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Just Energy Group Inc. (JE.TO)

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  • E
    There is not going to be a reverse split anytime soon.
    The Company has six months following the receipt of the noncompliance notice (which has been extended to December 2, 2020 due to COVID-19) to cure the deficiency and regain compliance with $1.00 minimum bid, which will happen once news is announced that agreement has been approved before the end of September 2020 according to press release and SEC filing.

  • m
    Ppl all market is in rad and JE is green!!! This is strong hold!!
    Dont listen for short kids like Prdot.. This will be 1$. Stay strong!!
  • I
    I have been on JE for long time watching and reading company profile and each sections they file. This is the best company , no worries of BK unlike other companies. They have good number of customers. The did Recapitalization significantly improves Just Energy’s financial flexibility with a cash injection. The CEO said, The Plan of Arrangement includes a recapitalization that will strengthen and de-risk the business and position Just Energy for sustainable growth as an independent industry leader. You can expect very good rewards for your investment in long run. I doubled my stake yesterday and today. Best chance to buy. I shared my opinion.You can share your comments.
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    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
  • r
    The entire market is down and this is like a Rocket , mark my words we will be at .75c
  • t
    A retail energy provider Just Energy Group Inc. is said to have announced the approval of its recapitalization plan. Afterwards, these other companies could possibly provide rapid on-the-spot results that could be an innovative tool in the fight against pandemic threats. Read more here:
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
  • H
    Never mind about profitability, a company with annual revenue of $3b should worth more than $10 min and now it is only $0.32, this rare opportunity to get rich if you are smart
  • a
    premarket rolling green volume is high
  • A
    After doing my homework on Just Energy, I bought 12,500 shares of this stock today and will be buying more because JE legit and suppose to announce approval of agreement with lenders by the end of September according to press release and SEC filing. Once this news is release, there is going to be a major spike that investors who are not already JE shareholders will miss. News could be released any time between now and end of September.

    There is also no need to worry about a reverse split anytime soon. The Company has been extended to December 2, 2020 due to COVID-19) to cure the deficiency and regain compliance with $1.00 minimum bid. The stock price should be well over $1 long before this date with news release.

    Just Energy said business will continue normally for its employees, customers, and suppliers. Investors are buying up shares in acknowledgement that the company should be able to continue to successfully operate and grow its business.

  • j
    Total number of zero people have been correct on this one .... “going to 0” or “going to the moon”

    Both absolutely wrong. Look at revenue and make your pick
  • r
    Try to sell as soon as you sell it goes down , make your to sell at Limit order not MARKET OR JE controllers will take it down all the way to 20 cents before you are Sold
    This is a personal experience
  • L
    We believe that good news are coming. Pre-market is on fire
  • M
    According to my broker the RS did happen today.

    Notice of Reverse Stock Split
    Hello Mike,

    A 1:33 reverse stock split for JE has occurred, effective September 17, 2020.

    Note that it may take up to five business days for the adjusted share quantity to reflect in your account.

    What does this mean?
    If you hold this security and wish to sell it, you may be required to adjust the quantity in your sell order.

    Find out how reverse stock splits can affect your holdings


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  • B
    Im going to sell 10k that was bought at .3 for .385 and keep 10k in case it skyrockets.

    I was influenced by the bulls and bears here.
  • G
    Company is doing a 1:30 reverse split. For some reason, the system is ahead of the effective day of implementation. Essentially, implemented tomorrow, the price will be 8.93
  • C
    I’m holding for big profits
  • I
    More investments comes in Institutions will jump before Nov 01st quarter any time, they wait to see the low dips and recapitalization completion.. Ignore this week fluctuation and hold strong don't sell or loose money. This goes high in a month we can expect two digit number 🚀🚀
  • S
    Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE: JE) was trading at 0 USD. at the last review on Tuesday, September 15, which corresponds to a downward movement of -6.7% compared to the previous day's price.

    If we look at the stock, we see that its previous closing price was 0 USD. 21 and the beta (5J per month) is 0, with the price range of the day being 0 USD. 2224 – 0. 2500. The company has a month-long PE ratio of 0.10. In terms of its 48- weekly price range, JE has a high of 2 USD. 84 and a low of 0. 20. The company's stock has gained about 17% over the past 18 days.

    Has just a market capitalization of 31 million dollars) and is expected to publish its quarterly earnings report in August. The forward dividend is 0 and with a yield of 0%, investors in the company may fear that the JE share could lose before the profits are published. Analysts estimate that the company will receive an expected earnings per share (EPS) of USD 0. 11, with EPS growth for the year down to USD 1. 86 to 2020 and 0.48 for next year. These figures represent -0. 35% and -0. 54% growth of EPS for the two years.

    Analysts who track the company's growth have also achieved consensus growth in revenue, which is estimated to be around 873 dollars. 77 million with a low of 763. 42 million and a high of 944. 8 million. The median projection represents growth that totals 2% compared to sales in the corresponding quarter a year ago. Analysts' consensus estimates that the company's annual revenue forecasts for 2020 are expected to reach USD 293, a decrease of -1.1% from last year's figures.

    On the other hand, short-term indicators looking at the outlook for THE JE share give the stock an average of 100% sell, while medium-term indicators assign it an average of 100% sell. Long-term indicators rank the stock on average in the 100% Sell category.

    Based on estimates from 2 analysts, where the score was between 1. for a strong purchase up to 5. For a strong sale, I rated the stock of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) as holding, while none rated it as buy. None of the analysts rate it as outperformance, while none of them rate it as underperformance, while 1 suggests the stock as a sale. The stock is underweight overall, and investors could take advantage of the company's shares and pick up.

    Looking to the future, we note that the PEG ratio for the JE share is currently 0 and the current price level is 77. 62% discount on its SMA 14 and -35. 07% of its 50 day simple moving average. The RSI () points to 30. 07 while the volatility is in the last week. 51% and jumps to 4% in the last 1 month. The beta value is 0, while the average true range (ATR) is currently 0. . The average price target for the stock over the next few months is 0.26, with estimates having a low of 0 USD. 23 and a high of 0. 38. These prices are 0% and + 65. 22% of the current price level, although investors might be thrilled by the prospect of a +26. 78% if the JE share price touches the average price of 0 USD. 31.

    Let's briefly compare the Just (JE) share with its competitors. We find that today's price change of -6.7% and – 83. 49% in the past 11 months for JE compete with those of Sempra Energy (SRE), whose share price has risen by 0. 47% in the last trading session and is - 11 . 91% last year. Another of his colleagues, Oneok Inc (OKE), has risen to 0. %today, but has fallen - 63.30% last year, while Atmos Energy Corp (ATO) has also fallen by -6.7%, but the price remains red at – 83.49% over the same period. Sempra has a P/E ratio of . 15 compared to Just's 0. 14 and Oneoks 18. 33. Unlike these companies, both the S & P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial are now 0 93% and 0.38% in early deals.

    When we return to Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE: JE), we note that the average 3-month trading volume was 8 86, the previous one– the previous one was 6.34 million. Currently outstanding shares are 151. 64 million.

    According to Thomson Reuters, insiders hold 37. 98% of the company's shares, while institutions hold 17.54%. The data show that short shares as of August 23, 2020, stood at 5.41 million at a short ratio of 0.41. This corresponds to a short share of 3 64% of the shares outstanding in August 100 , 2020. The stock's short rose to 4,79 million in August from the previous month. Investors should rejoice at this stock, as its upside potential is large and today's price depresses the stock – 85.500% in the price movement since the beginning of the year.
  • d
    Don’t listen to any short player on this wall, JE is a good stock to hold on to. This was a R/S & will eventually go up to the double digits. ( It’s all about timing )
  • B
    I’ve been day trading for years and I’m so glad I finally found They’re pre-market watchlists cover all the latest market-moving news, and they don’t beat you down with tons of ads. Highly recommend!