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iSun, Inc. (ISUN)

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2.2100-0.0100 (-0.45%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
2.3300 +0.12 (+5.43%)
After hours: 05:11PM EDT

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  • P
    Let us not forget that when we started buying (me under 25USD), we calculated with a 50+ to 75+USD target price. In case I am right and (1) ISUN will continue growing, (2) they will manage their financing and cashflow successfully, and (3) this inflation will end within (let's say) 3 years, with the shares we have been buying for peanuts, we might earn more than enough to cover our investment costs plus make nice profits. And this is true also when we do not calculate with any positive effect due to the expected revenue and earning growth in the same period.
  • c
    Gotta buy down here folks.
  • c
    Nice move up, I piled in 8k shares below $2. Taking some profits here in this bear market.
  • R
    back to a two dollar stock i am getting close to righting this off i have a 12,600 investment thats Worth 2,700
  • R
    I can only hope I'm not being a Pollyanna with giving ISUN the benefit of the doubt. ISUN was cobbled together to meet the demands of a Nation transitioning from fossil fuels to solar. ISUN is a microcap that will grow to profitability or be acquired. Here are some of the comments from 2nd qtr earnings release I'm hanging my hat on.

    A recent study by Princeton's REPEAT Project predicts, by 2024, a 500% increase over 2020 levels of utility solar and a tenfold increase by 2030.

    We saw customer demand continue to accelerate adding $35.7 million to our backlog in the quarter, bringing our total backlog to $147.9 million.

    Now that we have secured a massive pipeline and a growing backlog with years of projects ahead of us,

    Additionally, we saw permitting extensions provided to projects in our backlog that slowed us receiving notice to proceed. This specifically impacted our industrial division in the second quarter. While we have not seen a single project canceled, this specific issue caused several projects to push out their start dates.

    As large scale projects across the industrial and utility scale projects have stalled, iSun has been able to redeploy its resources and labor within its commercial and residential segments. This will be especially important in the coming quarters when iSun with scale and deploy labor to previously delayed industrial projects as they move towards notice to proceed.

    Yes, I'm down $115k and I have not sold any shares. I remind myself I haven't loss $115k, I invested $173K in a, "Solar engineering, construction, and procurement contractor for commercial and industrial customers in the Northeastern United States. It also provides electrical contracting services; and data and communication services".

    I need to be patient.
  • R
    Next week isun among others will be the recipient of a substantial haircut, close to .70c.
  • E
    Please take a look at ticker ILUS as well - ILUS International: EVs, Drones, UAVs, Urban Mining, the Metaverse, and patented firefighting and safety technology. ILUS Iis uplisting in 2022. They have increased their year over year revenue by 588 percent, and their quarterly revenue by 553 percent. They have been profitable every quarter since inception. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news. ILUS is worth a look.
  • J
    Did anyone notice the insider SEC Form 4 filings dated Sept 24th and filed on Sept 27th (yesterday)?

    If I am reading them correctly management is exercising stock options with a strike price of $1.49 per share. With the price at $2 there is little incentive to exercise except for 2 scenarios I can think of.

    The negative scenario would be they don't see a future and getting $0.51 per share beats nothing. I don't see any evidence yet they did an exercise and sale so I am thinking they exercised to hold. May just be a timing delay in the filing or they truly intend to hold. That would lead me to the positive scenario that they see a better future. Just not sure why they would exercise now since it appears they have another 15 months to exercise the options at $1.49.

    Anyone else have any thoughts or information?
  • R
    In for 20K at an average of $8.64, I'm not accumulating anymore. I must confess I said the same when I accumulated 10K. I'm stubborn by ignoring two sage pieces of investment advice I learned decades ago, don't catch a falling knife and sell when down 8%. I would be in a much better position financially if I would have heeded this advice on more than a few of my holdings.
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    Hey guys I just wanted to say don’t get sucked in just yet, if you’re gonna buy more, which I think is a good idea, wait a little bit because I really think it’s going to drop to the high $1.80s. Never in my life did I think that I would say that!
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    I don't have an issue with ISUN's debt and would not be surprised if ISUN needs to issue additional shares. I don't know how to grow a microcap without utilizing OPM (others peoples money). ISUN may not have to raise capital if ISUN can utilize, secured and unsecured debt facilities.

    From 2nd qtr earnings release.... Jeffrey Peck

    "Over the last several quarters, we've been out running a process to provide the company with the liquidity it needs to execute on our strategic plan."

    "We are in active conversations to provide a new debt facility that will provide the opportunity to restructure our existing debt, properly collateralize the assets from our investments and acquisitions, and provide the capital necessary to continue our growth trajectory."

    ISUN has the EPC, backlog, workers, and management in place. ISUN is in the process of securing the financing needed to fund the company. If having maximizing the banks money, if management decides to issue additional shares, that's what companies do; especially microcaps.
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    I see that a few of you are buying now. You really should hold off as you will likely see a further decline of around .50c no later than close on Monday.
  • m
    my prediction is mini-splits sales are going thru the roof due to energy issues worldwide.

    forget the $40 k plus SUV, substitution of electric for fossil fuels will drive the market in the future.

    once people buy the mini-split then they'll look to eliminate their escalating electric costs thru PV solar.

    2nd inning of a 9 inning game. Everyone becomes a JD rockefeller with an oil well attached to their roof or outbuilding.
  • c
    Bought a 1000 at 1.98
  • b
    ISUN is kicking me where the sun don't shine. Can't someone just buy this company with a huge backlog and just implement the projects profitably?
  • J
    Hey SH. $2.80 to $4.80 to $2.80, again. Where do you see it going now?
  • R
    The greedy ones that run this market suckered a bunch of folks in today only to rob them of their money this afternoon. In my opinion the best thing to do right now is just sit on the side with your cash and see what develops. I’m beginning to believe that we will see a substantial drop across all the market, which cannot bypass us as there already a little support for isun primarily because of the leadership fails to see the need to tell their story, the good or even the challenges they are facing and what they are doing to make the best of the situation.
  • D
    the current share price is misleading.. this is all smoke and mirrors by shorties thinking they are cute... great company with so much potential in the Solar/EV space, just wait the squeeze will occur
  • M
    No limit to the downside, because no potential in this business. Huge debt.
    Dilution of futur shares.
    Looks like the cannabis industry...
  • R
    Wouldn't be surprised if they diluted even though they said they wouldn't. Wish I'd sold and ripped the bandaid off a couple weeks ago when it was close to $5. Still would have lost about $100k but believing in a company to only keep getting kicked is worse. Over promising and under delivering is never a good policy. Fool me once, shame on them but fool me twice and it's my fault and they have fooled me repeatedly over the past year.