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Kopin Corporation (KOPN)

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  • I
    couple things
    1) JF CEO bought 50k shares recently [not much, and not enough to move the needle], but last time he bought was at $0.65/share, and went to $13+ within a year
    2) last friday someone traded about 1m shares at the close ? not sure that strategy
    3) latest announcement of 850K$ 2Kx2K backplane wafers contract [which just might be Panasonic]
    Im planning to take a position here at the mid upper $5 price.
  • C
    $850K Follow On Order Of Silicon Backplane Wafers For 2K x 2K OLED Microdisplays
  • A
    So, here's the thing with KOPN. This stock was flying when all the VR/AR stocks started flying. Now if you look at the price of something like VUZX, you can see that all the VR/AR stocks are down. This stock isn't going to do much of anything unless either they announce some amazing contract to provide tons of pancake lenses to a particular VR manufacturer. Not Panasonic. The Panasonic deal is what started this whole ride. Investors found out that Kopin's technology was a big part of the slim VR glasses that Panasonic was showing off, and stock took off like a rocket because people thought... "hmm... isn't Apple going to use pancake lenses for their slim VR headset too?" What if Apple could acquire KOPN outright, or at least sign some long term deal with them?" That was the original thought process with this stock taking off. Well, KOPN hasn't announced anything and neither has Apple. Then, we had the disappointment at the last earnings. So the only thing that will really save us is a huge announcement for some type of multiyear deal.
  • I
    Does anyone know who is making the displays for the just announced Ray Ban FB glasses?
    saw a commercial just now, on yahoo, $299 , records video, sound, takes pictures, and can upload.

    not kopin?
  • M
    What happened?
  • M
    Stop the presses Dr. Fan just bought 50,000 shares on the open market for $$5.45 a share. The stock is up after hours. Is something up or is the CEO just trying to support the price of the stock. Tune in tomorrow and let’s see what happens in the next chapter of as the Kopin turns.
  • K
    Just patiently waiting for return to $13.62. Don’t suppose today’s sellers will be there with us.
  • I
    wonder why none of the other Kopin insiders dont ever buy stock except Dr. Fan
  • I
    The last time Dr. Fan bought KOPN stock was May of 2020, 250K shares at $0.67 and $0.7
    the stock then went to $13 by Feb of 2021.

    Might be a fake out to prop up the stock, since he owns 5M shares, on the other hand may also be sign good news about to come. CEO's usually buy stock in the open when they expect share price to increase. I am thinking about a small purchase here. GLTA
  • m
    today's news together with yesterday's update is very bullish. Patience needed
  • S
    We will recover still!
  • m
    Chinese augmented reality (AR) glasses maker Nreal has raised $100 million to fund international expansion, valuing the company at $700 million.
    Global tech giants including Apple and Facebook are working on AR-related products.
    Nreal’s flagship product is a pair of lightweight glasses called Nreal Light which connects to a smartphone.
  • B
    I've been following this company for thirty years. Bought and sold it for thirty years - won some and lost some. They were located in Taunton, Massachusetts when they made the picture screen cell phone possible. (They sold the rights.) I doubt they will screw up the same way with current patents. It seems they do not care about making money. I like the technology that they are developing, and want them to continue with R & D. (all opinion) I've never been asked to be a Director. (Don't hold enough stock)
  • E
    Eli B
  • M
    I have made a nice profit with Kopn only because my cost basis is at $1.00. But this company is poorly managed and has to be sold ASAP. Dr. Fan maybe an excellent engineer but he cannot run this company the only thing that will save this company is a drastic change in management or a sale and or merger and it should be looked into immediately.
  • K
    Zack’s recommends selling after it hits bottom. That’s cutting edge analysis
  • M
    Here comes the panic selling it was a terrible quarter but the stock still has merit. The management will be changed because they cannot afford another bad quarter and they need good news. There are plenty of buyers and also sellers volume is very high I would wait for the calm before selling. I think and hope that the stock will recover some of the loss and return to $6 or higher by mid afternoon. Hey Kopin board let’s get out of the lab and start selling product enough is enough..
  • J
    This company has been around since 1992? Was it a shell company that was taken over? How long have they been in the space they are in now? Tia
  • w
    wb 46
    Did I see over 1 million shares trade right at the close? And the odd thing is the price didn't move. I don't know what that means. Someone agreed to do a big trade at whatever the closing price was gong to be?
  • G
    We need a CFO on board to watch the money. The CEO is a scientist not knowing anything but burning through between 3-4 million a qtr and then diluting to raise money.