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Lovitt Resources Inc. (LRC-H.V)

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    I can't buy or sell, why??
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    Worked the cannon mine for ten years. Very interested in a possible exploration program for Wenatchee. I was general manager of Redwall and ran the HR for Major drilling. 39 years in underground mining.
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    Market Cap 200 billion
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    Wow that thing took off 😂
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    Lovitt Resources
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    No nothing! Why would this go up this much on such a low volume? weird, never saw anything like stats on insider buying, strange...
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    Gonna be another great day for this!!
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    Can’t even buy in since this morning. Doesn’t look like a RS, more of a blast off. Haha
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    loviitt trades on the OTC Grey Market.
    Grey Market securities are not traded on the OTCQX, OTCQB or Pink markets

    Broker dealers are not willing or able to publicly quote these securities because of lack of investor interest, company information availability or regulatory compliance.
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    Its on
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    gold mining:)
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    I'm gonna buy some for fun.
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    I would agree, not sure why and wish i had some of this lol
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    Once people know its trading again its gonna go
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    I got in at .30 Just for fun bought 1000 shares.
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    Webster T
    What is really going on with this stock?
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    My platform does not even pull up this stock....
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    WOW hit .60 cents in canada at one point, p.o.s. Avoid it.
    Lovitt Resources Inc. [LRC.H:APH] | Lovitt Resources Inc. Stock Quotes | TMXmoney
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    Besides start-up companies and delisted stocks. . .

    Grey Sheet Trading: Some companies choose be listed or traded on in these sheets or remain on these sheets.

    If a company chooses to be traded on these Sheets, then the shares are many times held privately by management, employees and others associated with the company. Such stock is traded privately between these stock holders. Shares of such stock are extremely illiquid.

    The History of Gray Sheet Stocks in general

    Obviously this type of stock usually has very little history. And finding information on such stocks is difficult if not impossible since they are not required to file such reports with SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission).

    Selling such shares of stock can be difficult and very slow for the reasons given.

    So grey sheet trading generates great risk if you can trade them at all.

    Those Gray Sheets stocks that do have a history must be studied carefully - if you can find the information.

    Although companies with a history may have had serious past problems, they may still have novel and exciting developmental product(s) in the making that could become in high demand.

    And/or the company may have pulled out of their past problems and are now productive valued companies that choose to remain on the Grey Sheets.

    I am thinking though that many such companies would have been, or will likely be, targets to be merged with, or bought out by, larger companies if such super products, or patents, are actually in development that are worth their weight in gold.


    Because if shares are available for public trading, such companies can be bought or controlled for a fraction of the price then if traded on a stock exchange or even the OTCBB. This deal is possible because of the low number of shares outstanding.

    Risks of Grey Sheet Trading...

    Grey Sheet Trading is inherently risky for the following reasons:

    • If Gray Sheet stocks register to offer public shares, then you can only trade them through a broker that agrees to participate in that stock transaction. Such agreement is verbally expressed between the buyer and seller and is based on mutual good will.

    If such agreement is broken by either participant before the transfer of shares occurs, there is little, if any, legal recourse to make the participant comply. Broker commissions for such transactions are far higher than for other securities - the broker's cut for services rendered.

    • No way to track bids and asks and difficult to figure what the stock is actually worth.

    • Very difficult to impossible to find good fundamental and technical information on these stocks.

    • Such stocks mostly have very little history and may fold any time.

    • Many of these stocks are likely companies in name only with little to show.

    • Most of these stocks are very illiquid - difficult to buy and may be more difficult to sell.

    • Management has more control over the shares.

    Risks are Limited in some important areas:

    The SEC has established certain regulations for Gray Sheet stocks that limit risks to investors, as follows:

    • The stock may not be solicited or advertised - so pump-n-dump scams by broker, mail, fax, etc are limited.

    • Grey Sheet stocks that do have a public offering of shares cannot be shorted. This is a benefit in that unreasonable plunges in share values are minimal because broker-dealers and other investors and scam artists cannot short the stocks by law.

    Gray sheet stocks usually trade higher than they would when officially traded on one of the exchanges considering the size of the company, but that is mostly because so few shares exist with such low market cap - less than $1 million usually - in comparison to publicly traded companies.
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    What is happening? So this suddenly came back from the dead? Any news why this suddenly is back?