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CCY - CCY Delayed Price. Currency in JPY
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As of 11:31AM BST. Market open.

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    I have been seeing different Reactions on the market "I guess I need to back to BITCOIN" because it will soon rise again 🌞
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    The OG Stone Bear
    That's strange.. Thought the Yen was supposed to be getting weaker not the USD...
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    Debbie D. Ringgold
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    Dennis stocks
    First I look at cryptos getting destroyed, then I look at the cost of living syktocketing over the past two years for the average American family, then I look at the lunacy of the ECB buying garbage debt from Greece Spain and Italy by selling German debt and it makes me all the more confident of owning simple to understand Japanese stocks with 4% dividends as Japan has really addressed major concerns over the past decade. Japan is by far the safest place to park money in a world of turmoil
  • M
    Bitcoin is bringing a different revolution in the world economy. People who are optimistic investors earn consistently..... Others will just sit and watch.
  • H
    Only those who are wise will maximise the advantage in the inflation in the crypto market because they higher the coin the higher the profit
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    Dennis stocks
    It’s comical how all these sell side firms are so negative on the JPY because of BOJ printing yen. Don’t they realize that Japan is light years ahead of the other central banks? When will these analysts come to the realization that US budget deficits will explode in the years to come and the Fed balance sheet will ultimately be north of $20 trillion in order to support the Fed experimental policy begun in 2008 and carried on for what will be an eternity
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    Can’t anyone actually post something about the Yen instead of all this advertising for other investors companies??
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    Dennis stocks
    Yep. Bloomberg has finally figured out that the BOJ has basically bought half the govt debt as its balance sheet is about as big as the federal reserve on half the government debt level. The BOJ has bought far more debt than the government has issued which is far far different than the rest of the world (less Russia and Singapore). Any investor should look at Japan (who was told for thirty years it had too much debt and a weak banking sector) and question whether they are way way ahead of the US and Europe in doing the only thing that can be done to bring down debt to gdp ratios. Problem with the US is that the Federal state and local governments borrowed way way more over the five ten twenty years than the Fed could even come close to buying. To think the JPY is going to 150 may or may not happen but it will ultimately go to 80 as the BOJ has basically done most of the heavy lifting. In the meantime there are many Japanese companies with very low P/E ratios that will greatly benefit from a weak yen like Japan tobacco, isuzu motors, bridgestone, kirin, otsuka holdings, mufg, Meiji holdings and sumitomo metal mining to name just a few.
  • S
    Successful people don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at glance-wealth, a great career,purpose-is the results of hard work and hustle over time.
  • B
    Loves how the Yen is crashing. The last two months the yen has fell from the 110 level to now pushing toward 130
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    30 Trillion Debt
    Can I trade usd jpy via a stock that tracks them? Anyone knows of such a stock ticket please reply and post it thank you -Ralphy the 3rd the mediocre day trader with a 9% average gain overall
  • N
    Behold, beloved traders, what the death of a currency looks like in real time. The central bank behind the worlds 3rd largest economy has brought a people of 126m destitution, destruction, and dishonor.

    China is next and then the US. Central banking is a scam. Jefferson knew it, Jackson knew it, Lincoln knew it, Garfield knew it, Kennedy knew it, and Hitler knew it too.
  • P
    I'm short

    Real men trade forex

    Diamond hands
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    bill s
    decrease interest not add more interest . . .
  • N
    As an American living in Japan, I’m obsessed with watching this ticker. I’m getting new Suicas daily to fill up.