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Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IONS)

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    $3B deal just announced with AZ for a single IONS compound. AZ must know something we dont.
  • D
    Another company acquiring the company seems to be the only hope. For years, the same story, if the drug has efficacy it damages the liver. If it does not damage the liver, it seems to be ineffective. Maybe a larger company can make the technology work. I have sold calls on this turkey over the years so I am playing with house money. Still, it is not fun watching the stock drop.
  • M
    IONS (ex ISIS Pharmaceuticals) - Outperformer - PT 370 USD

    I recommend IONS as LT outperformer. In my last recommendation 16 years ago I pointed out the extraordinary upside potential of this stock.

    The value multifold and the Antisense technology starts a revolution in the medical pharmaceutical approach.

    Antisense Oligonucleotide are able to save lifes of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients with high presumability by supressing transcription acitivity of viral ciruclar mRNA of the COVID-19 virus.

    Do your own due dilligence.

  • R
    I warned all including macrocosmonaut many years ago of the fatal flaws not to buy (isis now ions ) What a shame he did not listen. I warned Cathie W. who was completely snookered not to buy and then in e-mail explained why. She did not listen. This story always was a trap . Some thanked me and others swore at me but in the end I knew the science. The crooke knew I was right and I left on my own terms. Now, just an old wealthy man.
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    ugh ..... elevated liver enzymes ...not what you want to hear .... i was not expecting wonder the price on this stock is so low ...someone knows a lot more than i do ... i have to change my tune on this one ..i am out ...took my love and took it down .. i still have shares in arwr . they are holding up better.
  • F
    Anyone know if Cathy Woods is hot?
  • n
    Q3 Earnings & Revenues Fall Short of Estimates. All of Wood's holdings are falling short.
    What is going on Cathie? Wall st want to put her out.
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    How low can we go?
  • W
    I never invested in Ionis for this ALS medication, I’m all in for their Lp(a) lowering drug, which is in Phase 3 trials now. I have two copies of a defective gene that raises my Lp(a), and my Lp(a) levels are 13 times normal. This has given me very premature heart disease (coronary calcification levels that would be average for a 75 year old man, at the age of 41). About 20% of the population has high Lp(a) (although not nearly as high as MINE), so this could potentially be another statin, being prescribed to huge numbers of people. I figure if it works, I’ll win big, and if it doesn’t work, well, I don’t have to worry about retirement anyway.
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    a quiet board afer the results. i am not too surprised by them. there were cases that appeared to show the drug working -they may have gotten the placebo or not. their cases could have been outliers and the disease progressed more slowly for them. as for the fal in share values, it is disproportionate to the pipeline potential. i am holding onto my shares. i may even buy a little more ..
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    ionis is really cheap here ..the cheapest its been in years ..with some big money makers in the pipe that are wholly owned .... bought more shares today're getting a deal at todays sales price .... glta
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    Tofersen works. The data very consistently shows there was a benefit across all measures and Tofersen was lowering SOD-1 significantly. There was an imbalance in baseline neurofilament levels favoring placebo. Dr Miller showed the baseline neurofilament levels were highly correlated with clinical outcome. The study should have stratified by this measure in the study design. It's a simpler and maybe better measure of severity of disease than speed of progression. The study was clearly too short. The study team was pressured to limit the time on placebo treatment. 28 weeks was not enough. Based on the OLE, they should have followed for 40 weeks. It's a shame that Dr. Miller used the wrong presentation and didn't talk enough about the benefit of more time on drug that was shown by the OLE portion of the study. Depending on how they calculated the 95% CIs, it looks like a pooled 95% CI across baseline progression groups would have shown a significant separation between treatment and placebo at 40 weeks. But the post-hoc nature limits the inference that can be made. Given the Aduhelm controversy, it's going to be hard to make a case based on the totality of the data. The data is not mature yet. Some patients haven't made it through all of the relevant measurement periods. The best course is to provide an update next year with more mature data and be patient. Sad.
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    Good news on pelacarsen for lp(a). Norvatis is beginning a reduced design PK (pharmacokinetics) study to evaluate hepatic impairment impact on the drug, which is then used for commercial dosage recommendations for individuals with hepatic impairment.
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    While the BIIB / IONIS Tofersen (BIIB067) Phase 3 test did not meet primary endpoint, it did “show signs of slowing disease progression in people with SOD 1 ALS.”
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    Could be a double from here by next year with so many potential pipeline wins,some fully owned by ions.
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    Rico D
    Tofersen results to be presented this Sunday at 4:20pm Eastern, according to the PR. Only 3 more days to wait. This should be a big topic of conversation at Biogen’s earnings call this coming Wednesday. This will not be a blockbuster drug due to the small patient population, which I believe is about 1,400 in the G7 nations. However, it may serve as a proof of concept for the other Biogen/Ionis ALS drugs and even the entire Ionis neuro platform to some extent.
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    It's been awhile since I've posted but I haven't stopped following. This period of transition from drug targeting/research and royalty based model to a more complete drug targeting/research, self marketing company has been painful for those sitting in this stock. I believe the time is now to start building a position or adding to positions. This is still in transition but under the covers progress is being made. While the near term catalysts are still trial results; what's being overlooked is their investments in their platform. Now if you don't believe in the platform by all means stay away, but a little deal they made back in July with bicycle (BCYC) to enhance their LICA delivery capabilities is right in line with IONS new business model. They also made an 11 million dollar investment in the company, it has preformed well since then. So don't get to wrapped up waiting for trial readouts, while important for verifying platform, look under the covers and realize there's more going on. To me the big one is lp(a), which is years away 2024 but we should know more about its progress in 2H of 2022. I'm getting back in at these levels GLTA.

    to Mike: from being all in to all out I'd suggest at least sticking your big toe in the water at this level
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    David Bugg
    I’m glad I moved out of this stock and into INO. I once thought IONS would take the lead in RNA medicine and they might yet, but DNA medicine is the future. RNA medicines will have their place but the much less expensive DNA medicines with a much better safety profile will eventually have the largest market share for cancers and infectious diseases, as well as diseases caused by aberrant proteins. Good luck.
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    if ions' ALS drug was working great, wouldn't we be hearing more about it - wouldn't the news have slipped out from patients and their families & friends? I am not hearing anything on the back channels -
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    Great anticipation for P3 test results on 1st ALS drug in IONIS pipeline … expected this quarter, possibly this month. ALS is believed to have several different causes. IONIS has 4 ALS drugs in their pipeline … Biogen is running the test phases on first 3 IONIS ALS drugs.