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    La Crémerie
    To any new or potential investors, please note the poster below @Spit, is about to loose his chocolate business (Choklat) to #Lifeist_ if there is any correlation between #Lifeist_ and #LifeStance. Please do your due diligence, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

    #Lifeist #LifeistWellness #CannMart #Cannabis #Vapes #Concentrates #Editable #Psychedelics #MentalHealth #Mushrooms #MDMA #Disruptive #Innovative
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    Poppa Elf
    Mikra expected to have first product available in December and available on Amazon by end of Q1 2022
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    And the while thing with Bautista is pretty slick if you think about it. How did it come about? How did they approach him? He has to believe in what he has been shown, because he did the deal with NO MONEY....just stock options. Very few pro athletes will invest their time....much less be the spokesperson for....a company that they don't believe in, ESPECIALLY when they are putting their reputation on the line for a .05 stock. That was a great move on BOTH side's part. We get a recognizable spokesperson, with connections to elite athletes, and Bautista is ALREADY making money on his shares. Win win.
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    The Billiam
    Findify is doing well - nice!

    If that hits a customer base tipping points - it’s huge because the margins are much much better than the cannabis space.
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    For what I heard of the meeting, I thought Meni and Branden were pretty honest and didn't shy away from questions. They are not planning to dilute or raise capital, "unless needed for Mikra growth", they can be profitable soon, etc. I don't know what the Mikra product is, none of us do, but we have to see how it goes.
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    Continued Jamal, “Having strategized, built and led teams within the wellness space, specifically within nutraceuticals that rapidly scaled product lines from zero to over $250 million of revenue inside of three years
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    If you invested... relax. In four weeks I'm sending email to my boss that I'm quitting. Why in four weeks? To be on safe side, I like to know more about Alpha 1 product.

    ...As an influential superstar athlete, Jose brings Mikra a unique ability to reach high-performance athletes and develop solutions that will assist in their recovery and performance at a cellular level.”...

    and this:
    . Jamal, “Having strategized, built and led teams within the wellness space, specifically within nutraceuticals that rapidly scaled product lines from zero to over $250 million of revenue inside of three years, I cannot begin to express how excited I am for our disruptive Mikra product pipeline as well as our unique athleticism focused therapeutic in progress with Jose.
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    The Billiam
    Branden…. <3

    Finally spoke directly about buying shares.

    That was great to hear.
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    Poppa Elf
    Hopefully we build on this gain tomorrow but for now I'll celebrate today's rally into the close... Seems like forever ago since the last time this happened and enjoying the happiness this evening.
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    25% up in Toronto similar in USA . This is with the 1 million shares traded, in a couple days come a time when 20 or 40 million a day would be standard.
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    Today Meni spoke of a product due in December that would provide users immediate benefits. That’s some big talk which you have heard before.
    He knows that failure on this is curtains. I predicted a pump run a couple weeks ago and scaled in accordingly with gambling funds (300k @ 6.76 US. Stopping out sub .05). That’s how you do it on the OTC pumps. Gonna win big or lose very little. Go Meni!
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    So this is all I'm gonna say on this. From the very beginning, I have said that this is a long term hold....minimum 5 years. I have said that the whole time. Anyone that's been on this board a long time knows that. There are so many businesses that have followed a similar path....skyrocket up, fall back, sputter, stagnate, then find their sweet spot and climb out of the cellar. This company has been frustrating at times, but they have a great idea, and they are finally executing. Profitability is around the corner. It's still a long term hold. But I like what I'm seeing.
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    My TA - needs to break over .115, then .13 to target .17 resistance levels. On the downside, support is at .075.
    Best bull scenario would be a break over .13, pullback to anywhere above .115, then crossing above .13 would be confirmation of a new uptrend starting.
    Some consolidation above .13, then wait for the next indicator.

    I have no timelines. I only go by price action. I don't predict, I react, regardless of my previous opinion as my perspectives change as circumstances do. Some call it flip-flopping, I call it open minded.

    Fun-DUMB-entals don't matter as much anymore. Today's markets are more about momentum.
    Multi year holds are for the sheeple who listen to the pro's who always say 'buy & hold for the long term'. Advisors hardly ever recommend selling. Trade wisely.
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    Kim Hill
    Just saw the news! Been holding this for a few years now, averaged down, sold some
    for a loss, might have to add some here. It's been a long road and a whole lot of muting! LOL
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    I've finally broken even! Can't wait to see the future of Lifeist. Trying to get used to the new name, though I do like this definition - someone who is intrigued and passionate by the science of life, how it operates and all the reasons why. A lifeist does not take it for granted, yet constantly tries to appreciate it in any way that they can. I am a Lifeist!
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    Not stradamus
    So are you and jose going to be equal share holders now ?? :)
    I am all for this !! "We believe that Mikra will help consumers discover new pathways to individualized wellness whilst simultaneously rebuilding our shareholders’ value.”
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    Deep pockets will knock on LFST door as soon as they see the good things happening at the new Mikra products few months we will find out
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    Next step…they need to show the market they can sell the products and make some money…I hold on to my shares and see what will turn out by next year imo
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    Poppa Elf
    This is the best Q&A session I've experienced with Meni... taking the tough questions head on with passion.
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    Ahh…Meni’s new shiny object has arrived! We’re back to telling, not showing, and the longs continue to prove time and time again that they will never learn with this company. Let’s take a quick look at the PR.

    “incorporated in the U.S.”
    Good…now we know that the company will be subject to the US FDA rules and regulations. Why is that important? Well, look at how the FDA defines a drug: “articles intended to affect the structure or any function of the body”.

    And how does the new company describe its products? “…to develop innovative consumer products and delivery methods to increase your body’s cellular ability to recover from any stress you put it under.“ Saying that they are addressing the body’s cellular structure will likely classify their product as drugs. But no worries, it only takes the FDA an average of 12 years to approve any new drug. And we know LFST longs are very patient people!

    “Mikra is exploring the link between changes at a cellular level and the cascading effects it can have on health…Mikra is on a mission to increase your healthspan – we want to maximize the number of years where you feel healthy, where you feel you can do anything… how excited I am for our disruptive Mikra product pipeline”
    Is there anything…anything at all…in LFST’s track record that suggests they are capable of doing something like that?

    “…via our upcoming medical advisory board”
    Wait, your UPCOMING medical advisory board? Oh man, we certainly are back to telling and not showing.

    “the Company is collaborating with MLB six time All-Star, three time Silver Slugger and recent Olympic Bronze medal winner Jose Bautista, who is joining the Company as an advisor”
    Sure, a former baseball player is advising the company on the new development of drugs. Makes total sense. Nope, nothing to worry about there.

    “the innovation capabilities and track record of the team” – Jose Bautista.
    And he clearly has done some thorough due diligence, so I’m sure he has nothing to worry about. I look forward to welcoming Jose to this discussion board in the coming weeks so we can listen to his anonymous complaints about management.

    Interesting that despite this “amazing news” a board member still decided to leave the company and sell half a million shares, even though he knew this event was coming up. Guess he didn’t think much of its prospects.
    The longs could make the argument that insiders couldn’t buy in the days leading up to this announcement (fair enough). And they also can’t buy after the quarter ends tomorrow. But they can buy today, and they can buy tomorrow. So if you don’t see any insider buying for today/tomorrow, longs should be asking themselves some very tough questions!