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Litecoin USD (LTC-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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62.83+1.25 (+2.04%)
As of 07:07PM UTC. Market open.

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    I bought this coin when the price was $278 less than 2 year ago. Later, I learned that they robbed me with some future coin stories. I learned that the FOUNDERS have exited in 2017. That the coin is managed by crypto coin exchange. The price changes according to whatever they wish. Therefore its IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE LITECOIN price to go back to $300. I sold it now and will NEVER COME TO COIN STORY AGAIN
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    New to the crypto markets. From the look of things, I'm better off investing somewhere else. The crypto market might just not be my type of investment. I like to make daily profits not the other way round.
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    The Crypto market has proved to be profitable over time. But it all depends on your choice of investment.investing wrongly might end you up with losses and no one wants that.
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    Amazing chart pattern for stop lost and take profits setup.
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    I don't think that LTC-USD has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found ( the other day and their stocks are way better...