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  • J
    I see a lot of people looking for daily or weekly news from LexaGene. Why? When I have a group of questions I send them off to the best place for answers....LexaGene Headquarters. Dr. Jack Regan has been very receptive to valid questions whenever I inquired. Their e-mail, Telephone number and mailing address are all published on their website.
    Positive news will come and the stock price will follow. As more and more people utilize the MiQLab more news on its benefits will occur.
  • W
    Welsh Dragon
    Numbers on each 100 machines sold and operating in the market

    Average tests per machine 1500 a year x 100 units in the market = 150,000 tests per year x average sale price say $70 test = $10,500,000 gross income on consumables @ margin of 70% = operating profit yearly per 100 machines sold is circa $7,350,000

    Add $5000 profit on sale x 100 machines =$500,000 per 100 units sold

    I don’t think I’d be far off reality
  • b
    I put together the following document that outlines a lot of my notes on LexaGene following my research. A lot of the points I have here are from past investor presentations, SA articles, posts on this form (Thanks Nollie for all of your insight) and have linked various articles I used here. I'll continue to update this as I gather more information but hope this is useful to those that are debating making an investment in this company. Open to any feedback or corrections as I have missed some points or may have incorrectly outlined certain pieces:
  • P
    Hello everyone,

    Nothing has changed here! Just traders Leaving because they don’t hold shares for longer than a few days. In February we will have a sales report, information on the the machine testing that has started a month ago. FDA approval in next couple months. Hold long term and you will thank me later. ☺️
  • J
    LexaGene Launches EUA Tests for Microfluidic PCR Device in Point-of-Care Facilities
    Published: Jan 18, 2021
    By Gail Dutton

    LexaGene has begun a series of studies aimed to bring its MiQLab from research-only use to point-of-care use to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Emergency use authorization (EUA) would add a rapid test with the accuracy of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It is designed for use by the 193,000 CLIA-certified labs in hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S.
    “The key for point of care systems is ease of use, but PCR is complicated by nature,” LexaGene CEO Jack Regan, Ph.D., pointed out. “It is vendors’ responsibilities to make it easy regardless of the training of the operator.”
    The MiQLab does that. MiQLab is a PCR-based system coupled with microfluidics. Because it is open access, it can be quickly configured to detect emerging variants of the virus.
    Users need only to “transfer a collected nasal swab sample into a MiQLab cassette, which is then inserted into the system, and then use the touch screen monitor to initiate sample processing. It takes less than a minute,” he told BioSpace. Results are available in a little over an hour – notably faster than the days often required for reference labs to return PCR results.
    One of the key features is built-in sample preparation, which purifies the genetic material from the sample. Many of the rapid diagnostic kits designed for COVID-19 skip sample prep, he said, “but it improves the quality of the data. We’re not trying to compete based on speed only.  Antigen-based tests have a high degree of false negatives.” LexaGene offers an alternative.
    Obtaining FDA Emergency Use Authorization for a point-of-care setting is complicated and time-consuming, especially for a novel technology like the MiQLab System. To help speed FDA evaluation, Regan said, “We’re using the CDC’s SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test, automated on our system. That test is validated for use in reference labs. We want to ensure the FDA is comfortable with our automated system, and this removes one question mark.”
  • l
    Should I invest into this now?
  • J
    Why do the Bashers call the early prototype systems from LexaGene failures? They were quite successful in Alpha and Beta testing. They paved the way for the MiQLab. Patents were written based on their technology and makeup. These early systems were the foundation for the successful future of LexaGene. The Bashers wonder why they did not commercialize the very first prototype. Perhaps they should learn from WD40 which stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula.
  • W
    Welsh Dragon
    Added more on Friday ! confident its a short and long term great investment - what's changed from last week !! still a great company / great management/ great Tec etc
  • N
    What separates MiQLab from current automated RT-PCR solutions such as GenMark, Cepheid, BioFire... there are many unique features & benefits:

    - Lexagene has designed MiQLab to be the most versatile automated RT-PCR solution. Lex is targeting many industries Food, Vet, Human, Open Access, Water, Pharma, Research.... not just human diagnostics like most competitors
    - Open Access vs competitors closed access systems. Open Access allows for custom tests to be run on MiQLab. This is essential for many use cases and industries. Competitors utilize closed access systems that have expensive embedded cartridges (reagents inside). MiQLab is a microfluidic device (reagents are inside the machine not in the cartridge) this is a huge advantage. For example, detecting new Covid strains, that can be done within days of sequencing. Closed Access systems take months to manufacture embedded cartridges to do this.
    - Cost/Test is by far the lowest, approx 1/10th vs competitors. This is a result of the microdfluidic design and the fact MiQLab uses empty cartridges and not expensive embedded cartridges. This allows Lex to target high throughput industries such as food and water...
    - Quantitative vs Qualitative, MiQLab provides quantitative results. Results provide the level of an infection not just yes/no results. This is essential for many use cases and industries.
    - Ease of use, anybody can operate. Less than 1 minute to load a test. No tech required
    - Point of care solution, due to the ease of use and automated sample prep MiQLab can be used at the point of care/need
    - Sample Size, MiQLab allows for samples up to 50,000ul vs competitors 500ul. This is essential for many industries such as food, water...
    - sensitivity and gold standard results, MiQLab’s method of detection prove based qPCR and the sample prep method is sonication, chemical lysis, silica frit, RT-PCR devices use diffferent methods
  • L
    Regardless of what this technology is used for, Covid ect!
    this machine will be used in some way in other fields so the potential is still there regardless of covid or not! so it's a hold big time!
  • S
    Let them generate the FDA data. until then it's going to be like this. I will add more on the weakness and average it down.
    once FDA approves it there will be a vertical spike in the price.
  • J
    James S
    Juno, got any good news?
  • M
    I remain long Lex, aside what others may think. I was witness toLex's previous attempt with the LX machines with a small position, investers were vertually wiped out upon its failure. Not bashing here, I'm invested now on the hope that Dr.Regan has now perfected his instrument over time.

    My concerns on the MiQ, no matter how unwelcome on this board, remain similar to thier previous attempt. Machines put out for testing, waiting on reports. A splash intro to commercialization with no news of sales, EUA application with Lex's own testing, The MIQ is not in the hands of the FDA. The sale of two machines of which we hear no news of delivery or their use in the field, Manufacturing non existant exept one or two in house. Its reminiscent of thier last attempt

    Big pharma, ie; Thermo, Abbott, etc. would be all over this machine by now, with it's potentially distruptive tech, wouldn't they?, Let alone institional investors, of which there are none.

    Some will call this bashing for sure, but the continual pumping I keep hearing on this board I concider orchestrated for a purpose. .................glta
  • R
    Rob Bert
    If there were any bad news on the UPenn or FDA trials/application, we would have heard about it by now. The old saying, no news is good news - actually does apply. If you're a patient investor, you will thank yourself
  • W
    Welsh Dragon
    Updated Perspective on Lexagene ( condensed , repeated viewpoint on Antimicrobial Resistance ( AMR ) and this unique machine, The MiQLab )

    As retail investors, many of us have known the rush when stocks have taken off; I believe this will be Lexagene’s story. Investors like Peter Lynch had said that we should invest in areas that we are familiar with and that we should understand

    the.generation /catalyst behind the need for the stock. Warren Buffett said that investors should ask themselves, “Will this invention save the buyer time and money?" Having an experienced management team on board is also a top priority. Both

    investors said to stick with the stock if the business model has not changed. One should just keep doing research and having patience.
  • W
    Welsh Dragon
    Looking forward to the next few months: UPENN Validation / Sales / FDA EUA / Big Bio Pharma Reorder :
  • P
    Retraced to Jan 11th valuation. Holds steady from here with more news needed about sales of units, Contract manufacturers, Vet apps, approvals from FDA and University results. HOLD at this level
  • W
    Welsh Dragon
    Added more ! confident its a short and long term great investment - what's changed from last week !! still a great company / great management
  • B
    Huge news is coming soon. I actually hope the price drops so I can buy more at a cheaper price.
  • A
    2021 will be the year of diagnostics. I own shares in many of the diagnostics companies as its best to have broad exposure. However, my pick for the stock with potential for highest gains is LexaGene because it is still unknown and has not made a big run yet. However, people are starting to notice as it is up 36% since January 4, 2021. I can't post links here, but if you go to YouTube and search for LexaGene you will see a recent video I made about the company. I'm also the author of the Seeking Alpha article mentioned in the video. I used to work in private equity but now am a solo investor.