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Litecoin AUD (LTC-AUD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in AUD
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As of 02:46PM UTC. Market open.
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    Alexander Hansen
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  • b
    I will buy into Litecoin again when it hits 35.
  • J
    150 in a month
  • K
    Down 80% in the past year. Yeeesh.
  • T
    I'm holding my Litecoin long. I could have sold at Double. I'm holding. I believe this will be a big coin in the long term!
  • F
    FFIE ULTRA Luxury EV
    The LITEcoin is Shining At a $ 8 Billion Market Cap Up Ahead.? This DIP Will Not Last.
  • g
    If you’re new to crypto and thinking about litecoin after watching some YouTube gurus, slap yourself and look elsewhere. You’re better off holding cash than litecoin. Just look at the charts. They don’t lie. Other solid coins make higher lows after bull market, this is less than half of its 2017 high.
  • D
    A tool for recovering lost bitcoin private keys with automatic mnemonic phrase checking.
    The program creates 12-word phrases that are converted into private and public keys
    Found wallets are saved to a text file and also displayed in the console.
  • R
    Making money with LTC is all about timing, knowing when to buy and sell-
    find yourself a good broker because you can’t do it one your own
  • M
    They keep dumping this on purpose
  • j
    Lite coin is a fork off of Bitcoin. It’s just a matter of time before it reaches $1,000.
  • A
    There are 865,000 people who are holding Litecoin. Their litecoin average is $295. They have been waiting for the past 4 years and they will wait 40 years more to get back their money. This is like they have given their american dollars to some unknown people for life. Really sad to see how they deceived people with digital currency story