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Marriott International, Inc. (MAR)

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  • S
    $MAR $H $HLT $CHH $IHG Hotel industry is already booming and cleaning services like JCSE will grow with them.
  • J
    Fear of impending recession spilling over to Lodging industry. Expect more downward trend in all travel related stocks.
  • A
    Please take a look at ticker ILUS as well - ILUS International: EVs, Drones, UAVs, Urban Mining and patented firefighting / safety technology. ILUS is uplisting in 2022. They have increased their year over year revenue by 588 percent, and their quarterly revenue by 553 percent. ILUS has been profitable every quarter since inception. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news. ILUS is worth a look..
  • R
    No wonder great earnings. Their daily rates have gotten insane. 💰💰💰
  • D
    Big-time beat reported this morning. Great quarter! Toot, toot!
  • D
    Don niblick
    better grab some oil stock (PED) double here
  • B
    SO CONFUSED! Revenue down at least 80% for an entire quarter. China rate makes up a fraction of Americas and Europe market. Looks like the short of a lifetime but who knows anymore... GLTA and which ever side you end up on.. STAY SAFE and GOD SPEED
  • S
    market in the green when the world is completely upside down?? manipulation at its finest.
  • R
    Opinions are swinging wildly and it appears that Some posters are trying to take advantage of less astute investors by telling them to either put your money under your mattress or go all in. Not one is mentioning to be cautious and consider walking money back in slowly and prudently and not into any one stock or index.
    The only worse than the stock market taking a huge hit is the overzealous market to push stocks back up. You can’t make good investment choices based on any posters here. Not to be disrespectful, but you don’t know these people. I’m sure there are some who mean well but there are many who are il-intentioned.
    In my opinion, unless you are a savvy trader/investor it’s better to invest with a long term horizon past one year and invest accordingly and spread your money out into multiple industries, even energy. The human race will get back on its feet but it’s going to take longer than the president and wallstreet will admit.
    One of things to remember going forward is that many large companies had big debt issues prior to the virus and those problems just got compounded.
  • J
    Zacks just downgraded MAR to STRONG SELL.

    I need advise!

    Should we sell now before we lose big $.
  • m
    Ashford CEO interview is very telling about what is really happening to the hotel industry. Hard to understand why the price is this high. If Wall Street is an indication of six months from now, the reality is this is a $40 stock despite cheap lending facilities.
  • L
    Anarchy in major markets where conventions, large business meetings, etc that drive high rated full houses of high value guests is apparently good for business according to the stock price. Will organizations and businesses book these events or keep commitments for the forseeable fiture? Wil companies lift travel bans they put in place? Sure leisure picks up but it is going to tertiary and destinations far from these important destations.
  • M
    Even the CEO, Arnie, said it would take 2-3 years of recovery, but people keep piling money into this stock. I think this companies foundation is strong, but to put a valuation at the same as it was in 2019 is comical.. GL to all.
  • K
    Do investors see reality?No travel,no guests,big debt,few cash.I don't think it must go brutal down,or investor should panic,but this optimism is realy out of reality.
  • V
    Company has $225M in cash and $12B in debt. Debt/equity ratio is 1700! Massive layoffs and no customers for a year. Tell me this is priced in!
  • C
    Just wow. I travel and log 100 nights a year at Marriott. I have ZERO in the last 12 months. I predict ZERO for this year. All of my customers the same. I just don't get it.
  • M

    Marriott International Inc. said Tuesday that its Chief Executive and President Arne Sorenson died unexpectedly on Sunday. Sorenson had disclosed in May of 201...
  • A
    Just with business travelling ending it's enough to hit the revenue with these hotels by 20%.
    Business conventions are essential for these hotels. Not only they put people in rooms but the events have a very big profit margin. It's basically the food cost and some labor. And I really mean just some labor because they even charge these companies for the tips for these employees. And nowadays they charge "service charge" so they even get more from what they pay their employees.
    Losing events is devastating.
    And forget about business trips from overseas.
    And not only the virus is killing these trips. The economy is in the gutter. You think all these companies laying people off are in the mood for conventions?
    Yesterday was truly a gift for an easy short
  • A
    A lot of people are new to investing and look at the chart and see Marriots high being over 140 (very overpriced number. The company went in debt to buyback shares at that level. That has long term repercussions, look at American Airlines). So they think they are the smartest people on Earth if they buy at 80something because hey, it will go back up soon. But truth is that after airlines Hotels are the biggest hit by the virus.
    Events are cancelled, travel will be down for yrs. And people keep ignoring the economic impact. I'm fine and I'm not planning on going anywhere, same with some relatives. People that are well financially but are quiet at home waiting to see what will happen.
    In the meantime what do you do with the mountain of real estate? There is no demand for it you believe that.
    Q2 will bring revenue down to early 90s levels.