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Litecoin CAD (LTC-CAD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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230.78-14.24 (-5.81%)
As of 12:24PM BST. Market open.
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    Many people are seeking for stability in an unstable crypto space and a lot of people are wondering if now is a good time to buy because of where the price is at right now I'll say it's
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    Most of the people who are bashing Litecoin haven't done their research. Litecoin has the fastest transaction time, lowest transaction fee, and lowest kilowatt hr consumed per transaction out of the top 4 established coins. It has a bright future regardless of what happened today with the Walmart confusion. Litecoin will be the crypto of choice for spending, it's just a matter of time.
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    For those who say they bought this AM, and presumably after the news broke, never ever ever chase a rocket and buy an asset while it's going parabolic that quickly.
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    I sold my litecoins at 230 US Dollars when Amy warned us 1 day before CRASH. I will buy back litecoin at 120 us dollars when price crash completes.
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    Courage and patience taught me that every sound investment would eventually pay off. This is an opportunity for all available investors to become millionaire
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    Thats a sign to keep holding i was about to sell today !!!!!!
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    I’ve been day trading for years and I’m so glad I finally found ( They’re pre-market watchlists cover all the latest market-moving news, and they don’t beat you down with tons of ads. Highly recommend!
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    Not here to mislead anyone, or impress anyone but what m saying is real My last investment with Fred Wilson was $1500 and I earned $15000. I can't tell how much more I will make in the future
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    What just happened?!
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    famous litecoin FLASH CRUSH has started. Expect -40% share price drop in a few days!!!!.
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    litecoin is a dead coin since litecoin fouder sold all his coins with 156 us dollar average. from time to time it hikes like today but pull back 50-60% in one day. so I dont recommend anyone hold litecoin. if you are in profits sell and move to proper coin.
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    Is it true walmart is partnering up with litecoin . Anyone else hear this ?
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    190 us dollar price is the right place to SELL AND EXIT LITECOIN. The Litecoin founder himself sold all his coins around 150 us dollars in 2017. Litecoin always reverts from 190 us dollars. Check the chart it has reversed 3 times in the last 1 month!!!!
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