,000, although my numbers show more like $15,000,000 ? Anyway, once in production, they can easily ramp up to provide more material to their clients. One last point, Saxon states that Medallion should provide roughly one third of overall market production ? How is it that the Company is talking about $50,000,000 in revenue, (or even $15,000,000), when overall demand is many billions of Dollars ??? Maybe someone can help me out !
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    Did anyone notice that the private Australian “mining company”, ACDC Metals, didn’t even exist 2 weeks before Medallion signed its Letter Of Intent with them? And it appears they have since changed their name. See link:
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    Two articles regarding Medallion Resources you might find interesting.

    In his newsletter, Byron King recommends Medallion while commenting on China's response to Lockheed Martin's participation in a $620M upgrade to Taiwan's air defenses.

    On July 10, the U.S. government announced that Lockheed Martin would participate in a $620 million upgrade to Taiwan’s air defenses based on the U.S. “Patriot” system. Apparently, this was the last straw.

    Click here to read the article titled The Fire Bell is Ringing >>

    Lockheed Martin faces China's sanctions over Taiwan deal.
    By Liu Xuanzun, Chu Daye and Tu Lei Source: Global Times

    China will impose sanctions on US-based arms producer Lockheed Martin, the main contractor of the recertification of Taiwan's air defense missiles. These sanctions may include rare earths, which are crucial to US-made advanced weapons.

    Click here to read the article at Global Times>>
    Today, Byron King shares how a recent Chinese sanction will jumpstart an entirely new industrial sector in the U.S. and Canada.
    Today, Byron King shares how a recent Chinese sanction will jumpstart an entirely new industrial sector in the U.S. and Canada.
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    Jan Rosholm
    Whats going on with Medalion stock.
    This stock price is miles away from the potential.
    Based on the expected production capacity of aprx. 700.000 kg NdPr for magnets at min 60$ pr kg, that makes min 42 Million in turnover plus the other REE Materials.
    I would guess the market price should be at least 80 Million $.
    Based on that stockprice should be at least 1$ on short term.
  • b
    did my DD, looks like a valid company and good pick for the future
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    Jan Rosholm
    Now business is starting moving faster.
    With the process going on now, I expect very positive things to be communicated the next comming month.
    Pilot plant on the way, heavy testwork on more REE´s (Nd+Pr + Heavy REE´s Dy+Tb+Sc and others.)
    Patents is in place together with Purdue univerisity.
    IPO process started together with Australian partner ACDC Metals....
    All this is targeted for Q4-21 and Q1-22....
    I can´t see other that stockprice will soon start going up very fast....this stock is very mush undervalued.
    On short term $ 0,6 but it will raise to much more...
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    Jan Rosholm
    The TEA has demonstrated the technical and financial viability of the Medallion Monazite Process at a scale where a facility would deliver around 870 tonnes per annum of neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr) oxide in cerium-depleted mixed carbonate form. Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium oxide are the key inputs for rare earth element permanent magnet production, currently priced at around US$80,000 per tonne. REE permanent magnets are high growth markets due to their importance for electric mobility and renewable power generation;
    Other products from the Medallion Monazite Process include cerium (Ce) oxide and trisodium phosphate (TSP);
  • d
    Expect some news soon:
    Results are now anticipated by mid-May 2021.

    Mark Saxon further commented, “while reporting delays are never ideal, we acknowledge the current challenges and restrictions faced by consultants and researchers in the execution of their business. The financial and LCA model is a far-reaching study that will allow us to compare and prioritize operating locations and feedstocks to ensure the most profitable and lowest-environmental impact decisions are made.”
  • j
    I’m hopeful that in today’s Virtual Investor Conference presentation at 3:00 pm et, they address the newly acquired Purdue U. process rights, AND firm plans for operational production facilities, and revenue generating activities. Time to make some money.
  • M
    Added a couple more times at these bargain prices. The U.S. will need REE's going forward and it needs to have at least some supply that won't be held hostage by competing international interests
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    ann marie
    This is a long term hold. Recommended through my gold newsletter subscription when it was a few cents.
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    Looking for Doubles
    Started building a position today - Think this is way over sold at this point
  • N
    1 dollar soon