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  • C
    Brensocatib large trial, 2 arms, and powered lower then the Phase2 will more then likely show positive results given what we know from the phase ll trial but like arilayce brensocatib more then likely will be used in conjuction with antibiotics and perhaps for the more critical patient. Sound familiar? The hyperbole from the company as if brensocatib will be a stand alone drug used by millions is misleading.
    I own this stock because given the 2 drugs will possibly combined be a blockbuster (1 billion) but we will have to see the trial data before speculating.
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    Who would take $40 now? Like EVERYBODY
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    Quicks point about a revenue warning from Insmed is no bash.
    Listen to the chat and the excuses for the next 2 quarters. Many analysts are expecting earnings warnings like FedEx's and if Insmed who has changed their tone warns, downgrades will happen and sub $16 is a lock.
    Lewis sold at $28.
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    Paul Thompson
    First we go back to Will Lewis pump up price. $20+ , then we will see how far below $20 we go.
    $17 or $13 that's the only question.
    "Paul Thompson6 days ago
    $INSM conversation
    On Aug 1 INSM was $20+ and in only 6 trading days later , $28 dollars.
    This was an obvious Institutional move to allow CEO Lewis to cash in since he was forced by agreement to sell options. "
  • j
    See Carl Icahns Fortune article on sidebar.
    Easy to see why many would gladly take $40 given the risks and realignment of markets.
    Dont act like the good old days will just come back, better days will but things will change.
    Today was just the beginning 50% down is normal for a bio 80-90 % down for all of you who experienced 1927 1987 2000 2008. You know the difference of all those crashes and today? The Banks were lowering rates, today because of inflation and valuations , banks are raising rates. The paper money policies the last few years is going to hurt.
  • Q
    Grasping at straws is a favorite pastime for the Investor Village people since no one has any pharma experience so as the stock plummets a "new Job Opportunity" in Europe excites the few remaining.
    Without explaining the absurdity of the hire now given timelines (EU a min of 5 yrs away if they are suggesting its brensocatib) Does this make them feel better?
  • t
    9/01/2-22 6.555 M shares down 3.5%
    08/15/2022 6,768,506
    07/29/2022 7,192,717
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    Most recc post on Investorvillage = "Start Calculating" Morgan Stanley CC. The poster extolled Lewis and never questioned the over the top and misleading comments
    Lewis on Arikayce- Covid causing significant headwinds in Japan, 3Q typically soft. Europe modest expectations, serious overpressure, hearing pressure on pricing from countries trying to save money in Europe.
    ( This is an obvious revenue Warning )
    Lewis on Brensocatib- Additional disease states!
    ( Just say it! It's like Magic! )
    Commercial readiness, have infrastructure, 20 reps in Japan 60 to 70 in US all overlap through Arikayce but we will scale up and add more."
    (Why you say you will scale up" with revenues that are Limited? )
    "Launches like Dupixent (sales target $13bil) and Humira for the scope we’re looking at. "
    ( Comments here as well as common knowledge of drug research scoffs at such a ludicrous comment)
    I calculate $23 a share and falling
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    Paul Thompson
    On Aug 1 INSM was $20+ and in only 6 trading days later , $28 dollars.
    This was an obvious Institutional move to allow CEO Lewis to cash in since he was forced by agreement to sell options. The huge decline in the short interest by major holders of this company covering their positions is obvious having made hundreds of millions in trading in a year and and half since the May 2021 offering.
    A cheap takeover would not surprise me at all especially if it is a stock deal from a large pharma.
  • E
    Following this stock for years no technician but 25-30 dollars has really been Insmeds range since 2015 ,
    the 40 dollar quick move an anomaly caused by a free money mania imo
    The large offerings were $25 but the franchise brensocatib is really not baked into the price. Many have complained that Lewis and Institys have used the stock to amass money for themselves while retail and smaller Institutions make nothing and imo this will continue unless there is some kind of deal for another couple of years.
    The class clown spamming this board has held throughout I am sure always looking through rose colored glasses. Looking for $15. or a takeover $42.
  • Q
    Second most recc post on InvestorVillage Re: Understanding a needed sales force.
    "I suspect Insmed has been approached by both big pharma and investment banks.... whether or not they have the sales capability to maximize market penetration" ( says Pfizer has 16000!) "
    --- This poster knows nothing about sales force sizing for a particular drug, especially a limited use , expensive and specialist controlled therapy. Insmeds 80 reps easily contacts the pulmonologists who write the vast majority of scripts.
  • Y
    Global market selloff today. Black Monday? Levels are down to June lows.
    Insmed has no news coming until maybe years end on a Phase2 and that wont do anything if the market is down. Biotech is a wreck.
    All should be wishing for that $17 and have cash to buy.
  • Q
    I would like to thank Investor village for alerting me to Yahoo! INSM message board that has many good posters who actually know {understand} something about this company.
    To end the trilogy of IVIdiocy golferboy posts Good NEWS ! using advertising page "Simply Wall street. headline asking "Are Investors Undervaluing Insmed Incorporated (NASDAQ:INSM) By 47%?" a site that automatically generates "reports by using ( wait for it ! ) Company and their analysts data! The analysts are all offering mangers = every one.
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    Paul Thompson
    Listening to "fireside chat" but the description of the fourth pillar is word salad on steroids.
    Insmed has warned revenues the next 2 quarters will be less.
    Japan (Covid! ) and EU downplayed. brensocatib now "first half of 2024" so launch in early 2026 is realistic.
  • J
    Joe Blow
    Hope they got a full point but they wont. The last time the 2 year yield hit 4% was on October 17, 2007. with US debt $9 trillion . In 2022 US debt now stands at $30.5 trillion
    61% debt to GDP in 2007 vs 122% debt to GDP now. Don't get political because all parties are involved almost equally. Have a nice day
  • C
    Cystic fibrosis, which to date remains the most common fatal hereditary lung disease worldwide
    Professor Marcus Mall is chair of the Department of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, Immunology and Critical Care Medicine at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. He is a physician-scientist and specialist in pediatric pulmonology and one of the founding directors of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL). His research focusses on cystic fibrosis, which to date remains the most common fatal hereditary lung disease worldwide.

    Mall has made several groundbreaking contributions to unraveling of disease mechanisms underlying cystic fibrosis including the development of the first animal model with cystic fibrosis-like lung disease. Building on his basic research on cystic fibrosis, he played a key role in translating research findings into the development of small molecules (so called CFTR modulators) that target the underlying molecular defect in patients. Unraveling of the genetic defect in the CFTR gene and disease mechanisms that cause cystic fibrosis along the translational value chain has led to the development of a highly effective triple combination therapy of small molecules that targets the underlying molecular defect and leads to unprecedented improvement in lung function and quality of life in the majority of patients with this devastating disease.
  • Q
    InvestorVillage is but 5 posters so there is no need to comment on the obvious spam unless bohemian posts here,. I do feel for those who may look at IV only to see the posters just fabricate. A few days ago: by JAD9000
    "Remembering back, they had interim results on their original timetable. It appeared these results were at the 90 day mark that was the p2 trial parameter. *** Is it possible ?*****, if results at 90 days are positive , they apply for accelerated approval using Sub Part H? This is how they got Arikayce approved early."
    Is it possible someone believes this? But wait 2 days later heshe doubles down! " by JAD9000
    Realistically, by yearend more than half of the 1,600 targeted in the trial have likely completed the entire 12 month trial period. Given the rules around accelerated approval, this should qualify them for Sub Part H. "
    It is of course Misinformation
  • a
    Blackrock and Goldman both agree Earnings and revenues are coming down in the market and quickinsm heads up from the fireside chat is Lewis admitting revenues are slowing.
    Arikayce revenues are known in the US and a disappointment overseas., add to this years of trialing that may lead to disappointment so at least for the next year INSM is a weak stock to own but I will admit its holding up to $25 at least for now. With little upside chance I like most hope to buy some in the teens 13-17
  • Q
    Class clown boho posts that perhaps a takeover is in the works because of an option play!!! IV panders to the latest grasp , so I asked a pro on this trade and she said it wont affect the markets & isnt a big play.
    But maybe Insmed will get taken out for 30 something? Thanks to traders I avg down in June so a double in a year would be great! I sure hope IV is right!
  • Y
    Add Ray Dalio who does the Math: Rates at 4.5% Would Sink Stocks by 20%. INSM = $19.33
    Lewis sold at $28