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Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV)

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31.22+0.38 (+1.23%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
31.16 -0.06 (-0.19%)
After hours: 07:56PM EDT

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  • D
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  • Z
    Sparing the pandemic lows, shares have not been this low since 2014.
    Have now amassed my largest position ever in LUV and will hold the shares tight.
  • T
    To those considering airlines, or for that matter and sector, see the stock share prices of your favorite in pre-2008. LUV traded in $15.00 range and dropped to $5.00 in last recession, the major basis for growth was the declining interest rate structure over the following 12 years. Now that free money is gone the question is, 'are we looking at a potential $10/$15 share price in the next year? This is Not meant to be a scare tactic, but a thread of why or why not's!
  • D
    Next week is gonna be bad
  • Y
    Can someone explain this:

    The COVID19 pandemic was basically almost DEATH of travel and airlines

    LUV is now trading at the lows of the pandemic days of Mar-2022

    Why the airlines are losing so much?
  • D
    I don’t mind this stock to continue to decline for a while at this point as it allows me to buy more and more on dips. Eventually, this and other solid stocks will recover as the entire market is down YTD!
  • b
    b evan
    At 29.89 I will go all in
  • T
    No Light at the end of the tunnel, futures down big again to start the week; maybe by weeks end we get some pull back!
  • G
    This must be coming down because of its inclusion in airline ETF, valuation makes no sense at this point. I am a buyer from here down.
  • T
    If it's any consolation, we are less than 10% above our 8 year low, and that was in 2020 Pandemic when there was little to no flying!
  • e
    No reason for this stock to drop like this. Not even the macro environment. People will always travel no matter the rates.
  • T
    September was a tough month, 20% decline, August was 3% decline
  • b
    b evan
    Buying LUV, AAL and LCID
    Nothing but upside for all 3
  • Z
    Happily added more today
    LUV planes are packed
    Trading at a magnitude below its recent range
    A tiny divi would be nice to facilitate return to $50s
  • h
    According to the stock market all flying will end at any minute.
  • G
    If LUV is ever going to gain traction with the business crowd, it needs to offer features of a business class airline. For example wifi that actually works. Even better, wifi that is not the speed of a 9600 baud modem. I have flown this airline since 1994 and am committed to LUV and the companion pass. However, when I fly for work, I prefer DAL.
  • S
    Son of Kong
    Just picked up a few more shares of LUV just under 32!! No way LUV should be this low with oil prices at 77 and change!!!
  • M
    When the credit card 💳 is maxed out , have not payed you rent, car payment is overdue , the markets will tumble. Wost than 2008. You can't fly , go to Las Vegas, with no credit or cash. Fact, just look at your city's homeless. It's growing and the States governments can't handle it. Open boarders, thousands coming in . Good times are coming too a fast down tumble.
  • T
    The current market is 'non existent', the IAN of Wall Street, is taking no hostages! We have no relative recent comparison to base investing on, it is setting a new basis that existed before 2008 and free money.
  • s
    From an earnings perspective, airlines are doing well. From a stock perspective, everything is getting crushed. Based on its own fundamentals, LUV should be near a 52-week high as it's in better shape now (and future forecast) than it has been in years (plural). Yet LUV is near its 52-week low. Painful now if you already own LUV, but this will be $50+ within a year.