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Insmed Incorporated (INSM)

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26.40-0.46 (-1.71%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • K
    I see bohemian deleted my post to Cubbie about Lewis hype with PAH, \it might have been to difficult to understand for the IVers.\ SHORT INTEREST SOARS BY ALMOST 400,000 SHARES IN JUST 2 WEEKS\
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    INSM at $26.40 is no accident, it is a 6 year support low. I'm no techie , my fiduciary has advised me to get out for a few years, I wish I had taken her advice.
    Street looking for 48 million is a weak revenue base and a few million will have zero effect on Insmed's valuation.
  • Y
    Insmed starting another Phase2a trial (small) to see if CF is possible. They also have a very small open label trial for pAH.
    All eyes remain on the only real trial that matters ASPEN with results not due till March 31, 2024
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    Please dont let anyone know I post on both boards delete files and LIEconstantly, I posted this pceofsht
    on IV. Think anyone knew it was me? bohemianclubmanKevin;
    10/27/2021 12:02:26 PM by bohemian
    "My first original message has been duplicated on the Brand X board, word for word by a poster identified as Kevin. I did not post the message and I have never posted on any bulletin board ever in my life. I now sit back and amuse myself with the replies posted to this erroneous post under Kevin. This really shows off the mentality, conspiracy ridden personalities. and paranoia of some of the people on the looney tunes board. If they have nothing else going on in their lives than these postings, they may well find fulfillment as a part time greeter at Americas Supercenter more fulfilling. " Kevin
  • h
    Monness Crespi & Hardt ( Institutional boutique brokerage firm, usually sell side ) resumed coverage $52 target . , as did Morgan Stanley yesterday $52.
  • C
    The above post was deleted by bohemian @830 am again this morning. This is Terry's post(posted Sun night was deleted by bohemain at 2pm Mon) we are glad to see he wont bother with Yahoo or IV.
    " After a decade of kvn deleting many of my posts, zake and insmhistorian have yet to see what anash01e bohemain is. He deleted a couple last week and many before,so yes I deleted what remained and have left the building. He's all yours."
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    Thursday third quarter results have already been downplayed by a few analysts and Insmed itself.
    Shouldnt have much effect unless there is a surprise but 50 M in a quarter is hardly the stuff of a pharma. GLTAL
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    About the strong market up today =Highest market valuation ever: $47.23 trillion.
    Widest disconnect from the economy ever: 207.7% market cap vs GDP.
    Insmed cannot withstand a strong market downturn
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    Not a single new post on the IV board... Guess they all migrated over here where the action is...
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    Newbie to the board
    Hi Folks.
    Am brand new to this board and this is my first post. Put my money up because the banter here is informative, amusing, and sometimes, caustic, but that is good, you cant make soap without lye. Bought into Insmed before the reverse split because I thought IPLEX was going to really be a big deal. Decided to stay until they found a way to spend the big facilities sale money.
    Being of a logical nature I now figure that the hedge funds, shorters, management (synonymous) are smarter than me, I am just along for the ride. I enjoy the comments and information on this board but I have always wondered why if so many people are bummed out on company management, why don't they sell and relieve themselves from the frustration, or just buy the dips and sell the highs. After all that is what seems the management is doing. Not being smart enough to do that, I just take all this entertainment in and wait for the Humongous payday that will someday accrue to either me or my heirs. Best wishes to all. Kevin
  • Z
    Been verified months ago that the poster bohemian" is also " ltdobanion " This reality has been deleted 3 times in 24 hours here on Yahoo!. Here the sociopath today posts 10/26/2021 by ltdobanion " In response to msg 59814 by bohemian Why in God's name do you even go to that board? \\\Then bohemian SPAMS Yahoo!
  • t
    This board has been plagued by the Investor village people Bohemianclubkid . Pushing a good poster like Terry off is their goal. Making the board like IV cheerleaders not investors is why unregulated boards dont work.
  • P
    Paul Thompson
    Insmed files for "PULMOVANCE " trademark registration for its nebulizer.
    lots of posts disappeared here.
  • a
    Investor village is a company pumping board
    Every post is repeating "company slogans"
    If you believe everything this company says , you haven't owned this stock very long.
  • t
    When INSM was $40, Insmed priced the company at $26 because thats what its worth.
    That is why Lewis sold.
  • h
    Insmed has a shallow pipeline= Here is what Insmed has= a trial for Front Line Label Expansion, ONE Phase lll for Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis A P1 for CF A P2a for PAH with 2 P1 -(PH-ILD) and (IPF)
    THATS IT! the rest of Lewis pillar BS story said nothing about R&D
    It is in fact a very shallow pipeline.
  • J
    Cantor Fitzgerald who did last May's $25 dollar offering and had a chat at their Healthcare Conference
    just upped Insmed to $60 dollars! and OVERWEIGHT! . How often has anyone seen a company get a 130% markup target? Is it because the ASPEN trial is now only 2 years away?
    I would love a EC surprise but a miss and this is a pump and dump for the institutionalized shorts who want to cover.
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    maria's excellent post
    I listened to one of the chats. I like many here thought Lewis was way over the top.
    Revenues have disappointed from the arikayce therapy, peaking in less then a year.
    200 M total sales next year ((Goldman Sachs) and further acceptance decline has already been seen in the US and Europe. For those of us who work in the medical field, critical (refractory) patients are always addressed with precautions. The company is hiding behind the covid pandemic.
    The risk issue is also turned upside down. Insmed doing a very large trial to insure success is smart and lowers the late stage risk, but there is definitely a risk. Note the primary endpoint is different in the phaselll from the p2.
    Finally lots of conjecture from Lewis on R&D, Lewis told us nothing.
    Like others the Motus deal is suspect until we hear more. If it was so promising Insmed would PR and at least know preliminary objectives.
    Overall (I'll duck) Insmed SP has fared poorly because of weakness not strength.
  • K
    $250 million @$25 May 2021 \ Lewis sold at $ 40 \ The institutions have ALREADY a no lose trade \Take it to the bank \
  • b
    If I only had two dollars every time someone posted that I have been muted.... It went from one dollar to two since the dollar has been obliterated over just ten months!!!!!!! Stunning damage to this great Country