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Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)

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16.30-0.16 (-1.00%)
As of 02:05PM EDT. Market open.
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    Do you guys follow ( It seems way better than all the spam on the IVZ board - The alerts have been great!
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    Technical Analysis
  • D
    Buy IVZ 2000 shares 15.96
  • D
    end up buy yesterday 3000 shares, IVZ dividend 4.62
  • J
    hey. 3.8% dividend
    hold and enjoy yield
  • R
    10$ soon . don't be fooled....
  • D
    add more before closing X-D 5/9/22
  • L
    Ready for a divvy hike !
  • C
    20 years of stagnation. Don’t you people like to see your investments appreciate? Guess who’s getting RICH? The ineffective management team! 🤨
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    You guys need to do your due dilligance. I havent seen 1 person here mention the most important thing. Read the transcript from the last earnings call on April 23rd. In it, they said this:

    "Then finally and perhaps most importantly, we have no debt maturities until Q4 of 2022"

    That means they have no debt due until the end of 2022. The pandemic will be over by then. There is no risk of bankruptcy. This is the perfect stock to buy and hold with a 8% dividend. Despite what you will hear on this forum, this company is well run. Right before the pandemic they paid their revolving debt off. They will be well positioned when the pandemic is over. I think $20/share by 2022 is realistic.
  • M
    Grabbed some cheapies on Friday.Great dividend and a big Global Equity with great re,profits and a great balance sheet with billions of cash at all time lows.Institutions have been quietly loading up lately added hundreds and thousands of shares of Invesco.Investco has huge ETFs on the markets.Investco is a value house of the markets.Zero worries.Investco just aquired Oppenheimer of Boston.Now assets under management is 1.2 trillion dollars maybe less now because of the markets have dropped because of the Coronavirus.Of course it's a bad virus and I don't want it,but we know that the markets,media,governments love to take an opportunity to crash everything so they can buy everything on the cheap.
  • J
    anyone have an idea why this has dropped so much besides the virus scare? it was $18 Feb 20th and has plunged 25.5% while the Dow is down about 10% during the same period
  • d
    Folks, if the stock falls lower to 6 or less on a dip no reason to panic. If you are not on margin then nibble on the way down. I bought 8 grand in upper 8s, 2 more at 7.40 and ready to buy a boatload around 6. My plan was to buy 20K shares at around $175k total. Now, I can get the same for under $140K. Still same dividend!
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    Deutsche Bank raises IVZ Price Target from $17 to $20. Sure would be nice if IVZ restores the dividend to pre COVID levels of $0.31 per share per quarter.
  • W
    State Street has a page-long list of subsidiaries, which were once companies like IVZ. Does anybody know how those acquisitions were carried out? What did share-holders receive? Cash, shares in STT, some of each? The word merger has been used, but it won't be a merger, given the 4X size difference. Any thoughts on what we will have after the deal is done?
  • J
    I was talking to an a advisor and he said it could be a buy out by State Street Corp. at 20% above yesterdays closing price which would put it over $30 a share. This will be interesting.
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    My financial advisor thought I was being risky to buy IVZ at $7.43. I thought I was being a prudent investor, buying low on a company like Invesco.

    Did the same thing with RQI. Bought at $8.63. Did the same thing with AMLP. Bought at $21.48. Did the same thing with LUV at $31.58.

    It isn't risky to buy quality at discounted prices. I think it is just smart investing.

    Nine plus points is nice today. Looking for IVZ to go back towards to mid to upper teens. The takeover of Oppenheimer caused this buying opportunity. Take advantage of it,or not, Its up to you.
  • D
    EARNINGS. When ivz was down 50% they cut the div in half which should work for ivz investors as the co. is saving .15 cents a share. This should give the earnings a boost.
  • G
    "Just one more thing" (Lieutenant Columbo). On February 28th, 2018 Zacks Investment Research put out a story titled "5 Reasons to BUY Invesco For Your Portfolio Now". Today (March 7, 2018), the same company, (Zacks) put out a story titled "Avoid Invesco and Buy These 3 Money Managers Instead". If you can't hold an "investment thesis" for more than 8 days......your research can't be TRUSTED! I'll stick with Barrons.....thank you very much.