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    $CPE conversation
    I liked what I saw today from my couch as I am down with a sudden leg injury. With severe pain I tried not to look but when I did, I saw that again Economic theory ( I have 2 grad degrees in Capital Market theory in Germany and Econ In the US, usually comes to Equilibrium. An impasse on the decision Depresses the demand for the stock but the demand for oil is dependent not on the meeting but what you see outside in economic activity. The fear you see is a doomsday scenario. The dissolving of OPEC and that fear Is why you did not see 76 or 77 for WTI crude and a corresponding 55 plus close for CPE. OPEC only loses if they can not agree. There is No winning scenario for UAE to quit and go rogue. Remember the demand and supply curves. UAE supplies at will but those Future barrels will generate not what you see at the close of WTI today but in future contacts which will be Less. The revenue generated for each barrel is lower then if they Stay in OPEC and keep contracts for supply as is. Also do you think for one minute Russia will tolerate lower oil prices not because of lack of demand but because one nation is causing instability in perceived ( note Perceived) instability in the world markets. Most of the time and ask yourself this, was it the actual event or the perceived instability of the unknown that cause your equities to decline. Let’s take a totally different industry as an example. LB brands $LB traded at 17 in May 2020. I am now seeing it in my portfolio at 73.5. The store maintained sales through COVID and was always packed compared to other mall stores. I know my gf always had me there. But while they were cranking sales, the perceived notion was there was Instability because the meetings in management were indecisive on what to do with the two brands Victoria Secret and Bath Body Works. Like the OPEC meeting, articles and analysts were causing fear and chaos in the stock with cautions on future earnings ( sound familiar) with the rebranding and spin offs still in question. If you listened to Economic theory Earnings Earnings Earnings in a perfect market determine prices. If you wade through the Chaos of Short Term fluctuations, If you see demand for your product and margins are not being squeezed, hold. If you believe earnings after costs and taxes will suffer then cut back. What you see in CPE and other energy stocks is an LB scenario. The upside is intact, if you just ignore the chaos and that is what we economists label short term market pricing Imperfections. Good luck to you all. I took a beating this week but holding my theory, I regained almost 15 percent from that down - 23 percent from Tuesday to yesterday AM. For an excellent read please read any text on Valuation and capital market theory asset pricing. Take future cash flows from CPE operations and discount them using time value and DCF analysis. Remember to add a premium to asset sales. You will find that CPE is undervalued by at least 10$ due to the current market scenario, I used this analysis with LB. It was just on CNBC they spun off Victoria Secret VSCO $ and they doomsday scenario did not happen. It closed up at 73.50$ or + 400 % from 2020 1 year ago. Peter Lynch said This is how you bag those gains. Use your head and eyes not your Ears. Turn out the noise, ask Is the product SELLING! I was in Victoria and I was in line to the door. Products for my gf sold out, and yet on TV the same day, guess what “ LB brands lagging today as investors wade through questions of what to do with XXX” not the sales! Look at the pumps! It is the same! People I was also a pilot ( long story) Did you know American United and Delta ALONE make up over 1 percent of world fuel consumption. People that is 3 only 3 of all airlines that are now just starting to crank! What do you think smaller aircraft use like General Aviationthat makes up ready for it..80 percent of all flights in the US! Sorry for long post but I am down with a real bad leg Injury and have the time with my phone on my back. This is a Buy CPE. Enjoy your weekend and please do not make any haste decisions on Chaos.
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    Triple the buyback program and guided 20% above consensus. The 20mm share placement is bought back 10mm within the buyback. This quarter looking to be good.
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    Will you get both Victoria Secret shares and BBWI shares from your LB shares? If you have 100 shares of LB, how many shares of Victoria Secret and BBWI will you get?
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    LB will record more cash flows going forward - VS when spun off will be more focused. Store shopping will increase as the economy opens up post-Covid. Specifically, interest in looking "desirable" will increase as consumers feel more "alive" which should increase sales revs for VS. Focus on Bath and Body Works will also go up. Overall LB should go up in value at least another 20 - 30% easily.
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    So do the LB shareholders get anything from the VS spin off?
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    $MRO conversation
    07:25 PM
    Best 5-day returns in S&P 500 for week ending 6/25/2021: 1. Nike
    (20.2%), 2. Occidental Petroleum
    (17.58%), 3. L Brands
    (15.12%), 4. CarMax
    (12.58%), 5. Marathon Oil
    (11.93%). Average 5-day return to all stocks in the index was 3.38% #WeeklyBest
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    I usually do not tell people to get out of a stock, but for this one, I will say that. What they did with Victoria's Secrets is insanity.
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    John Abraham
    This is a gem, I mean gem. I like their products. They smell so good that sometimes, I forget my wife !!
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    I see it hitting 95 very soon. Hot market !!
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    The previous CEO sold $300,000,000. All his stock. That says it all.
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    Fulcrum T. Puley
    told wife their items are a big turnoff to me now. and so is their stock.
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    Meet your new cover model. Hahahah Shorting this all the way to 5$
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    People buy this stuff so they or their wife can imagine they are an angel. If you are using everyday women as the aspiration why not buy your pjs at Macy’s for half the price. People buy this to live the dream and not to face reality. Some products do well in the real world but LB markets dreams at a premium. Reality warrants no premium!
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    Kiss those sales goodbye!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    L Brands is up 5.17% to 73.64
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    LB is undervalued, yet its near 52 week high.
    At risk of buying high I took position today, because of the Victoria’s Secret spin off in August.
    Planning to hold a year or more.
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    Slightly Savage
    This plus size/ chubby/ fat faze will be over once people realize that obesity is a problem. I don’t like the idea of Victoria’s Secret just following a fad. There will come a point when skinny/ athletic women won’t have as many options. It’ll go full circle. The customer should not decide what the company sells.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    L Brands is down 4.97% to 62.88
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    LB reached a 52-week high!!! Up we go!!! GO LB GO!!!