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Qurate Retail, Inc. (LB3A.F)

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    Tell me, maybe I missed something .. why they stopped paying dividends on Series A since December there have been no payments. The current is sent by R and very little..
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    Peter have you heard something I haven't. St one point owned 15000 shares. now down to 6000, Qrtea has not done anything for 8 months
    Purchased most of my shares between 6 and 7 so am doing rather well.A lot of hype no movement maybe it's time to move on????
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    Qurate Retail's (NASDAQ:QRTE.A) investors will be pleased with their decent 77% return over the last year 9/16

    Kind of a cheesy thing to say when it's down over 5 years
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    this is great let it go down more and let them buy back shares at these prices. this gives a much better return than dividend!!
  • W
    Another good quarter, more (780 mill authorized) share buy backs of will support uptrend to new highs.
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    Chuck Wage
    Wish we had a cash bump on stock!
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    Chuck Wage
    Cmon this is getting old!
  • l
    Chuck Have owned s lot of shares since $6,00 made a lot of money stock recently not performing technicals not great stock should be up around 15+ I do not like KRAMER but as he would say good company bad stock. Switched most of my profits to zim DAC and GSL up over 1000% on these
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    Reduced my holding to 4000 shares.
  • 5
    Beat beat and beat. Awesome growth and low p/e... Can someone say too the moon!
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    CM those in the money calls should be short term one to two months very small premiums can roll over easily no interest.
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    Qrtea earning tomorrow anyone with some insight
    The new d variant of the virus should have kept a lot of people home shopping???
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    cm look at substituting some in the money options ,good leverage no margin no interest
  • l
    Cheak out in the money August options , leverage and no interest or buy what you would've with no worries and keep your cash ready when it starts to move.
  • A
    Thinking about starting a position. What should I know from long time holders?
  • C
    I haven’t bought this yet, but Bill Spetrino recently added it to the Dividend Machine portfolio.

    It’s one of two stocks currently under his buy price. Everything else in his portfolio has run very high.

    So be patient. Between new subscribers and people looking to take profits elsewhere, I can see a lot of money coming here.
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    Anybody alive on this board. I must be the only one intrested. Maybe I'm the only one making any money here. Oh well today's the day before earnings?
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    Looks like MM deducted $4.50 dividend as an opening price?
  • c
    QRTEA is a major Covid Work from home/stay at home play....yet the market hasn't figured it out yet!! On May 9th on the Q1 earnings call, the CEO basically said Sales across a wide variety of categories and customer engagement including growth in new customers was absolutely RIPPING since the beginning April--Here a few excerpts from this call:

    -Viewership up over 10%
    Social media views up over 100%
    Web traffic to Company websites was up over 30% and even higher among new customers
    Social Reach up over 75%
    Outdoor products up 65% overall inc +70% in Germany and + 100% in the UK
    Culinary products up over 40%
    Pool Toys up 100%
    Bath and Beauty "Up Strongly"
    Homemade Food up over 90%

    I hear from people who work there that the phone continues to ring off the hook and they are having a hard time answering calls
    So what do the sleeping dunces on Wall St think?--they are predicting Flat (yes that's correct-FLAT) sales and declining earnings. How is that possible?....answer :they are not paying attention or listening to the Earnings call--frequently staffed on their behalf by very junior staff. This Co has struggled to grow sales since the HSN acquisition-- in fact they have been declining for a few years--well I think that has changed-- they have caught a major secular wind at their back for Covid and this breeze may blow for a several years. QRTEA is a differentiated retailer run by some very shrewd/successful investors in the legendary John Malone and former Microsoft CFO Greg Maffei--they have consistently repurchased stock over the years and will likely keep doing so as long as the market is giving the stock away. This stock--rerated as a modest growth stock ---should be 2-3x higher!
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    So the consensus EBITDA estimates for QRTEA both 2020 and 2021 are $2,050 million. Subtract $375 mil for interest, $200 mil for CapX, $100 mil for taxes and now $100 mil for Pref Stock Divs and you get Equity Free Cash Flow of $1,275 million divide that by 415 mil shares and you get $3.07 per share in equity free cash flow per common share. At the current $7 stock price range, this means QRTEA is trading at 2.3X free cash flow!!! I challenge you to find a Co this size with a modest growth outlook trading anywhere near this equity free cash flow multiple.

    But the story gets better--the Co just paid a $633 mil special dividend--of which 41% was financed from the sale of a Green investment which no outside shareholder had any idea about--the equivalent of finding it in a drawer. So the quarter started with $948 mill in cash add the $262 mil and then subtract the $633 mil and you get $577 mil pro forma at June 30th. As shown above I expect the Co to generate of $1,275 over coming 4 quarters (actually i think the EBITDA will be higher based on Mgt commentary )If we assume they keep $577 mil around for liquidity purposes then that means they can use the $1,275 mil to buy back stock which I just showed you will generate a 44% return (if the stock doesnt move). If they try and buy back 44% of the stock, the stock will move higher- likely significantly higher- both from the signaling effect (they won't buy this much stock unless they are confident in the future and think stock is really cheap) and the technical reaction to more demand and less supply. If the business has the momentum i think it does then this is a historical no-brainer. The effect of the Pref Stock/common stock bifurcation was to lever the Co up a bit more --which admittedly does have some risk--but if the revenues keep growing and HSN cost reduction integration is on target (mgt says yes) then this corporate finance strategy meaningfully enhances the upside of the common.