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Litecoin USD (LTC-USD)

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50.38-1.45 (-2.80%)
As of 10:54PM UTC. Market open.
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    Investors remain anxious about high inflation, which reached a 40-year high for May, continued economic fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the increasing likelihood of a global recession. Last Wednesday, the U.S. central bank boosted interest rates by the highest increment in more than a quarter-century – three-quarters of a percentage point – its latest step to stem rising prices. Other central banks have also recently raised rates amid ongoing increases in energy prices.
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    Have to say one thing. Litecoin is getting lighter.
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    BUY THE DIP!!!
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    ı sold litecoin at $260 after I read someone's post here. He was writing that Litecoin will go back to $30. I will wait for $30
  • b
    Litecoin will be a definite buy at 35, It will be load up time. Then to the moon. Crypto is just going down with the rest of the markets at this time.
  • M
    Thank God, crypto is finally over.

    The idea was cool but it was never really feasible in practice. No backing, no trust, way too slow to be mainstream, way too open to cybertheft, way too much energy use. The perfect formula for "this has no future".

    Maybe we can finally sit back and laugh and say "remember that crypto thing of the early 2000's?? haha". And get away from party conversations about NFT (more nonsense) and the Bored Ape Club (even more nonsense).

    There WILL be an attempt at "Crypto 2.0" - after all no good idea that makes the idea-bringers billions while leaving the pyramid scheme suckers broke, will go to waste. It will be better next time, ready for prime time next time, etc. etc. And make no mistake, some of you WILL fall for it.

    But for now at least, I hope this collapse and total failure of the crypto ecosystem shuts people up, makes them ashamed they were ever talking about it in the first place. Get that Bitcoin "ATM" out of my local mall. What a joke. ATM? "Please slide your cash dollars here through this slot, and kiss it goodbye". I should hang a sign over the mail slot on my front door that says "Crypto ATM". I'll be glad to send you an email saying you have some crypto in return...