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Qurate Retail, Inc. (LB3A.F)

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7.28+0.08 (+1.11%)
As of 8:20AM CET. Market open.
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  • m
    My guess is this will be below $9.00 tomorrow on the ex-dividend factor. Anybody buying that dip?
  • R
    QRTEA's 20 day MA crossed above the 50 day MA yesterday, could we see $10 a share next week?
  • P
    I was hoping for a little better ER however it looks like supply chain issues and inflation took a significant bite which isn't a surprise - have to have faith this mgmt team will get us thru this with relative success - very shareholder friendly with the special dividend and aggressive share repurchase program. I think this is still a good play in a sometimes irrational and expensive market. Good luck to all the longs!
  • F
    bought 35k at 8,57. this company has real good returns and pe/ratio, also fcf is great. easy 20 in my opinion
  • m
    I think what people are missing is that this company has (and likely will in the future) paid "special" dividends. Some companies prefer "special" rather than recurring....and that seems to be the case here. As a holding of QRTEA, I am not guaranteed future dividends but expect them given past history. My money is on Malone and crew! There is no way this should be valued below $15 to $20/share IMO. GLTA
  • G
    This is a gift. $2.00 div for 8 bucks stock. And looking forward their business will stabilize.
  • P
    I think we are going to have a good earnings report - think about all of the supply chain shortages, wait times for products and most consumer needs for immediate gratification. I know the shortages has impacted the products being offered and how much they can sell however when consumers know they can get what they are seeing and at a reasonable price, I have to believe it bodes well for Qurate. I also read an article on SA that showed the competitive price advantage QVC/HSN had over Amazon and other sellers on some popular home products - averaging about 26%. I might be totally wrong but I'm sticking with them for now.
  • m
    This thing is selling for less than 3x FCF....Value Line has target price at 8x FCF. Just think, if I bought that business, my entire investment to purchase the company would be paid back in full in 3 years. Then I would receive an annual return of over 30 to 40 percent of my investment every year (in terms of FCF at least based on Value Line estimates)....someone let me know of a better business to buy today.
  • M
    Well I hope management buys back a lot of shares at these levels. Anyone who tries to spin a 27% loss in one day as a positive needs to have their head examined. Today was a disaster.
  • m
    OK...just bought another 1,000 shares. After dividend the effective price will be $8.74/share. That is only 2.6 x FCF based on Value Lines number of $3.35/share for 2021.
  • t
    Must say, the whole idea of posting lousy results and then paying a special dividend gives me serious concerns about this new CEO right out of the starting blocks.
    We'll see how it all settles down after the knee-jerk reaction in the stock settles down. My guess would be not particularly well.
  • G
    Got the Special Qual Div today.
  • A
    Are they giving us $1.25 per share that we own of the stock??🤔
  • m
    Need some imput here. I normally don't buy dividend stocks. So we receive $1.25/share on November 22 for every share of QRTEA. However, on ex-div date (Nov. 15) doesn't the stock normally fall about the same amount as the dividend? ....or would it be different for a "special dividend" situation. Trying to figure out what to do. Thanks for any imput
  • K
    QRTEA has $2.33 per share in cash, yet they’re paying out $2…seems someone is doing very, very well by this “Special Dividend”…
  • a
    This is not a ShOrT SqUeEze however there are a couple hundred million in shorts that are going to want to close their positions before the dividend which is going to drive this thing right back up.
  • r
    anyone know why this stock trading so low at 2.8 PE ratio ??
    its look like a gift, or I missing anything?
  • M
    This is going up, P/E of 3 is a joke. The market fails to value correctly its communication bss. Whit a FCF per share of 3,50$. This has a fair price of 30 usd with a pesimistic view. 3.50FCF*10P/E=30-35 usd. They are buying back tons of shares and paying debt back.
  • R
    Regular dude
    So, after the dividend, this thing goes down to about $6.25 and I'm still breaking even if I buy now (well, factor in tax impacts of the dividend I suppose).?.? Am I missing something here?
  • J
    Looks like they started some share buybacks again congrats to the longs that stock it out last 3-4months 💰😍