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Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)

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    The pick that was just sent out by ( is already up yuge! Check it out!
  • S
    down 9% over the past week. Getting very appealing to add to the port. I'm looking to add if it drops below $400, maybe with rate hike news tomorrow. Anyone else looking to add? Price Target in this volatile environment?
  • A
    Anyone have any thoughts on the $50+ drop in share price?
  • A
    Clearly the overall market will get worse before it gets better. Nothing imminent to change the recent several months' trend. Possible new developments as November elections approach? Reliable dividends make LMT a good long-term hold. The past three years show favorable correlation with the Dow Utility Index. In the short term everything is a gamble.
  • K
    Ken J
    Putin in a panic - America sends 24 Himars complexes to Ukraine.
  • L
    When would be a good time to review George Washington?s farewell address that warned the people of the greatest danger to the very existence of this country?s future. Which I?d now say has moved to the actual continued existence of man kind itself! As civilization seems hell bent on growth at all costs! Just the changes that have taken place this year have caused no urgency for any changes that could alleviate? the suffering of a billion people who have already endured 120+* months before hottest summer time! Tens of thousands of cattle succumbing to heat deaths, New Mexico?s largest forest fire ever, while the fire season has just began! The level of methane in the atmosphere spiked up in one year as much as the previous thirteen years combined! This war unleashing air pollution from an area that had been reducing it before! Obviously no urgency from the paranoid of eventual prosecution of putin and his thugs for the raping of the Russian peoples wealth! Just how much did the orange buffoon prosper for laundering stolen Russian wealth with the sale of penthouses? Just more insanity from the few for their outrageous benefits! No urgency, no thoughts at all, of India and Pakistan?s eventual need to keep their two nuclear arsenals secured from hundreds of millions of #$%$ off refugees fleeing death zones of heat exhaustion! Maybe much smarter people than me thick all those will simply, peacefully, just lay down and die? In the end it is a short read! But no change, no urgency for any different direction from the one that has lead the world to here is just more proof that any country that maintains secrets is only governing for the benefit of the few as it is also not capable of governing by rule of law!
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    Don't know if it will end the year in $500+, but I do think LMT can hit it before year end. At current price, it's still reasonably priced. Its revenue and income should be secured by Russia's and China's behaviors. And its dividend will keep the stock from falling with the market through year end.
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    Ken J
    Russia’s neighbors fear NATO’s defense plans are not fit for purpose and they could be quickly overrun
    PUBLISHED MON, JUN 27 2022
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    Why is LMT down 3% with the War in Ukraine still going and ordnance in short supply with Russian tanks outnumbering the ATMs?
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    $BA conversation
    BOEING — June 1, 2022– Germany will purchase 60 Chinook heavy lift helicopters from Boeing(BA.N) to replace its ageing fleet of CH-53, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Wednesday.

    $dfen $lmt
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    Ken J
    China warns Taiwan independence would trigger war
  • b
    When did LMT last raise the dividend?
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    Ken J
    NATO to boost troops on high alert to over 300,000 -Stoltenberg | Reuters
  • J
    Please take a look at ticker ILUS as well - ILUS International: Drones, EVs, UAVs and patented firefighting technology. ILUS is profitable in their first year and uplisting. They have completed 8 acquisitions in the last 16 months. One of the more notable is that of Vira Drones, with an estimated billion dollar valuation. ILUS has also recently acquired Wikisoft, ticker WSFT. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news. They are worth a look.
  • s
    Starting to look tasty- would love to get back in in $380s by end o summer. Once we are assured the woksters are loosing congress for the next 20 cycles defense should get some attention again
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    Ken J
    NATO Allies Set to Call China a ‘Systemic Challenge’ - BNN Bloomberg
  • B
    I click on LMT and find the Irrational Exuberance Board instead. You all are witnessing the peak of defense. Program terminations, layoffs to follow. There will be no restart of QE and no expendable freshly printed dollars to go around. We still have a spending problem to be sure. Poorly performing programs will be cancelled first followed by those you never expected. We could have WW III and cash will still beat LMT.
  • j
    What the f is going on with LMT? What is WS seeing? UKRAINE is not going away next week.
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    Ken J
    Ukraine rules out giving Russia land in ceasefire deal - BBC News