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    Anyone know why the run up today?
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    Oof -8%
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    No progress here, no sales and no contracts. Just a lot of hype
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    KWESST Executive Chairman Interviewed on The Brandon Tatum Show
    Newsfile Corp - Fri Aug 6, 9:17AM CDT
    Ottawa, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - August 6, 2021) - KWESST Micro Systems Inc. (TSXV:KWE.VN) (OTCQB:KWEMF) ("KWESST" or the "Company"), a publicly-traded company listed on the OTCQB © Markets (symbol:KWEMF) and the TSX Venture Exchange (symbol:KWE) today reported that its Executive Chairman, David Luxton, gave an interview on the highly popular YouTube channel called "The Officer Tatum". The interview is available at .

    Cannot view this video? Visit:

    The channel, which has over 1.6 million subscribers, is run by former Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum. Brandon also currently has a regular following of more than three million people across various social media platforms and is a frequent guest on TV shows such as The Ingraham Angle and Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News Channel. The interview with Luxton focused on KWESST's Low Energy Cartridge system (the "LEC system").

    Brandon Tatum commented: "What an incredible pleasure it was to interview and present Executive Chairman David Luxton to my YouTube audience of 1.6 million dedicated supporters. It will be invaluable for everyone watching the interview to learn about David's extensive professional resume of near perfection in tactical non-lethal weapon systems. His detailed analysis of KWESST's Low Energy Cartridge competitive advantage in the American market of non-lethal alternatives to deadly weapons was very informative. Whether for civilian or current police/military personnel, this interview will peak interest in KWESST's new Low Energy Cartridge system."

    The LEC system is the world's first cartridge-based non-lethal firing system with universal application across four market segments that currently use a variety of dated "non-lethal" or "less-lethal" solutions. These segments are (i) public order and security (riots and control of dangerous subjects), (ii) military and law enforcement training (realistic force-on-force training), (iii) personal defence (home, car, boat, RV, camping, hiking), and (iv) high-action gaming.

    As previously announced, the official commercial launch of the Low Energy Cartridge system is planned for January 18 to 22, 2022 in Las Vegas at the SHOT Show®. The SHOT Show® is the largest trade show of its kind for buyers and suppliers in the "Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade" (SHOT) and has evolved over the years to include exhibitors and buyers across the tactical, personal defence and high-action gaming communities. It is the annual event for commercial buyers and distributors to see what is new and to place orders."

    About the non-lethal market and the Low Energy Cartridge system

    The market for non-lethal products is a recurring multi-billion-dollar opportunity. Customers continue to seek better solutions as many legacy systems can be lethal, and frequently are unreliable. Thousands of fatalities have been recorded from existing cartridge-bases systems, including conducted energy devices such as Taser. Other legacy products that are "less" lethal typically fire from air guns, which are inherently unreliable as they are affected by ambient temperature and entail high-maintenance as a result of air seals and "O" rings drying out and bursting, causing catastrophic failures. Air-based systems also entail a long logistics tail of compressors, air tanks and spare parts.

    The LEC systems solves these problems with the proven reliability of a cartridge-based system in a low-cost firing platform that fires only LEC cartridges. The firing platforms are offered in various patterns that replicate the look of a real firearm, or avoid the appearance of a firearm altogether, at the user's choice. The proprietary LEC cartridge automatically stabilizes the projectile for accuracy and distance, with an energetic actuator that controls velocity and muzzle energy well below lethal levels, and with no need for gunpowder or conventional propellant. The system's soft frangible projectiles come with various payloads, including coloured marking agent, inert powder or a safe but powerful irritant powder that temporarily incapacitates subjects.
    David Luxton INVENTOR and EXPERT in Home and LEO tactical defense
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    KWESST Micro Systems Inc (CVE:KWE) (OTCQB:KWEMF) revealed that former Tucson, Arizona, police officer and football player Brandon Tatum, who runs the hit YouTube channel called "The Officer Tatum," with over 1.6 million subscribers, has agreed to act as an advisor and advocate for KWESST's non-lethal Low Energy Cartridge (LEC) product line for law enforcement and personal defense in the US.

    As a commentator, Tatum also has a regular following of more than three million people across various social media platforms and is a frequent guest on TV shows such as The Ingraham Angle and Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News Channel.

    Under the terms of the engagement, Tatum will advise KWESST on optimization of the LEC system for law enforcement and personal defense applications. He will also provide educational segments on The Officer Tatum show for law enforcement and the public regarding the features and benefits of the LEC system. He will also produce interviews with KWESST's Executive Chairman David Luxton and participate as a representative of KWESST in various third-party interviews on the LEC products.

    READ: KWESST announces commercialization road map for its non-lethal Low Energy Cartridge product line
    In a statement, Tatum said: "It is an absolute honor to partner with KWESST. The Low Energy Cartridge system is a game-changer for law enforcement, and it adds to a family's ability to diversify home and personal defense.”

    “As a former police officer, I understand the value of having reliable non-lethal cartridge-based firing platform as an option on patrol, which also gives great flexibility during tactical deployments. I also recognize that there is a significant population in America that is looking for a tool that can keep them safe without having to resort to deadly force,” he added.

    Tatum said the Low Energy Cartridge system is the “perfect solution for America,” and he is 100% behind “this incredibly innovative strategy to make our world a safer and more responsible place."

    Meanwhile, KWESST's Luxton noted that the company is “very pleased” at this collaboration with Tatum.

    “His views and advice will help KWESST bring to market variants of the LEC product tailored to specific operational purposes, with advance feedback from his audiences," added Luxton.

    On July 12, KWESST announced key details of the commercialization road map for its LEC product line. The company said the road map will culminate with the official commercial launch at the 2022 SHOT Show in Las Vegas on January 18-21, 2022.

    “Brandon will be present at the KWESST booth and is expected to be available for the signing of his upcoming book Beaten Black and Blue, Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege, which will be released on November 30, 2021,” said the company.

    As part of the 18-month agreement between KWESST and The Officer Tatum LLC on July 19, 2021, Tatum LLC was granted 150,000 performance stock units, 350,000 restricted stock units and 150,000 share appreciation rights (SARs) in line with the company's long-term incentive plan. The SARs will be exercisable at a price of C$1.65 per SAR.
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    Can’t believe this board is so empty. Very promising company.
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    Risk with this company is constant equity issue
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    Waiting for this to fall back to 1 USD... Has only been marketing and hype news and 0 contracts for more than a year...
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    Another share issue looming here... Stay away
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    I’m wondering if the SAR given to Tatum priced at $1.65. Does that set the high limit or low limit for the next 18 months.
    As with many growing stocks, it is better to pay with shares than cash.
    Does anyone know What is the limited # of shares that the company has to sell/give out before they have to notify SEC to issue more.
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    Happy Wednesday !!!
    Wow did i call this wrong 3wks ago . with the info im looking at todays dip allowed 8,000 short shares to cover / using shortsqueeze.
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    Took off today, nice stock. Waiting around $1.
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    Some news?
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    Tom N
    made a quick G. out
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    this stock will boom to 2$ soon
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    Sold $2.45 on Feb 4, and bought back today. Will buy more if under $1.
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    Firm uptrend established now. Believe we will go to all-time high soon. More news should come
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    Anybody know what's been lifting the stock over the last few sessions?