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  • n
    Have you guys ever thought about one of the reasons why Lynas always seems a bit like Sisyphus ? Vern, if you don’t mind, I going to try to explain this in a little different narrative. “About why Lynas needs to be listed on a real exchange in the US…”
    OK….ASX takes Lynas stock up on a good day, but when the US markets are down the following day….they drag Lynas back down the hill….so the next day on the ASX it goes down because the US markets were down the day before. So the only scenario that Lynas can make a sustained move ‘up’….is for the ASX to move in unison when the US markets are up….and against the US markets when they are down. Now anybody who read any Greek mythology knows that Lynas is the rock, and the ASX is Sisyphus….get it? This hill is just to big to climb with the ASX cast as Sisyphus. And that folks is the moral of this story Vern has been telling you. So until this company gets listed on a US exchange…Amanda is going to be Sisyphus’ ego….
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    Much of the reason LYSDY is down is the exchange rate currently below $.64 due to the IMO overvalued US dollar...
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    Vern Nimble
    Lynas, under the management of Amanda Lacaze, has lost nearly 50% of its value even with nearly a billion shares. Now Australia's Central Bank says it has gone bust too. After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market - wiping out all its reserves. Of course like Lynas, the Australian Central Bank can simply print more money like Lynas prints more shares and makes themselves more liquid, but stomping on investors at the same time who lose more money. When is enough going to be enough and shareholders demand that Lynas move away from the crooked ASX and Australia all together where even the Central Bank goes belly up? A consolidated listing into one stock on an American Exchange solidifies Lynas as a trusted investment, but continuing to rely on Australia is proving to be a fool's folly.
  • D
    One more thing. After posts on this board, notably Vern, I decided to check out MP which I hadn’t been following. They have done an admirable job resurrecting the company from bankruptcy and are certainly in a market that will be big enough for two or more. The big issue I see from the MP website is that they are planning to move the final processing from “Asia” I.e. China to California this year. Since this process is mildly radioactive I fully expect the woke environmentalists of California to strongly oppose. In addition to the process itself there is the issue of disposal of waste water. Lynas knows how to meet AEC requirements and has done so in Malaysia, still meeting opposition. I think it’s a TBD as to whether they’ll be opposed in Texas, but much more likely to be successful there than MP is in California. In any event REE will be produced! Our F35’s among many other critical applications require a lot of it!
  • D
    I called Schwab Global for the following answer:
    * is the company stock that trades on the Australian exchange.
    * Lyscf is the same company stock that trades OTC in USA (If you own more than $5000 of it you can trade it in Australia) It costs $50 to trade in the US and $100 in Australia plus other small fees in Australia.
    * Lysdy is an ADR meaning in this case Melon bank owns the shares and you hold a promise of ownership from the bank. This is a free trade, but is subject to a penny per share per year ADR fee from the bank. I own 5000 shares in one account so I would be paying Melon Bank $50 per year to own the stock.
    I own LYSCF since my preference is to keep the bank out of the transaction. In the event a dividend is offered Schwab says all three stocks would get it.
    I have owned this stock for more than ten years, started buying at $.03 (actual cost basis $.30 after a 1 for 10 reverse split). Amanda Lacaze is the primary reason I'm still in the stock. She is a terrific CEO who skillfully avoided bankrupcy when the Malaysia environmentalists and government tried to put Lynas out of business. The world needs a rare earth supplier outside of China and Lynas is it!
  • a
    Year end results are out and they are great.
  • n
    Anyone have any idea about the ‘actual’ cost of this Mt. Weld processing plant? Last month it’s $350 mil., this month it jumped to $500 mil., which Amanda never bothered to explain? I don’t know how a company can stay on track with those types of errors. Like your wife comes home with a new car she just got on sale for $35,000…..turns out she didn’t calculate the extras like the bigger engine, leather seats, special paint job, tax, etc. and gets the bill for $50,000. “Not very good planning honey.”
  • m
    I'm very bullish on this company but i made some bad decisions on when to buy in. A few months ago i had this stock and OROCF . LYSCF was trading about .50 higher per share. I sold all my OROCF and loaded up on lyscf...thinking they had the most potential for appreciation. That calculation has cost me $ 5,000. per 1000 shares because it's now $ 5. share higher than lyscf. WOW
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    Vern Nimble
    Over at Mountain Pass (MP) there is a news story of 3 Rare Earth stocks to buy now. All three are doing very well for shareholders. Lynas, which has its own RE processor, is not listed because it's not recognized as a quality rare earth company thanks to "AMAZING AMANDA" and the crooked ASX. Time for Amazing Amanda and the crooked ASX to pack their bags and move on - $5.66 per share is a disgrace.
  • E
    Can someone tell me which ticker to invest in? I see there is LYSCF and LYSDY? What is the difference between the two?
  • n
    Vern….just to put your mind at ease….the reason this company can’t get listed on a US exchange is because their accounting would never pass muster at the American exchange…much less the Nasdaq exchange. In other words…no solid proof of earnings. Australian exchange takes a lot of unaudited information as fact.
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    Could someone explain to me how a large mining company can’t plan expansion ? According to Lynas press releases a month ago they were planning to spend $350 million on their Mt. Weld expansion…..a month later…they are spending $500 million on the same project. Huh….a major mining company just decides in a month they are investing another $150 million?! I would like to mark those bills to see where that money is going…
  • H
    Watched the investor briefing. Couple of impressions:
    - Lynas is a perfect money making machine
    - record profit, record revenue
    - nearly 1B cash
    - increasing demand and a lot more stable market / regulatory environment.
    - expansion plans are on track

    Debatable personal - subjective - impressions:
    - could not connect with the first 10 minutes at all, talking about gender equality etc while the war and energy crisis going on in the world. I get it, Lynas is a great company but ...
    -- Malaysian and Australian operation is going well, including optimization activity, expansion is cheaper there than in the USA
    - IRA caught car manufactures by surprise, Lynas is ready to do its part and contribute to a "China free" REE and magnet ecosystem in the U.S. but it is unclear if magnet processors, OEM and car manufacturers in the USA are willing to do their part.
    - in my view the Malaysian facility stays online as long as China lets them. If China picks up the phone that facility is going down, yet commitment from the western world to build their own ecosystem remains to be weak.

    As a summary Lynas is not without risk, but they are the ONLY REE miner and processor outside of China and for some it matters, but they also maintain good relationships with China. Prosperity for all. Outlook is good, financials are rock solid. Accumulate on weakness.
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    For the record as I noted previously Per Schwab LySCF is the same stock as LYC.AX only traded on the pink sheets as opposed to the Australian exchange. Again if you own more than $5K worth you can trade LYSCF on the Australian exchange where 4.83 million shares trade daily on average. I reiterate that in spite of the bot’s on this board Amanda is a great CEO! Her Lynas Next program is ever improving Lynas!!
  • R
    Razer Ramon
    Game over
  • t
    The conference call was very good as expected, Amanda (CEO) and Pol (VP of Downstream) seemed to be in their usual cheerful moods as they joked about the high tech camera system (a laptop) and how they had to sit so close for the presentation…

    It would appear someone forgot the camera and the screen just wasn’t big enough for the two of them. Anyway, the senior staff is still largely the same since Amanda took over and it was good to see that like old friends they are still joking around…

    Amanda seemed very positive about the future but tempered this by discussing both the Covid complications in Malaysia and the water issues in Kuantan at the LAMP. Both seems like manageable issues and I know Amanda mentioned in the last call that the water issues at the LAMP will be mitigated by a new process (probably recycle efforts). As I recall the savings were around 35% which would be a significant overall reduction. Due to technical issues I was unable to ask Amanda if the C&L in Kalgoorlie will free up some water resources when KG is commissioned, a question for next call…

    Amanda spent a good deal of time on the US/Blueline venture and judging from the amount of specific information she offered it would appear that the US project is receiving more attention than we previously thought. If I heard Pol correctly the US production facility at buildout will produce 50% of what the Japanese magnet makers are producing. This is a significant amount of RE’s which includes separation of both the light and heavy elements…

    Amanda loves to talk about Mt. Weld a Lynas wholly owned mine that would easily make a stand alone company in most markets. At one point Amanda remarked that the recent successful drilling revealed continuous mineralization to the bottom of the test hole. A small comment with huge implications that went unnoticed by many but will mean everything in the future…

    Amanda also discussed some capital projects underway at the LAMP to improve throughput and modernize the facility. As she put it the new projects will “ensure the integrity and update processes”. It is good to see that improvements continue in Kuantan alongside the new projects to keep everything current…

    Gaudenz (V.P. Finance) jumped into the call when questioned about the tax-free status Lynas receives from the Malaysian government. To my surprise the tax break will continue for 3 more years, pretty good news…

    It is the IP and experience that sets Lynas apart, clearly illustrated by the recent $120m contract awarded for new separation facilities for both the light and heavies. It wouldn’t surprise me if the US project were under a double top secret accelerated pace but this is personal conjecture only…

    All in all it is another great report, anyone who thinks a profit of over a half billion on revenues of nearly one billion is a mediocre performance does not appreciate the days of old when positive cash flow itself was in question. Lynas continues to motor along making progress while releasing great news that is quickly tempered by the global markets...

    The most impressive and certainly most consistent display of market influence is Amanda’s uncanny ability to tank the US market with another excellent report. I don't know that I have ever witnessed a company that has been subjected to the wrath of the timing gods in such a consistent manner. In spite of this, news at Lynas continues to be positive on many levels and it is just a matter of time before investors actually understand Lynas as a company and the market prices LYC accordingly... JHMO...
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    I know the question is “What’s wrong with Lynas” or should the question be “What’s wrong with the Lynas share price”. IMO these are two different questions which and quite often lead to two different answers…

    The only thing wrong with Lynas is that many of those asking the questions do not understand Lynas as a business. Does it make sense that LYC should drop following great news including project reports indicating that most major projects are clearly are well funded and on schedule?...

    Instead it is pretty well understood that the general market can be a damper for all stocks and the recent discouraging LYC share price is certainly in sympathy with global markets (initiated in the U.S.)…

    Lynas is a funny stock but I think you will find that the long time holders on this site are largely silent as this is a just another move to the down side consolidating many of the significant longer term gains in recent years. The fundamentals of this company and the clear direction towards horizontal integration based on organic growth shows that Amanda remains focused on producing rare earths exclusively as opposed to, for example, making magnets...

    Sure, in a good market Lynas would be performing much better share price wise but in terms of operation and execution of the business plan there would be little if any difference. The bottom line is that functionally Lynas is the same company regardless of the share price. For those who understand the business and the industry this recent pullback is another bump in the road... JMHO…
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    And, one more thing I own a couple of other high potential stock where moving to the NASDAQ has been the kiss of death at least so far. lLYSCF has been my best performing stock, a grand slam home run and I prefer no NASDAQ or NYSE listing. I’m holding as long as Amanda is CEO!!!!
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    Time to offer a dividend! Will do wonders for the share price and they have plenty of cash to do it!