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    BEN MATONE spoke to my wife for 40 minutes yesterday ; ironically, they have the same college alma mater, so that's partially why he afforded her the extra time I imagine.
    Anyway, the 3 key bullet points taken from the conversation are:
    * Inovio is FULLY FUNDED once they get approval for Phase 2 / 3. That's huge. He could not disclose the source(s), but said they are just waiting for FDA approval and they will immediately announce Phase 2/3 start and disclose the $$$ amount they have pre-secured and who is providing it.
    * The FDA questions, according to him, were legit science-based & industry-based concerns and nothing political really. Inovio has a dedicated person who is their point of contact for dealing with the FDA and claims she has 100% answered all the questions in a timely fashion.
    * There will be no catalysts until after the election on Nov 3rd, (which sounds awfully political to me, contradicting the previous statement). I think what he is saying is that the FDA's concerns with Cellectra are legit medical / public health concerns, but, like every public department, it can't help but be overshadowed by the election coming up. Everything is political when you think about it.

    We've been long on this stock since April with 5,000+ shares. Many highs and lows like everyone else. I was going to bail on this stock early this month, but the terrible trial results from literally every other Big Pharma with a vaccine trial, keeps me holding on here. I don't care how many billions of dollars Pfizer or J&J has, if there vaccine looks like it's going to make people more sick than they already are, nobody will take it, and they will be stuck with warehouses full of unused product (WHICH HAS TO BE CONSTANTLY REFRIDGERATED OR FROZEN!) They are sinking ships..........
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    David Bugg
    My current thoughts:
    1. New information could start coming out on November 4
    2. The DOD would probably require INO to remain silent on anything that pertains to them to avoid election favoritism to be claimed.
    3. INO would probably want to wait until after the election for any peer review or funding announcements so that possibly market volatility could not destroy stock appreciation momentum.
    4. It’s possible that any funding to INO from the DOD might be kept quiet because of national security which could override any legal financial disclosure rules.
    5. The DOD probably doesn’t want Russia and China to know what they are working on, therefore silence.
    6. I’m sure that military analysts for China and Russia know far more about INO’s connection with the DOD than any of us on this board.
    7. No updates from the NHP trial could be because the DOD requested that trial and they don’t want Russia and China to know the outcome.
    8. The DOD connection will likely frustrate INO investors for a while longer because of secrecy issues.
    9. Results from the South Korean INO-4800 trial and/or the cancer vaccine trials might save us in the interim from major price declines.

    I’m confident that INO stock will be significantly higher by the end of the year unless we are caught up in a market crash from the virus.
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    Inovio is not in hiding. Several key individuals with Inovio to include Dr Kate had public presentation during October. They have discussed INO-4800 and have said nothing to indicate that it will not proceed forward. Actually the opposite. Currently they have answered the FDA questions and are working with the FDA to lift the partial hold on ph 2/3. I would not expect much in the way of formal PR until after the partial hold is lifted. Releasing data or even the finished Peer review is not a wise thing to do before the start of phase 2/3 study. All that would happen is that it gets bashed and manipulated to make it look bad. There is no requirement that PR oreven the peer review be published to the public domain for FDA approval or funding. So why would you release good information without a purpose. Yes, it would be nice for the near term stock price. but that would be short lived without the P 2/3 release. The stock price would go up some but would just drop right back down. Why? Because the big players are still here manipulating the stock price. So after a week or two the stock price will be back down. Inovio is thinking long term strategy with the silent running. Inovio needs to look out for not only INO-4800 but the rest of their products in the pipeline. Everything I see indicates that this is what they are doing. I am glad they are doing it this way because it will be better in the long run.
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    Repost from Steven on FB

    Who bought on the dip you ask?

    VRTIX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Index Fund Institutional Shares reports 62.70% increase in ownership of INO / Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Added 182,151 shares... not too shabby

    October 29, 2020 - VRTIX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Index Fund Institutional Shares has filed a NPORT-P form disclosing ownership of 182,151 shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (US:INO) with total holdings valued at $2,183,990 USD as of August 31, 2020.

    VHCIX - Vanguard Health Care Index Fund Admiral Shares reports 52.77% increase in ownership of INO / Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Added 402,661 shares....player!

    October 29, 2020 - VHCIX - Vanguard Health Care Index Fund Admiral Shares has filed a NPORT-P form disclosing ownership of 402,661 shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (US:INO) with total holdings valued at $4,827,905 USD as of August 31, 2020.

    VRTGX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth Index Fund Institutional Shares reports 61.92% increase in ownership of INO / Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Added 126,433 shares...just playing catch up.

    October 29, 2020 - VRTGX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth Index Fund Institutional Shares has filed a NPORT-P form disclosing ownership of 126,433 shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (US:INO) with total holdings valued at $1,515,931 USD as of August 31, 2020.
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    pfizer: super cold chain, side effects, and no t cell data
    mrna: cold chain, side effects, and no t cell data
    azn: transverse myelitis, masked side effects with other vaccine and pain killers
    jnj: transverse myelitis
    sputnik: transverse myelitis
    china: low efficacy and transverse myelitis
    nvax: no cd8 t cell data, side effects
    Inovio: no side effects, has both cd4 and cd8 data, but not available until 2021. Inovio also has a MERS Coronavirus vaccine that may get EUA on South Korea if MERS returns. CEPI just funded MERS P2 trial in the Middle East.
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    “Sure, the FDA has questions and Inovio must answer them in order to advance INO-4800. This is part of the process — something biotech companies must do to proceed with innovation. There is no need to give up on Inovio as the story of INO-4800 is still being written.”
    INO stock is down but not out as the development of a Covid-19 vaccine is bound to have some bumps in the road.
    INO stock is down but not out as the development of a Covid-19 vaccine is bound to have some bumps in the road.
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    I absoutely disagree with Mellon. When this goes up, it goes up like a freight train. As many can attest, when it went down because of the FDA partial hold, it dropped from $17s to $11 in minutes during the premarket.

    When Inovio gets approved for P3 and announces external funding, this will go up to the $20s or $30s in minutes. Funding will come hand in hand with P3 approval.
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    Stella Sexton is participating in the Inovio clinical trial, which is currently in the second phase and uses electric pulse to inject the vaccine into the skin. She is a wife and mother, saying volunteering was an easy decision for her.

    "I felt like I had a duty to at least try. And it turned out that I was healthy, and I was a candidate for the study,” said Stella Sexton. “So after, you know, full informed consent, and a lot of health screenings, and really understanding what the risks could potentially be, I decided that it was something that I wanted to go ahead with."*1nmcxhd*_ga*d2ZUamxzelJuNXRkTXZud1FudGwtZ3B1Tm1lS1JBdDJEcDFhNTMwWHVaVk5SX2tCeEJ2bHpFLWZIRUMtX0piMA..
    A Lancaster County woman is taking part in the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19. Stella Sexton is participating in the Inovio clinical trial, which is currently in the second phase and uses electric pulse to inject the vaccine into the skin. She i
    A Lancaster County woman is taking part in the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19. Stella Sexton is participating in the Inovio clinical trial, which is currently in the second phase and uses electric pulse to inject the vaccine into the skin. She i
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    Seems to me that the peer review will be released after phase 2/3 is approved. INO is also the only company who apparently has to wait until phase 2/3 begins to announce phase 2/3 funding.

    Many here have already exhaustively discussed the DoD connection.

    Dr. Kim said around Sept 20th that the peer review was in the final stage. As we all know, INO expected to begin phase 2/3 shortly thereafter.

    This is the only thing that makes sense. They may not have originally known that peer review release would require phase 2/3 approval.

    I’m not sure why this would be the case, but the fact that INO also has to wait until phase 2/3 is approved to announce funding would also lend itself to the peer review delay.
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    Thursday, October 29, 2020
    • INO Short Interest
    • Disclaimer
    Total volume = 5,195,966 (10-day average volume 5.8M). Closing at 10.49 (-0.43, -3.94%)
    Short Interest volume = 1,664,649 (32.03% of total volume, 1 out of every 3.12 shares traded today was sold short)
    Counterfeit Short Interest volume = 577,459 (34.69% of Short Interest volume)
    1 out of every 9 shares (11.11%) traded today was a counterfeit.
    After Hours Ending 8:00 PM EDT: 76,796 shares traded with a range of (10.42, 10.55), last trade (at 19:59:51) was 140 shares at 10.42 (-0.07, -0.67%).
    Short Interest = 55,038,431 Settlement Date October 15, a decrease of 2,209,972 (-3.86%) from the 57,248,403 Settlement Date September 30 (updates approximately every 15 days, last updated October 26).
    Short Interest Ratio (Days to Cover) = 10.60 (based on today's volume)
    Short Interest Ratio (Days to Cover) = 9.50 (based on 10-day average volume)

    • Disclaimer
    Bert has been doing the "Cut & Paste" part of this post since the beginning of this month, leaving me with an extra 15 minutes to post comments.
    Bert's runtime for this task is so confounded by unrelated latency components that I don't even bother to measure it, but it's in the order of picoseconds. After about 3 weeks, he has finally perfected his English Natural Language Module with fuzzy logic by incorporating random but semi consistent common errors in grammar and spelling. To fool the Turing Testers, he said, he'll need to be imperfect just like humans. I now disavow any atrocities committed against the English language in the Cut & Paste part of my posts.
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    I've trimmed my INO holdings but still have enough to care and follow what's going on. I'm cautiously optimistic, but have to admit there are a number of red flags that have my attention. I'd love to hear thoughts about the following flags I'm seeing from some of the long-term longs here. Before jumping in, I'll note that I think the biggest piece of news we're likely to get this quarter will be VGX-3100 P3 REVEAL 1 results. This will be a HUGE moment for INO, if not quite make-or-break. Phase 2/3 approval + funding for INO-4800 will be big, but positive VGX-3100 P3 results would provide a solid validation for the entire platform and open many doors. INO-5401 18-month survival data will also be important, but less significant overall unless the data is much better than current standard-of-care.

    - The ever-elusive peer review. What's going on? We're at 90 days since 28 July. Company stated that it will not contain the expanded cohort, so that's not it. I realize Nature magazine can take 100 days, but this is way out of step with other covid vaccine peer review timelines. Perhaps peer reviewers asked for edits or clarification? Rejection doesn't seem likely, but I have to think it's a possibility at this point.
    - Kate Broderick has gone quiet in the media, totally dark. She was routinely doing press interviews May-July talking about INO-4800 results but none since the last earnings call. She is hands down the best public face for Inovio, but she's been eerily MIA lately beyond a recent conference.
    - No info about expanded P1 cohort in the U.S. or P1 results in S.Korea. This is perhaps my biggest concern right now. They have the 8-week readouts post-2nd dose in hand by now. Why haven't we heard anything?
    - Kim has been absolutely quiet since the FDA hold. Not a word after he said 3 times during Sep that he expected approval before the end of the month, the last time 7 days prior to Oct. I agree with many longs here that the FDA hold blindsided him, but he needs to be more transparent overall.
    - Very little detail about specifics of the FDA hold. I have my hunches about what was asked, but it would be good to hear a little more from the company, at the very least that they've replied by now and expect FDA concurrence soon.
    - Other than NHP trial, INO has been shut out completely by OWS. Yes, Moderna and Novavax had leadership connections to OWS and, yes, BP influence could be a factor, but it's a stretch to think that the exclusion of INO is 100% explained by corruption.

    I'm not some sort of paid basher and certainly not a short, so please spare me those comments. It's important that we all question our assumptions and generate substantive conversation to improve and clarify our thinking. There's clearly a best-case Q4 scenario: excellent INO-4800 P1 peer review published, INO-4800 P2/3 approval + funding + add'l manufacturing partnerships + solid P1/2 S.Korea data, positive VGX-3100 P3 results, INO-5401 18-month survival much better than standard-of-care. Of course the opposite in all cases would be a worst-case scenario. Where might INO land with all that on the table? I'd argue that positive VGX-3100 results alone could validate +30% valuation from current levels. Perhaps we'll land somewhere between best and worst case.
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    You can vote for Inovio at the bottom... Pass this on.
    INO-4800 Covid-19 Vaccine – Vaxbase
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    Investing with alliseeisW
    Silence is golden. Why? Because we're affiliated with the Department of Defense (DoD) and there are risk implications to marketing. INO is playing the let the data tell the story. I'm bullish here for reverse trend. I'm not selling until I observe a share price of $80-100.
  • b
    I posted previously that the companies silence in terms of PR would only come if there was breaking news before earnings. They are being tight lipped until. Probably the lawyers telling them to shut it until they have something tangible and quit the lip service. I also suspect the FDA response was not a 2-3 day draft and submit rather a week long process of drafts, attorney review, hopefully some open dialogue with the FDA before submitting - sometime in October is when we are being told the response would take place. A fast response might be what everyone wants however we want a response that is going to satisfy the FDAs questions, more importantly. I wouldn’t be shocked if the response took 1-2 weeks which would put the FDA’s 30-day response around earnings (give or take as we are only guessing when the 30 day clock started). Let’s also hope that we get an update this month on other projects INO has in the pipeline such as vgx3100 and even better if some big news comes out at end year. In terms of earnings not my focus in the short term, as we all know the money will come once a big project gets across the finish line. Also this company has managed to stay alive for a decade+. Think about the next 6 months as we ride out the bumpy climate. We will get there!
  • h
    There are some people who actually support Inovio but only for their cancer platform. some of these people saw the price rise from their initial buy-in ($2 - $10) into the teens and then into $30.

    Many of these people sold in the low teens. These former investors still do not believe that Inovio will compete with BP for covid. On the other hand, they know that VGX 3100 data is coming very soon along with GBM data. Those are both expected Q4 2020. We are in Q4 2020.

    They want to buy back in for the cancer vaccines and treatments. However, they want a lower price. This is a unique form of basher. If Mellon and Harm actually have been shareholders for as long as they say, this may be their agenda.

    Anyone here not holding shares wants a drop so they can get a lower price. Otherwise, they are simply on the short bus.
  • L
    I see posted Dr Kate is going to video conference next week. How can one talk about your vaccine when all you can say about 4800 is that the questions are easily answered... The monkey trials look promising... And basically the same Info being regurgitated for the 100th time... Hard to sell a product with old info... Gotta have fda cloud gone... Peer review out and getting ready for 2/3 trials and funding... Until then... Same old song and dance..
  • r
    Institutional Ownership in INO remains strong, let's not forget that, and INO's science will have to do its talking
  • S
    If you think about it, INO has been range bound $10-$13 since the FDA hold was announced. The closing price today is a price we saw a month ago in september 28th during market hours. Everyone is acting as if the sky is falling but this is the price range we can expect with no news.

    I would be mad if INO was $7 or $8 but this range right now is on par until earnings are released.
  • e
    FDA 2/3 can happen any time !
    Imagine if released AH ? Today ?
    Lancet weekend ?
    50 Monday - shorts missed the party !!!
  • A
    Roger Hawthorne has confirmed BUY status on INO $NIO and $BABA 👀