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    March 2021
    Read-out 4800 Ph2 with confirmation of Ph1 data for efficacy and saftey across all age groups: 14$

    April 2021
    Lift of FDA hold. Start of Ph3 in US and in parallel in China. Fully funded by DoD and Addvaccine: 18$

    May 2021
    Additional CEPI funding with 400 Mill $: 23$

    June 2021
    Collaboration and licensing agreement with GSK for global distribution of 4800: 30$

    June 2021
    Pre-orders from USA and EU initially provided for older subjects > 65 years and high-risk allergic subjects. Pre-orders from COVAX for third world countries due to thermostability advantage: 37$

    July 2021
    Read-out Ph3 3100: 39$

    August 2021
    Collaboration and licensing agreement with Merck for global distribution of all INOVIOs HPV programs: 55$

    October 2021
    Read-out Ph3 4800 with confirmation of Ph2 data for efficacy and saftey: 60$

    November 2021
    First approval with EUA for Ino-4800: 70$
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    Dr. Kim is presenting at this webinar, as are Moderna and Pfizer. Inovio is being included with the front runners here.
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    Tedros called on countries with bilateral deals with vaccine makers, and on controls for supply, to be “transparent with COVAX on volumes, pricing and delivery dates,” and to share their own doses with COVAX once they have vaccinated their own health workers and older populations.

    World on the brink of ‘catastrophic moral failure’ due to unfair vaccine rollouts, WHO chief says

    UPDATED MON, JAN 18 20216:15 AM EST

    LONDON — Warning of a “catastrophic moral failure,” WHO’s Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “the recent emergence of rapidly-spreading variants makes the rapid and equitable rollout of vaccines all the more important.”

    But he added that this distribution could easily become “another brick in the wall for inequality between the world’s haves and have-nots.”

    “As the first vaccines begin to be deployed, the promise of equitable access is at serious risk,” he said, speaking at a session of the WHO’s executive board.

    While more 39 million doses of several different vaccines have now been administered in at least 49 higher-income countries, he said, just 25 doses had been given in one lowest-income country.

    “I need to be blunt, the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure and the price of this failure will be paid with lives and livelihoods in the world’s poorest countries.”

    Beginning his speech, Tedros had emphasized that the development and approval of safe coronavirus vaccines less than a year after the virus’ emergence in China, in late 2019, was a “stunning achievement and a much needed source of hope.”

    However, he added that “it’s not right that younger, healthier adults in rich countries are vaccinated before health workers and older people in poorer countries.”

    “There will be enough vaccine for everybody, but right now we must work together as one global family to prioritize (those) most at risk of serious diseases and death in all countries.”

    Without naming names, Tedros said some countries and companies speak the language of equitable access but continue to prioritize bilateral deals, bypassing COVAX, which is driving up prices and attempting to jump to the front of the line. “This is wrong,” he said.

    COVAX is a global scheme co-led by an international vaccine alliance called Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and also the WHO. It was established to ensure equitable vaccine access for every country in the world. It aims deliver 2 billion doses of safe, effective vaccines that have passed regulatory approval and/or WHO prequalification by the end of 2021.

    The WHO called on wealthier countries that had pre-ordered millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines, such as the U.S., U.K. and Europe, to share a portion of those vaccines with COVAX, so it can then redistribute these to poorer countries.

    Wealthier nations have been accused of “hoarding” more vaccines than they need, although the supply of vaccines is still in its early days as mass inoculation drives — which began in the West in December — are mainly still in their first distribution stage.
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    There will be an update from Dr. Kim on Feb,2nd. Hope we can get some great news. Here is the link:
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    CCalifornia calls for pause in use of huge batch of Moderna vaccines after allergic reactions

    California’s top epidemiologist is warning health providers to delay using a batch of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after a “higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions” were reported at a Southern Calfornia vaccination clinic.

    The conditions of those affected were not released, but health officials described the allergic reaction as “severe.”
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    To all serious investors and people on this board. Collectively we have the ability to spread news and facts to help the world understand The Vaccination Scam of a lifetime. We all have been following the news since day one and on short BP, FDA, OWS and other political machines have deprived us, our families, the nation, the world for money!

    Think about it there are two or three vaccines VXRT, INO in early to mid stage trials that are being manipulated, shorted by paid trades, and held silent in the new cancel culture. THIS HAS TO BE OVERCOME by swamping social media, news outlets, etc.

    I will be taking the time to draft a summery of the facts with the intent of getting it out. I am trying to find a path to Mark Levin (FOX contributor) who is highly respected in hopes i can get him to to a gig on the BIG SCAM

    If the public knew what is going on behind the scenes you would see what we saw a week or so ago in DC


    If we all took a few hours to spell the truth via the above the truth could be revealed. I don’t do this out of personal gain, I do this because I am outraged at THE SYSTEM

    Get out, get on social media, contact local national news outlets

    The time has come for truth
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    If you are too much in favor of one of the two major political parties in the United States you have to take time out for a reality check. The French say, always look at the economic reason for things. The principle overriding factor for our electoral politics are money to the extent that our representative and elected leaders are constantly having to pan for monies increasingly to withstand challenges from more extreme positions by candidates during the primaries. This is exacerbated by gerrymandering.
    There are many PAC’s in Washington that contribute in sufficient quantities to ensure that they have the significant sway in the elected legislature. It is or should be well known that 80% of the American people want the same things:
    • Quality Health Care at a reasonable price
    • Reasonable Gun Control Legislation
    • Sound Infrastructure Projects
    • Sound Climate Control policies (not pork barrel)
    • Acknowledgement of the cruel legacy of slavery
    • Good jobs for our workforce – stop the flow of good jobs to other countries
    • Good jobs needed for our reset world. Saving Chesapeake Bay, etc.
    • Poor decisions on military actions\Iraq II and Vietnam wars\Costly, Wrong, Blunders

    Therefore our elected leaders cannot pass anything significant in spite of 80%. Therefore it is not the fault of either party. If you are listening or sympathetic to extreme positions you are being played in my opinion.
    Therefore it is the money in politics that seeks to divide our population and has been very successful at it. If you are in an extreme mind set and sway of either of our contemporary parties then I suggest you realize soon that you have been played for all of our sakes.

    More than anything else we need common sense and to make common cause and realize we have more in common than what the messages we've been receiving and listening to. A proud and concerned American citizen.
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    With INOVIO’s Career Opportunities listed on their web site, one could conclude the FDA Hold on P3 due to Cellectra, will be lifted shortly and INOVIO is anticipating the requirement to mass produce devices.
    Future looks great for the SP.
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    It would be great timing to drop another “surprise PR” regarding another big collaboration and FDA lift on P3 before 1-20-2021.
    Shorts would be incinerated and SP would rise with each following milestone.
    Best of all, INOVIO would be free to release and update information freely, without manipulation.
    Just my thoughts.
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    Common Sense
    BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Sinovac Biotech said on Monday that a clinical trial in Brazil showed its COVID-19 vaccine was almost 20 percentage points more effective in a small sub-group of patients who received their two doses longer apart. The protection rate for 1,394 participants who received doses of either CoronaVac or placebo three weeks apart was nearly 70%, a Sinovac spokesman said. Brazilian researchers announced last week that the vaccine's overall efficacy was 50.4% based on results from more than 9,000 volunteers, most of whom received doses 14 days apart, as outlined in the trial protocol.
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    Norway is growing seriously concerned. They now report 29 post-#Covid mRNA vaccine deaths, a rate of 1 per 1,000 vaccinations - 10000x reported flu vaccine deaths (yes, 10,000 times). And they say the deaths occurred in people 75 and over, not 80.

    Norway Raises Concern Over Vaccine Jabs for the Elderly
    By Lars Erik Taraldsen
    January 16, 2021, 9:06 AM EST
    Updated on January 16, 2021, 6:45 PM EST

    Death count raised, age threshold lowered from initial report
    Country suggests vaccines may be too risky for the elderly

    The latest figure adds six to the number of known fatalities in Norway, and lowers the age group thought to be affected to 75 from 80. While it’s unclear exactly when the deaths occurred, Norway has given at least one dose to about 42,000 people and focused on those considered most at risk if they contract the virus, including the elderly.

    Until Friday, the vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech SE was the only one available in Norway, and “all deaths are thus linked to this vaccine,” the Norwegian Medicines Agency said in a written response to Bloomberg on Saturday.

    “There are 13 deaths that have been assessed, and we are aware of another 16 deaths that are currently being assessed,” the agency said. All the reported deaths related to “elderly people with serious basic disorders,” it said. “Most people have experienced the expected side effects of the vaccine, such as nausea and vomiting, fever, local reactions at the injection site, and worsening of their underlying condition.”

    Official reports of allergic reactions have been rare as governments rush to roll out vaccines to try to contain the global pandemic. U.S. authorities reported 21 cases of severe allergic reactions from Dec. 14-23 after administration of about 1.9 million initial doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The first Europe-wide safety report on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is due to be published at the end of January.

    Australia’s Concern

    Australia, which has an agreement for 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, is seeking urgent information on the issue from the producer, health authorities and Norway’s government, Health Minister Greg Hunt told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday.

    Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration will seek “additional information, both from the company, but also from the Norwegian medical regulator,” Hunt said. Australia’s foreign ministry will also contact its counterpart in Norway on the issue.
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    Thermo Fisher Scientific is shoring up production of cell and gene therapies on both sides of the pond, a move it hopes will support the development of COVID-19 drugs and vaccines—and ensure supplies are in place should they pass muster with regulators.

    The New Jersey contract manufacturer is laying out a new plasmid DNA manufacturing facility at its Carlsbad, California, campus, aiming to boost its cell and gene therapy offerings against the backdrop of a global plasmid market where demand has quickly outpaced supply, the company said.

    That’s on top of plans for a new cryocenter in Germany. That site, one of two new German facilities set to come online in the next few weeks, will offer cold chain support for clinical trials of cell and gene therapies, including COVID-19 vaccine hopefuls, in Europe and beyond.
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    Robert and Donna
    According to Tech Time: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reported that 55 people in US had died after taking Pfizer vaccine. By the way, VAERS is a national early warning system to detect possible SAFETY problem in US-licensed vaccines. It is co-managed by CDC & FDA.

    The reasons why US is keeping quiet about the 29 deaths in Norway is because US is the one who has been strongly promoting the Pfizer vaccine. And the reason why EU is keeping quiet is because the Covid-19 pandemic is currently out of control.
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    Mike TX
    Hacked emails allegedly detail how EU drug regulator was pressured to approve Pfizer jab despite ‘problems’ with the vaccine
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    Hey longs the pressure is on Joe to solve the Covid dilemma. New eyes will start to scrutinize the vaccine situation. Hopefully the powers to be will recognize INO 4800 as the best vaccine for Covid. Look for great news to arrive for INO especially after Joe takes over. LONG AND STRONG!
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    I am waiting patiently for my reward. Stay strong Longs!! Until April this stock is going beyond your expectations!
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    Sunday night lead stories on local ABC and CBS affiliates in Los Angeles. Halting issuance of Moderna vaccines at least locally.
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    It is interesting how the major US news has not covered the Pfizer deaths and that the US is potentially moving forward with mass distribution of Pfizer's "not really peer reviewed" vaccine, while Inovio, with its' incredible results is being slow rolled by the FDA. if this new administration truly is for all the people then Inovio should move to the top of the list for distribution. I have told my elderly relatives to wait before getting the current batch of vaccines. Hopefully, good news is in the near future and we can all receive the vaccine from Inovio. GLTA
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    search Elliott Blackwood, Inovio scientist’s twitter for hints of Inovio’s development anytime.
    He is the one who tweeted about the early Christmas present.

    This time he cited New York Times’s article-Dr. Kessler
    and commented that Dr Kessler makes policy based on academic prowess, not big BP kickbacks. That sounds promising.
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    Nobel in chemistry.
    She pointed to gene sequencing and polymerase chain reaction, which allows for multiple copying of precise DNA segments. That latter discovery won the 1993 Nobel in chemistry.
    And even further back, in 1984, the Nobel in medicine went to a team for theories on how to manipulate the immune system using something called monoclonal antibodies. Now those antibodies are one of the best hopes for a treatment for the coronavirus.