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    A buy at $27 CDN
    7% dividend
  • S
    Good company but there's going to be some demand destruction because of the high oil prices and then soon to be recession.
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    Vlad Impala
    The week of Jun 17 was the worst week (-13.3%) since 20 Mar 2020; it was followed by another down week (-2.5%). Jun 2022 has the worst MTD drop (-17.1%) since Sep 2020.
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    Alex takes it in the bum
    no complaints over here :) I'm enjoying the dividend returns 😎
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    Nice quarter earnings.
  • F
    Went long today. I prefer shorts at this stage 4 and/or 1 of the market, but KEY looks sound from the technical point of view. Set my stop loss at 30.88. Let's see...
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    looking to get in but waiting for under 30. we'll see
  • M
    this has been so good so far
  • J
    I bought at $20 months ago. In it for the dividends. The share price can bounce all it wants..
  • C
    People selling Keyera this morning on this financial report have no clue, and the smart money will buy the dip. Let's look at the facts of 2020:
    DCF of $718m - 21% increase to 2019 (which was a record year)
    Dividends paid represents 59% of this total
    The full year net loss is due to a NON CASH IMPAIRMENT. It's paper loss folks! A write-down of assets. Investors need to be looking at Adjusted EBITDA which doesn't include this charge:
    $874 million, only 7% off 2019, again a record year for Keyera.

    Folks, this is a reflection of exceptional business and cash management, and a tremendous year for shareholders.
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    These are great results. The drop in earnings is related to a write down, not uncommon to revalue assets in this environment. What I see is YTD the payout ratio is down to 54% from 67% last year. Distributable cash flow up $150 MILLION dollars. This is a very safe dividend and there is tons of upside now that the new Pipestone gas plant is up and running...5 months ahead of schedule. Long and strong!!!
  • D
    The news is were way undervalued.. And oil is breaking up past $53 bucks
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    I would not have expected this to be in the negative on a day where everyone is talking about the surging price of NG and surging demand
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    In a research note previewing first-quarter earnings season for TSX-listed energy infrastructure companies, CIBC World Markets analyst Robert Catellier and Mark Jarvi made a series of target price changes to the stocks in their coverage universes on Tuesday.

    “Through Q1, operating trends, share price performance and valuations have evolved,” they said. “Stronger commodity prices are generally positive for Midstreamers, and they may allow for stronger hedging. In turn, producer hedging could encourage more drilling activity, which is already starting to show up in gas plant throughput. With this backdrop, Midstreamers provided the best share price performance in Q1 and we believe the valuation expansion we’ve seen in recent months can continue, assuming trends persist or show further improvement. That said, on average we are slightly below consensus for Q1. For the IPPs, particularly the renewable stocks, share prices and valuations have come back down in recent months. The growth outlook remains strong for the renewable stocks, but we expected muted Q1 results (generally below consensus), so investors may continue to get an opportunity in the short term to add to positions. For the regulated utilities, with bond yields no longer rising like they did for the better part of Q1, share prices and valuations have drifted higher in the last month or so, and now sit above the midpoints of recent ranges for the last year. We expect subdued Q1 results and therefore see no obvious reason that the utility stocks in general will break out of their recent ranges.”

    Mr. Catellier’s changes were:

    AtlaGas Ltd. (ALA-T +0.23%increase
    , “outperformer”) to $25 from $24. The average on the Street is $23.
    Gibson Energy Inc. (GEI-T +0.19%increase
    , “neutral”) to $22 from $23. Average: $24.18.
    Keyera Corp. (KEY-T +0.82%increase
    , “outperformer”) to $30 from $29. Average: $28.64.
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    Analysts are revisiting their estimates based on the rapidly climbing price of natural gas. We are currently at $5.46, and market pundits and analysts on the commodity side are saying we are heading for a high demand winter while stockpiles are down significantly from this time last year (hot summer). It's a perfect storm for massive free cash flow. Long and strong!
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    Clearly investors are not reading the same earnings report I just did. Why the panic selling? Business on track, solid net earnings, raised guidance. What gives?
  • O
    Scotiabank on March 1st issued a 1 year price target of $37. As mentioned Keyera is a sleeping giant until KAPs comes online.
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    Excellent letter to Premier Kenney by an Alberta doctor. This should be shared widely, with every premier in Canada.
    Dennis L. Modry BSc, MD, MSc, FRCS, FACCP, FACS is the Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Alberta. He is also the Founder and Director of the Heart, Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program and was the Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (1984 – 2015).
    Dear Premier Kenney:
    Many Albertans – myself included – commended you on your previous commitment to a balanced approach to protecting Albertans from COVID-19, while at the same time not completely abrogating our freedoms and rights such as free speech, peaceful assembly, association, and our ability to earn a living and care for our families.
    (Tuesday) you imposed new lockdown measures which severely limit and, in some cases, shut down entirely many social, family, friendship, spiritual, recreational and entertainment pursuits that Albertans rely on for their well-being, just as you did in the spring. While you have commendably spared small businesses from suffering the complete shut-down they experienced this past spring (and your apology for this mistake is laudable and honourable), it seems that you have not learned much from the lockdown harms which Albertans experienced earlier this year.
    The evidence that you provided for this lockdown is both suspect and incomplete and does a disservice to Albertans who deserve more from you. A major tenet of the Hippocratic Oath that physicians like myself ascribe to is “First Do No Harm”, which is ignored by this imposed lockdown.
    Is it too late to correct this lockdown error? No, not if you are willing to be better informed. We have learned a great deal since the onset of this pandemic, much of which is the result of how different regions and countries have attempted to control the spread of COVID-19 and treat those infected. Now we know who is at greatest risk and have proven effective therapies for those who are seriously ill, as reported by the National Institute of Health on Dec 3, 2020; and we are on the cusp of mass immunization consequent to multiple vaccines soon to be available worldwide. The public should be reassured, rather than locked down.
    Within the last few weeks, new evidence informs a more nuanced approach to better protect Albertans without unintended and unacceptable consequences, such as defined in the excellent recommendations of the Great Barrington Declaration, further addressed below.
    I acknowledge with reverence those Albertans who have passed on from COVID-19, just as I acknowledge many others like Jerry Dunham who have died because lockdowns prevented their access to healthcare for very serious non-COVID-19 illnesses and conditions. I acknowledge the many with despair who have died from suicide and drug overdose. We now know that lockdowns are more lethal than COVID-19, and must learn from what has transpired to ensure we do not continue to make the same mistakes. Were you not informed of these facts, or did you simply ignore them?
    Please consider the following evidence and unintended consequences that should give you the courage to retract the restrictions:
    1. We are nowhere close to
    overwhelming our healthcare system. As of December 9, 2020 there were 654 COVID-19 patients in 8,500 beds, or 7.7 per cent of capacity. There were only 112 patients in 272 ICU beds, or 41.2 per cent of operational capacity, however, you have stated publicly that the ICU capacity can be increased to 1,081 beds. This implies that, at present, only 10.4 per cent of potential ICU beds are filled.
    2. Have you evaluated what percentage of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are actually in hospital because of COVID-19, as opposed to with COVID-19, wherein it is the underlying disease that is the actual reason for the admission? The public deserves to know.
    3. Have you evaluated the percentage of patients who died with, but not from COVID-19? This information is extremely important to share with the public who deserve a fair and balanced presentation of the facts to both prevent fear and panic, as well as garner buy-in of government policy.
    4. Are you aware that the PCR test for COVID-19 has a false positive rate of up to 50 per cent according to the CDC (USA Center for Disease Control), and up to 90 per cent by other sources?
    5. Are you aware of how many people have died or become seriously compromised because they could not access healthcare for non-COVID-19 disease, including treatments for heart disease, cancer, and other life-threatening problems? Lockdowns are more lethal than Covid-19, which cannot be over-emphasized. Do you not think that the public should know this?
    6. Are you aware of how many people have committed suicide due to government-imposed lockdowns and the shuttering of businesses, schools, colleges, and universities? Have you tried to find out?
    7. Do you believe that it is ethically and morally appropr
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    It is crazy not to buy at this price. Great company, great performance and great dividends. Not affected by covid and the pandemic and natural gas is at its peak so far this ear. Everything is going well for KEY. The stock will come back after earnings next week.
  • M
    Mr. Ginger
    Very underrated, doubled my position today. If you look at where they are positioned, it’s existing dividend yield and the projected growth, it is a no brainer to add or join as a stake holder.