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    Something's up.
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    an other delay! wow
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    finally starting to look good! Woo hoo
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    Look at the 1 year chart. It doesn’t get much worse than this.
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    Excellent write up on ImmunoPrecise for anyone new. Hat tip to Upside8383 on Stockhouse board...well done!!Thoughts on the race: be first or the bestChiming in on the earlier conversation about all the PR around being first out of the gate to tackle COVID. Not one company will be able to manufacture fast enough to handle the demand so numerous companies will be needed to help fight the virus. There will be many winners and eventually over time the best solution will phase out the less efficacious and less safe solutions.Therapeutic First,IPA primary strategy is to use their Polytope? for a therapeutic (not vaccine) to fight the virus in infected individuals that are admitted in the hospitals and losing the fight against COVID-19. This is a faster approach than going to market with a vaccine. As of today, if my research is correct, there are only 3 companies trying to use a therapeutic mAB approach to fight the virus infection. IPA is the only company so far that has claimed to have a synergistic effect in enhancing neutralization of the virus with their Polytope? cocktail (3 mABs). I believe the explanation on why this cocktail is the best scientific solution has been listed previously and/or the answer was explained by Dr Bath in one of the video links on this thread. Yesterday, they just announced that they have teamed up with Zymeworks and they will be converting their Polytope? cocktail into bispecific antibodies. This increases clinical trial safety, efficacy and makes the mABs easier to manufacture on a larger scale!!! IPA is now catching the eyes of the world and the scientific community along with the sophisticated investors swarming in on IPA. All of IPA?s mABs are already humanized and the pre-clinical trials will be done by mixing our Polytope? with saline and injected in the animals. So these trials will be successful (are near guaranteed based on the methodology) and the CEO also mentioned in one of the past investor conferences that the company is working on filing the IND (Investigational New Drug) application with the regulatory bodies. I do not expect any company to beat IPA?s approach when it comes to the therapeutic mAB Polytope? cocktail to treat infected individuals.Vaccine Second,Once the Polytope? therapeutic is approved (fastest way to market), IPA can modify its purpose to become a prophylactic vaccine. The science behind Polytope? 3 mAB cocktail can?t be beat, now, transforming to bispecific mABs with the fact that it already synergistically enhances neutralization speaks for itself (see within other posts/CEO presentations for more details). Numerous $ grants and partnerships are still available to ?Warp? through trials.The vaccine race is very interesting because the PR is making it sound like a race, one company will not be able to address this problem on its own and at the same time we are reading reports that we won?t be able reach global inoculation until 2024 (based on current manufacturing capabilities). Interestingly, the FDA has set the bar that a COVID-19 vaccine must meet 50% efficacy to be approved for use? that is how desperate the world has become; they are going to allow the probability of immunity (vaccine working) to be based on a coin toss? I think this is where the others on this board are coming from, where its not about being the first to market (with a #$%$ vaccine) it is about being the best to market. The first-generation vaccines will come out quick (great PR) and be replaced months later by the next company with the better vaccine so on and so forth. I expect a PR war coming up where companies will claim better efficacy over time. Its has already started with Moderna, Eli Lilly?s etc. vaccine headlines on their quality being average. The future scientific reports will speak for themselves and the governments will want to use the most efficacious vaccine for their population. Remember the Gov?nts around the world are spending tax payers dollars on these vaccines and will be criticize for (1) blowing money on the less effective vaccines and (2) criticized for not choosing to pay for the better vaccine for their citizens when they are commercially available. The best vaccine will end up winning all market share over time.Third - Licensing deals,The CEO mentioned they had 6-7 companies that they were in talks with. They have selected ~75 mABs (out of 1200+) that have potent neutralizing effects that are up for grabs for any pharma company that is interested in using these anti-COVID-19 mAB with their proprietary technology to tackle the virus in their own unique way. Fourth - Saliva testWe will get an update on this. The unique benefit here is that the Mobile App has the ability to report the positive result to the health authorities so that actions may be taken from a population health management standpoint. From my research, no other diagnostic test company has App with the ability to auto-report infections to all
    Thoughts on the race: be first or the best
    Thoughts on the race: be first or the best
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    Polytope Cocktail data will be released soon. Exhaustive work since April to develop multi antibody treatment almost sure to be safe and effective against new variants. Nano Medicine Consortium work in the Netherlands already half way through discovery phase since being announced Dec 30 This would be an inhaled solution able to be delivered by standard "puffers" These could be shipped anywhere to anyone with only mimimal doctor consultation before use. This company is a multiple wonder of projects and partners like Janssen (j & j) With further good fortune the next step may be a massive partner to truly take this global in scale. The current valuation only accounts for the revenues Talem brings in working for other companys. We are getting the Nano Consortium share and Polytope absolutely free at this share price. On top of that we get massive intellectual property and patents and full partnerships with the likes of Janssen. This was the safest and most exciting pharma play I could find because of all this. IMO our patience will soon be rewarded. GLTA
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    IPA has attracted the attention of someone with one of the biggest followings on Twitter for small caps. He is doing an interview on Weds with IPA Mgmt. This is the Tweet that explains today's volume and price, it has a link to the interview if you're interested:
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    IPA Announces Discovery of Functional Antibodies from Humans and Llama (VHH), Identified Using IPA Phage Display Technology

    VICTORIA, BC, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD. (the "Company" or "IPA") (TSXV: IPA) (OTCQB: IPATF) (FSE: TQB2), an experienced leader in full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery and development, today announced the identification of numerous lead candidate antibodies with highly-potent neutralizing activity in vitro, which are being manufactured for further testing and possible inclusion in the Company's PolyTopeTM mAb Therapy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On March 12th, 2020, ImmunoPrecise announced several preclinical programs currently being undertaken to assist in the efforts against SARS-CoV-2. Today's announcement updates the Company's progress on the development of a PolyTope™ mAb therapy designed to treat severely ill patients, as well as protect high-risk individuals such as those exposed to the virus, front-line workers, the elderly, and the immunocompromised.

    ImmunoPrecise deployed several proprietary discovery platforms that leveraged the immune systems of humans, llama, rabbits and Ligand Pharmaceutical's (NASDAQ:LGND) OmniAbÒ genetically engineered rats producing human antibodies. The neutralizing antibodies announced today are the result of functional screenings from the top 300 lead antibodies analyzed from the human and llama campaigns. The Company has stated that functional analysis of the remaining 1,300 lead antibodies from the rabbit and OmniAbÒ rat campaigns were performed independently, and they anticipate the release of the preliminary functional data screens from these additional programs in the near future.

    "Arriving at this critical point in our preliminary research with many lead, functional therapeutic candidates is indicative of the broad scientific scope of IPA's anti-COVID-19 programs," stated Dr. Jennifer Bath, CEO and President of IPA. "An effective cocktail therapy for COVID-19, targeting multiple epitopes on the virus, could prove fundamental in combating this pandemic in an effective and enduring way."

    The Company's scientific approach has led to a diverse set of lead antibody candidates, and thus far has generated many potently neutralizing antibodies to multiple epitopes, supporting the Company's aim of generating a therapeutic that retains efficacy, even as SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve. To further support the Company's robust scientific approach, IPA is preparing to test these lead antibodies against additional, documented, mutated strains of the virus.

    The Company anticipates pre-clinical studies will begin summer 2020.

    Jennifer Bath, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of ImmunoPrecise, has reviewed and approved the scientific disclosure of this news release.

    The use of therapeutics for humans in clinical trials will require approval of the applicable government regulation agency, e.g. The Company is not making any express or implied claims that its product has the ability to eliminate, cure or contain COVID-19 (or SARS-CoV-2) at this time.

    About ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.
    ImmunoPrecise is a full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery Contract Research Organization offering species agnostic, multi-format, characterized and engineered, human monoclonal antibodies, on an abbreviated timeframe, for its pharmaceutical clients. For further information, visit or contact
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ImmunoPrecise Antibodies is up 10.02% to 4.89
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    Great post brother: Estimates range from a few days to 2 wks for IPA to have data ready from pre-clinical phase of Polytope therapy, a cocktail with 4 anti-bodies selected from exhaustive research on multiple platforms available to Talem, IPA's US based subsidiary. Platforms include NRC in Canada who gave IPA select access. Talem pipeline includes projects with Litevax, Janssen(j&j) and Nanomedicine Consortium (IPA+2 Netherlands learning institutions) One of these has 6000 staff and students and beds for 3000. This company is connected in North America and Europe and the underlying CRO business model now has positive cash flow enabling projects for some 500 companies since inception. Once this deal closes on Feb 8 people will have fresh powder from re-mortaged houses to safely invest in a company poised to enter the multi-billion dollar valuation arena of the nasdaq pharma group.
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    Finally saw a NR and was a little excited and ready to buy again but then reading it, nah. So many partnerships but all this will do is create issues that exist with partnerships thus delay delay delay. Its obvious IPA has nothing on its own and has no exposure or means of getting it with current structure. Now Im taking my profits, thanks to Andreolas news update before he quit and am moving on. GLTA
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    Ok....for those of you who are new to this stock and I guess that means just about everyone other than me and a couple of others I highly recommend you go and watch a few videos on proactive and see what Dr Jennifer Bath has to say about this company. I understand that most might be here due to the covid related news...and why the hell not as could help appreciate the price significantly but slow down...relax. This is a company working with mutliple partners on multiple fronts with a lot of royalty based future income likely to a little research and you will probably come to the conclusion that these guys are set to dominate the pre clinical development space...which is expected to grow to be worth $7.8 billion by 2027..figure out what kind of slice of that action $IPATF will have? So even without this covid related antibody news and potential avenue I don't think it's unrealistic to see this grow to a $1 billion stock over the course of the next decade. So it's possible to be a 10 fold + multibagger ONLY if you have the patience to sit it out. I've been in here for about a year and a half...more than 100% up...a couple of weeks ago was more than 200% up...did I! I'm not here to trade....I'm here to invest and this will climb much higher than the latest recent peak. Those panicking due to the pullback need to relax and stop the chatter about buy outs (I seriously doubt they be selling) and price manipulation and realize it's just traders profit taking. If you are skilled enough to trade this stock and time peaks and troughs without ending up missing the boat good luck to you....if you want a low risk high reward stock you wanna be holding this for a decade. As Warren Buffet famously said....."if you are not thinking of holding a stock for at least 10 years you have no business buying it". So be like Warren...(or like me and buy and hold for the long term. HINT: Now looks to be a good entry point or load up point! Long term holders make more money because....see the giff
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    Consolidation complete. Initial trial data to be released soon, if IPA doesn't release update first. JPM conference resulted in IPA conducting 50 one on one virtual consultations. Janssen (J&J) project could provide brand recognition very soon as well.
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    Notes from webcast IPA/IPATF Opportunity Q1 our before the end of Sept. Variety of factors and trends point towards significant CRO growth shot and long term Big pharma customer wallet share is growing nicely 1st quarter looks to be strong Have a contract or are in negotiations with 85% of top 20 pharma companies internationally Cost efficiencies have improved margins Only company (out of all companies that have come forward) with 3 antibody solutions to for COVID-19 and mid size) Have 75 antibodies with potent neutralizing ability ready to go Well positioned with technology/cap ex. In conversation with US & Canadian federal governments Nasdaq uplisting in near future Saliva test near completion in partnership with Un. of Victoria Though CRO business will increase significantly Talen revs will surpass them US institutional investors are lining up to get in. Jennifer is presenting again next week Warrants expire September 24th. With the current set up, I can see most remaining warrant holders sending in a check
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    Here we go. Looking forward to the future with this company and stock! What a great way to end a year and begin another!! Yee Haw!
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    ImmunoPrecise Reports Financial Results and Recent Business Highlights for Third Quarter of 2021 Fiscal Year
    Wed, March 17, 2021, 4:48 PM·7 min read

    ImmunoPrecise and Genmab enter into a technology partnership targeting infectious disease

    ImmunoPrecise and Litevax advance SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate for further pre-clinical evaluation

    Commenced trading on Nasdaq stock exchange

    Announced positive data from pre-clinical study of TATX-03 Polytope™ monoclonal antibody cocktail candidate against COVID-19

    IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD. (the "Company" or "IPA") (NASDAQ: IPA) (TSX VENTURE: IPA) a leader in full-service, therapeutic antibody discovery and development, today announced financial results for the third quarter of its 2021 fiscal year ended January 31, 2020.

    Q3 Fiscal 2021 Financial Highlights:

    Increased revenue for the nine months ended January 31st, 2021 by 32% to $13,035,522.

    Record adjusted EBITDA for the nine months ended January 31st, 2021 of $2,564,257, a significant increase from the $18,356 for the nine months ended January 31, 2020.

    Closed USD$21.7 million bought deal offering of common shares.

    Closed over-allotment option associated with the previously completed bought deal of USD$3.3 Million.
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    News today putting the puzzle together...important sentence in my review 'The data will shed light on the Company's understanding of how their lead candidate antibodies neutralize the virus that is causing COVID-19.'
    That essentially says, they have binding functional antibodies (plural) will catch on as more news is released...again, know what you own. GLTA
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    I am staying in as this company has a solid record of product development and a strong clientele. The need for intelligent-designed (smart) antibodies to treat many diseases, not just infections, will rise dramatically. COVID will not disappear completely....variants that escape vaccines will cause severe respiratory illness that needs to be treated with targeted antibodies until new vaccines are available. IPA is well positioned to grow both for treatment of infections and cancer not to mention other diseases. The recent decline reflects a fall from highs based on speculation and perhaps a belief that vaccines will remove the market for one of IPA’s products.
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    Who is holding for after hours
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    Delivery Guy

    BISMARCK – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring announced that grants totaling $4.4 million have been awarded to foster the growth of the bioscience industry in North Dakota in the area of coronavirus research.

    “The grants will help companies’ partner, assist and develop technologies to benefit coronavirus research, virus screening technologies, antibody therapies, immunotherapies and sanitation technologies,” Goehring said.

    The state Emergency Commission approved $5 million in funding from the coronavirus relief bill for coronavirus research.

    Organizations receiving grants are:

    SafetySpect, Inc. - $1.5 million for contamination inspection and disinfection management of COVID-19 impact on North Dakota industrial, institutional and school facilities
    ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (USA) Ltd. and its subsidiary Talem Therapeutics LLC - $1.5 million for development of antibody therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2
    BiomedProtection, LLC – $1,422,200 for electronic biology based computational platform to monitor coronavirus evolution and design immunotherapies and vaccines
    Grant applications were reviewed and scored by a committee made up of Goehring, a representative from the bioscience association of North Dakota and a representative from the North Dakota Department of Commerce.