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loanDepot, Inc. (LDI)

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  • y
    How does the company pays out dividend when its free cash flow is deep in red?
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    loanDepot is up 8.78% to 5.33
  • D
    Class A share float is now over 30 million! best thing I seen so far and confirms what I suspected they doubled public A share float by converting shares from Anthony and partners "different class of stock same value". Something UWMC wanted to do but could not. The depressed price after CEO bought at 7 was price it took to get it done. Public float is still listed on most websites between 16-20 million it was 16 million including institutions and insiders end of 3rd quarter now is double. This is what they mentioned on last call which is archived on their investor page that they believed float is what was restricting stock price and preventing them from doing buyback. That would also explain why volume was so high in Nov and Dec averaging over 1 million per day with some days seeing 2 million with no news it has now slowed in last few days as increase must now be completed. Without the oversupply of new converted shares over. This will start to move up finally. Public float is now approx. 10% up from approx. 5%. This should stabilize volatility and attract institutional buyers. Above 10 after next earnings call on Feb 1 When this moves it will move quick there was 934k share short as of Dec 31 up 40% from Dec 15 and nearly triple from 11/15 when short interest was 387k . Given short daily volume has been high last 14 days has to be well over 1.2 now. Most of these short sales were made at prices at or below current price. So once this bounces we should see some nice short covering aswell! Not saying this will ever see 39 again but a quick bounce into the teens in next quarter is definitely very possible
  • K
    Confused as to why someone would be bearish here. Rising interest rates are actually a good thing for this company due to its business model. Rated a strong buy on most outlets, Hedge Fund activity up & an increase in Insider Buying by 9.99M over the last 3 months. Only thing I don’t like to see is LDI’s negative free cash flow
  • j
    Why LDI in the red and RKT in the Green?
    RKT no dividend, EPS $3
    LDI dividends, EPS $16
  • K
    Put/Call Open Interest Ratio at 0.10 (very positive). Call open interest total 4,523 > Put open interest total 464
  • T
    I'm in at $4.50 today.
  • n
    William muted
  • T
    Nice to see this stock start to trend upwards. It's been down pretty significantly, without justification (IMHO!).
  • W
    Expecting the short within the next 30 days..under $4 here we come
  • S
    Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
    Anyone here can estimate the value as defined by all future earnings discounted to presence?
    Guess not.

    You can gamble. I'd abstain.
  • M
    $HMPT and $LDI at same share price again - despite LDI going ex dividend 12-31-21 and paying nearly 7% annual return. Classic...
  • h
    The mortgage industry is a money maker. LDI is in the top 2 lenders in the country...but the have LESS THAN 5% MARKET SHARE.. think about that.. you're one of the top 2 in the country with LESS THAN 5% MARKET SHARE.
    For all the OVER analytical folks
    1. Explain GME or AMC or TESLA
    2. Will house buying and selling go out of business next year.. or the year after that or the year...
    3. When the overall mortgage market shrinks..who goes out of business the top 2 lenders or the million local mom and pop type mortgage companies?
    4. When the smaller lenders, brokers leave if the market contracts what does LDI do as a major lender?? TAKE THAT MARKET SHARE
  • s

    Up 30 cent on fear of 8 cent dividend. Can U say overreaction...

    Good Luck to all and do your due diligence always...
  • o
    $.08 dividend coming up. BUY BUY BUY!!!!
  • N
    LDI is not going up these days why?
  • M
    At 5.00 there lot more calls than puts. Assuming this close over, wonder if the 4.5% short interest will begin to cover???
  • b
    up 200% on DVN and collecting 10% variable divy! Thanks biden for destroying USA's entergy production.
  • M
    HMPT = 1.96 PE ratio, and 3.7% dividend. For reference, in November HMPT cut their dividend by 75% (was 15cent/quarter; now 16cent/year). Compare that to LDI = .29 PE ratio, and 7% dividend. Additionally, LDI just announced they're maintaining that dividend into 2022 (8cent/quarter; 32cent/year). Bring this up because HMPT currently trading 4.63/share, whereas LDI trading 4.61/share. STRANGE WORLD!!!
  • C
    Awesome dividend play