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Lowe's Companies, Inc. (LOW)

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  • L
    Eleanor, I've been trying to post this answer to your question, but for some reason my post won't stick. Anyway, here's my response to your question:
    By good time to invest, I assume you are asking if the company is stable, the dividend is safe, and the outlook is bright. The first two are easy to answer: yes and yes. The third is a little trickier.
    Starting with the question of safety, Lowe's has been around since 1921 making it 101 years old. It has an S&P rating of BBB+ which S&P defines as "stable" so, yes, I too believe it is stable.
    As for the dividend, Lowe's has paid uninterrupted and INCREASING dividends for 59 consecutive years which makes it a "Dividend King," very rarified company as there only 43 other companies with that resume. The last dividend declared sported a 31% dividend increase!
    If your primary concern is the outlook, forecasting is always a dicey proposition, because much of it depends on one's a) tolerance for risk / patience quota, and b) time horizon. Consider this, for example. Evaluating Lowe's strictly on the basis of their dividend valuation metric, then now is an absolutely ideal time to be acquiring shares because the current yield is 32% higher than it's five year average. Plus, unless one believes management is inept, you have to conclude that by RAISING the divy 31% in one fell-swoop that they're confident about the company's future. Remember, dividends are real money, not some ephemeral made-up blue-sky fantasy. But... and this is a big but, before taking the plunge, I hope you'll ask yourself what your tolerance for risk really is and how patient you think you really can be. Imagine buying, say, $100,000 in the stock and a month later the value has declined to $80,000 or maybe even lower. If you are the kind of person who would panic at a time like that, then you should stay clear of ALL stocks because that can happen to any stock. But if you are the kind of person who genuinely takes the long view and understands that stocks can be volatile at times, even irrationally so, then so what if you have a PAPER loss. It's not a realized loss until you lose your moorings and actually sell. therefore it's not a loss at all.
    As we head into what might be a recession, stocks will remain volatile; days filled with bouts of elation, then depression, then elation... For a long-term investors who buy quality stocks and know why they own them, such period are just white noise. So, only YOU can answer the outlook question because it depends more on your own personal temperament than on Lowe's as a "timely" investment.
  • t
    LOW now selling for 13x analysts’ expected earnings of $13.52. With the exception of the market collapse of 2020-21, this is the lowest PE ratio in more than ten years. Will the share price and PE go even lower? Maybe, but the CEO has reiterated his 2022 earnings numbers of between $13.10 and $13.60, and raised the dividend by 31 percent.
  • '
    Stock is tanking but the Ceo is lining his pockets anyway i see.
  • J
    The Gloom&Doom meter is still rising. When the max prognosticators on yahoo boards have the same herd opinions is probably when it's heading back up. I buy undervalued cos. one or a few shares at a time.. because I'm not buying to trade or for the next few days or months. No need to listen for the bottom bell.
  • J
    had to short lowes the other day rates keep going up and things slowing down i believe LOW could go under a 100 but i am going to buy a bunch of windows from them this week if they have them in stock not shorting them because i think they are a bad company its just a trade
  • E
    Is this a good time to invest? I funded my trading account with $300k that I wish to 10X so I can retire comfortably within the next 3-5 years, but can't afford the risk or skill to do so lest, I get swallowed by a rigged market.
  • C
    Cowboy Miracles
    never shop at lowes they have noone even answering phones and delivery delays .. tjhis stock should be no more than 20 bux
  • S
    We will get a retest of the lows.
  • L
    Ok down to 639 million shares, mine are worth more every day.👍👍
  • T
    I like LOWS stock, but with Consumers cutting back and builders stopped building new homes, HD and LOWS could slide to newer lows. The S&P will see 3000 in a few weeks as earnings and companies' close stores and cut back on labor. If a recession is called, we could see LOW stocks below $80.00. Chasing stocks today many will get hurt.
  • D
    The government is taking back money people would have gained during pandemic so if you do not sell. Markets will be like 2008
  • F
    Very oversold, and could see a nice bump in coming days. Time to position for a Ukraine peace deal and if there is a treaty, markets will roar.
  • V
    Sure wish I had more cash to buy some now. Lows and HD will continue beating, because their stores are busy every time I go there. I cannot see how this could go down so much when they are selling items.
  • F
    It looks like another dreaded day tomorrow after home sales and other data. Housing and builders are slowing faster than you can think. Next is the Feds GDP report which will crucify stocks.
  • c
    It looks like lows and HD will have to cut prices to get rid of all those high-priced items they bought up when there was a shortage. If they had problem last quarter with the top line, they might have more problems this time when they have to cut prices and their margins will suffer. Next problem, rising rates could have people not buy from credit cards and put off doing projects or building homes.
  • C
    post-COVID market crash, I had bought LOW at $103....hope it doesn't repeat, but if it does, I will buy all I can....I feel we will see some more price pressure on all stocks, not just Lowe's.....shorts are on a frenzy....the hard part is finding the bottom.....
  • C
    Cubs 99
    Pretty easy setup to make money
  • J
    covered short position friday 187.70 it is possible next week with options LOWES could hit 200 if they pump up market to the end of month got to get those end of qt statements looking good jmho to all the longs be patient LOW is going a lot lower Jmho dont fight the fed
  • D
    Worked for Lowe’s was great company to work for
  • T
    How will rising rates arrect HD and LOWS? I would think that it may put off people buying larger ticket items on payment plans.