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Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IONS)

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  • I
    $ARWR conversation
    Fm Twitter. Graphs over there
    Dirk Haussecker
    #HBV kd..whether ASO or RNAi..dirty drugs (untargeted ASO, DPC) appear more effective for single-agent functional cure than the clean simple GalNAc conjugates.

    Innate system (e.g. ifn) complementation may be essential.
    E.g. HBsAg rebound in $ARWR/JNJ REEF-1
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    I Hate Wabbits
    Stoked by the phase 3 mono therapy announcement for HBV.
  • B
    Gene Editing Positions :

    New job posting's June 7TH. 2022

    Looking for TWO Senior Scientist - Gene Editing Core Research

    IONIS Hired a Director of Gene Editing Core Research last month (May)

    The GT platform is called: I - Edit

    when I get a chance I will post his/her Job description. Looks like Ionis has been working in this area for a while as there are I- Edit teams in place per the job description.

    Remember they did some Crisper technology enhancement delivery work 5 years ago or so that got shelved.
  • z
    Thanks, I'll check them out.Thanks for the tip!Thanks for the update!
  • M
    Things starting to finally click for this company. OK, so I’ve been holding and buying for over 20 years (after making $$ on Medimune). Gonna hold for a few more years until SS kicks in, hopefully by then it will have doubled or more from where it is now. Good luck longs.
  • F
    Always positive results and never a drug since 1996. One of the greatest get a ways in the history of biotechs.

    Name just one ? It's darkouttonight.
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    I -Edit job posting

    Director/Executive Director of Formulation and Delivery Sciences

    The candidate will direct formulation efforts within a new drug discovery thrust at Ionis in gene editing known as I -Edit

    Ionis is developing a New Drug Delivery platform no if and or buts
  • F
    Lilly lost over 300 mil and many jobs. I could mention many more biotechs that their scientist thought they could fit a round hole into a square . Thus , ended up with a seven year job etc. Just standard operating procedure. biib one of a long line. I can only save so many kids so got to it. Some insiders called me Dr. A. Dorr.

    Darkouttonight will do and sorry I don't have more time to spend. Your welcome.
  • F
    BTW, don't think ions gene editing is new. This goes back to ELN and isis in the 1990 deal. Cripes, I was there. The older I get the more times I see a target presented as new. In the end they all failed in certain areas. I remember PA the leader and then the tragic death. Let's hope for the best. Sign, the old farmer darkouttonight from Pok. upstate.
  • F
    Scientific advisor $1.6 mil a year. That's a great one to go down in the annals of history . Maybe 50 years ago but jb at this time is more advanced. I have to hand it to his handler for this contract. Hilarious, I think of Willie Sutton .

    Darkouttonight was always proven right since 1996-1998. East coast of America. Smile.
  • F
    WELLS, goes down as the biggest victim since 1996. He should have listen to darkouttonight but then so should of lilly and biogen etc. It's hard to believe the billions spent on advice (all wrong ) on ions antisense. Always right in the petri dish and wrong in phase 3. Best to you all from darkouttonight. The old farmer.
  • F
    4-28-03 I questioned under my ID of "flintgene " or "knockoutduck" the doc's 205 bonus for what ? " Every year the little isis bonus commitee gives away more of the stockholders equity. Yes, given for advancing drug trials. Then after 12 years they are all failures. No, the money was never returned to us. Many times over the last 27 years my IDs were removed until "darkouttonight " pressed the legal faults of antisense. Gene editing my foot. And here we are today. Oh, what a disaster for the old isis investors. The doc is living high and wide and the 5th generation is still pumping . Oh well.

    The best from darkouttoninght.
  • R
    Rico D
    Spinraza 1st quarter sales came in at $472.5 mil, better than expected. $163.3 mil US, $309.2 mil rest of world.
  • B
    IONIS building a Gene editing platform to compliment Antisense

    Step in the right direction
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    Rico D
    BIOGEN just started a 700 subject Phase 2 with BIIB080 (MAPTRx). 12 week and 24 week dosing. Estimated to complete end of 2026.
  • F
    Sutton Jr. (June 30, 1901 – November 2, 1980) was an American bank robber.[1] During his forty-year robbery career he stole an estimated $2 million, and he eventually spent more than half of his adult life in prison and escaped three times. For his talent at executing robberies in disguises, he gained two nicknames, "Willie the Actor" and "Slick Willie". Sutton is also known as the namesake of the so-called Sutton's law although he denied originating it.[2] Sutton's law in medical terms. Let's hope there can be one successful large scale antisense phase 3 drug clinical trial after billions spent on same. Every now and then it's proclaimed a name and then a phase 3 crash. Antisense is good for targeting and it ends there. They have made millions upon millions for you know who but not the poor stock holder. A nice gig. Peace from Darkouttonight.
  • S
    Difficult stock to own. You can make some money playing the highs and lows but has been more low lately. Good to stash some in a Roth. If only this company could get more of the development pipeline to market.
  • F
    Darkouttonight warned Cathie not to fall for the Antisense drool. I haven't been wrong on ions (isip ) since 1996. Now Cathie is dumping with a loss. Since those day I have been thrown off several IDs for being spot on.

    The best to you all from darkouttonight who has made a fortune on several companies from ford to shockwave. swav. Just call me big fred. Chuckle. The best to you from darkouttonight. The crooke knows me very well.
  • S
    I listened to the conference call. Following are my personal observations.

    The acquisition of Akcea will allow Ionis to benefit by using Akcea's commercial capabilities to get wholly owned Ionis products to market sooner and more profitably.

    Five ongoing phase 3 studies are progressing well, and a sixth is expected to start later this year.

    Ionis expects to present at least ten drugs for marketing applications (which I believe means requests for approval) in the next five years. Ionis showed a slide with eighteen drugs that are nearing the approval stage. I inferred from this that in the best case scenario they might have those eighteen drugs up for approval in the next five years.

    Several mentions of the drug delivery methods improving, which improves the effectiveness of drugs.

    A lot of catalysts in late 2020 and in 2021. I suggest that you review the slides from the conference call for specifics.

    They often referred to the virtual investor day (Dec. 7). I inferred from this that they have a lot to present on 12-7-20.

    I noticed that there were a lot of questions from a lot of analysts (compared to the past two conferences) during the Q & A. I think that showed a lot more interest than in the recent past.

    Ionis has a lot of cash (almost $2 billion). Spinraza alone generated $74 million in the third quarter. Ionis had $65 million in R&D in the third quarter, and they expect a substantial increase in the fourth quarter (they already received $75 million). Ionis expects to be "meaningfully profitable" in 2020.

    There were several mentions of advancing the Ionis owned pipeline (which I believe on average will be more profitable than drugs that are marketed by other companies).

    There was a lot of discussion of many (very many) individual drugs in the pipeline that are progressing well. I believe many of the existing drugs are being tested for additional illnesses. The beauty of this is that most of those drugs have already been tested for safety, so the approval process is shortened greatly. One drug is being tested in Brazil for Covid related issues. I am no expert, but the pipeline is so much greater than any other company I am familiar with.

    My personal opinion is that Ionis is greatly undervalued. They have money in the bank, they are not bleeding money, they have three successful drugs on the market, they have over forty drugs in the pipeline, etc. I am "hoping" that whatever is presented at the investor conference on 12-7-20 will give the stock a big boost.

    Any criticism of this post is appreciated.
  • W
    Since Ionis stock formed a grand scale inverse head & shoulder chart pattern in 2016, Ionis stock has been, with ups and downs, in an up trend. At the bottom of H&S, price was $20. Most recently, I mentioned “Ionis stock has a long journey to traverse crossing $200 mark and much higher”, here it will be literally “Time is money”. Market is not simple, so we still have to guard ourselves against overall market trend, political risks etc but Ionis and Akcea will stand out above all because Ionis has discovered drugs that treat etiologies of diseases, the first in the history of medicine, and the LICA drugs are practically side effect free or show only negligible risks, again never seen in medicine before, in most cases drugs that treat deadly diseases cause deadly side effects but LICA drugs have eliminated these! Market won’t ignore these facts, these are truly brilliant scientists, finally we got rid of doubters and “I know better” crowd. We still need a lot of patience.,