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    expected 0.01 by July end
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    Amazing Q3 with record setting 72% YoY increase in revenue and 202% increase in gross profit!
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    Let’s go 61% increase in revenue for Ineo. That’s amazing!
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    Retail Tech Stock About to Explode!

    A good interview to watch for more insight.
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    Ignore tonko, he takes the disclaimer that every company uses and tries to twist it to seem like something its not. Just like every newswire article starts with a disclaimer saying that they aren't sure if what's being said is actually true. Microsoft, apple and every company in the world uses disclaimers like this to avoid lawsuits.

    Like the statement the ("Company has no assurance that it will be successful in its efforts.") That's every company that has ever existed.

    Uber uses this one too "The issuance of additional equity securities by the Company may result in dilution to the equity interests of current shareholders."

    This statement here is a straight forward, there is no other entity that guarantees ineo will have the funding needed in the future, like a parent company willing to fork over money "There can be no assurance that capital will be available, as necessary, to meet the Company’s operating commitments and development plans."

    If they didn't put disclaimers like this in then someone might try to sue them, just like how every coffee says caution hot. Because of people like Tonko
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    All the eyes from VSBY are probably rushing over here. Time to march.
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    big time
    this technology could be a game changer. DD required
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    Huge upside potential from INEO Tech, says Beacon

    Beacon Securities analyst Gabriel Leung is holding steady on INEO Tech (INEO Tech Stock Quote, Chart, News, Analysts, Financials TSXV:INEO), maintaining in an update to clients on Monday a “Speculative Buy” rating and $1.00/share target price for a potential return of 257 per cent at the time of publication.

    Incorporated in 2008 and headquartered in Vancouver, INEO Tech provides location based digital advertising, analytics and loss prevention solutions for retailers, integrating and monetizing digital screens with theft detection sensor gates at the entrance of retail stores. The company delivers digital advertising to each retail location based on the demographic mix, such as age and gender, of customer traffic at each location.

    Shares of INEO spiked on Tuesday after the company announced an agreement with Prosegur EAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Madrid-based Prosegura, which provides security solutions to some of the world’s largest retailers, to manufacture, distribute and install INEO’s Welcoming Systems. INEO had in January signed a partnership letter of intent with Prosegur.

    On the quarter, Leung said the results were in line with expectations.

    “Ultimately, we believe that the key growth and valuation catalyst for this story remains adoption of INEO’s Welcoming Systems amongst large retailers, specifically retailers from the Prosegur channel, with which INEO is expected to earn a monthly recurring revenue fee,” Leung said.

    The company’s financial results were headlined by revenue of $214,000 and an EBITDA loss of $700,000. Leung notes that the company also reported a free cash flow loss of $924,000, meaning the company has $5.2 million in cash available to go with $166,000 in debt.

    “Fiscal 2021 was a tremendous year for INEO as we achieved record annual revenue with 41 per cent year-over-year growth,” said Greg Watkin, Chairman and Founder of INEO in the company’s October 28 press release. “We are very pleased with the progress we made with our independent retailer based Welcoming Network, which now exceeds over 125 locations and we’re experiencing an increasing number of advertisers at these locations from our direct sales efforts as well as our programmatic advertising partnership with Hivestack.”

    On the new agreement, Prosegur has been granted distribution rights to sell, secure, place and install the INEO Welcoming System under their Prosegur EVO brand while being responsible for the funding, manufacturing, distribution, in-store setup and in-store maintenance of the systems. INEO will be responsible for online provisioning, operating, and managing of the Media Network which powers the screens inside of EVO.

    “Prosegur is an ideal partner for INEO as it has a very strong brand name, significant financial means and an enormous distribution network,” Watkin commented. “We’ve already shipped several Welcoming System units to Prosegur, created a healthy sales pipeline with Prosegur’s retail customers and we’ve been assisting Prosegur with establishing the production of EVO at its manufacturing facilities in Europe. We look forward to working together with Prosegur to digitize and monetize retail entrances worldwide.”

    INEO’s European inroads began with the successful installation of its first pilot system in Spain at Prosegur’s customer experience center located in its head office in Madrid, with the intent of serving as a demonstration for its European retail chain customers.

    From there, INEO has also shipped five additional Welcoming Systems to Prosegur’s large retailers for acceptance testing with four more units expected to ship shortly, and Prosegur is also completing its manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, which should start producing 400 Welcoming System units by the end of the year, with the potential to scale up to 1,000 while the initial Surrey operation can scale from its present 75 unit per month output to 150, according to Leung.

    Leung’s financial projections have INEO reaching revenue of $2 million in 2022 before increasing more than five-fold to a projected $10.2 million in 2023. He also expects the company’s EBITDA to turn positive in 2023 at $1.5 million after a loss of $2 million in 2021 and a projected loss of $2.8 million in 2022.

    The company’s valuation data also comes into clearer focus for Leung in this report, as he projects INEO’s EV/Sales multiple to drop from the reported 16.1x in 2021 to a projected 6.1x in 2022, then to a projected 1.2x in 2023. Meanwhile, Leung’s EV/EBITDA multiples report for the first time in 2022 at a projected -4.3x before turning positive in 2023 at a projected 8.2x.

    Overall, INEO’s stock price is down 35 per cent for the year to date, reaching a high point of $0.52/share on February 25 and bottoming out at $0.19/share on September 29.
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    so silent in this board...
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    Does anyone know which US brokerages carry INEO?
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    Oh man
    This board is about as active as the trading volumes...yikes. Would take a guy a month to exit a basic position at this rate. Whats going on? Tech looks like a great idea if it actually works. Nothing ever happen with Prosegur? I see crickets there as well. Not bashing, doing the DD and thus far more reg flags than green lights. Anyone want to chime in and get a little debate going in the name of respectful dialogue?
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    CEO said they have over 7000 stores in direct negotiations, that's 7000 stores that aren't being negotiated by prosegur if u include prosegurs locations they have over 10,000 stores they can go into
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    people should consider this stock while it's still cheaper.
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    Prosegur is a global leader in anti-theft systems with revenues of 4.3b last year.

    Back in January, ineo sent a letter of intent to prosegur, pilots were sent to retailers with over 4900 locations and as of November 2 the pilots were a success and a finalized deal with prosegur was signed. In 2 months a manufacturing facility will be up and running and be able to produce 400 units a month initially and quickly ramp up to 1,000 per month

    With just these initial 4900 locations ineo will be receiving 4900*200*12= $11.76m a year and since prosegur will handle most of the costs this should have margins close to 90%. It is also worth noting that the sales pipeline now exceeds 5,000 locations but a specific number will be released soon. Bear in mind the market cap for INEO is only 22m right now.

    This matters because at a price to earnings ratio of 30 ineo should have a market cap of 11.76m*30=352.8m and with 70m shares fully diluted that's 352.8m/70m= $5.04 per share

    The finalized deal states that prosegur will fund, manufacture, install, and protect ineo's systems and patents. Prosegur will receive ad revenues as well as revenues from serving the system. Ineo on the other hand will collect $200 per month per store for the software and use of the patent. This essentially turns ineo into a software company with the welcoming system being it's SaaS.

    It's also worth noting that the reason prosegur is working with ineo is because ineo has world wide patents for the technology that allows electronics to be placed within these systems. Normally these systems can't have electronics near them because they disrupt the system and give off false alarms or stop them from working. Ineo has the only patent that allows them to bypass this.
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    Can’t wait for the webinar tomorrow, where they will speak about the annual and fourth quarter financials!
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    I read all of tonko's posts and there Is something very troubling. He claims to not own any shares, he also claims he is not even remotely interested in the stock but had spent an entire year, no joke a full year stalking this one tiny company with barely any activity and done nothing but talk down the company, call anyone who posts something good about the company a scammer or accuse them of working for the company all without evidence. There is always 1 person watching this board and seeing how he is the only person to respond to everyone and responds the same day I would assume it is him stalking this company waiting for someone to post anything positive only to follow his routine of false accusations and bad talking the company. His responses are very similar and has used the same responses to different posts multiple times as if he is coping and pasting. Ask yourselves if u hated a company and didn't own it, would u stalk it for a year and bad mouth everyone with something positive. This is clearly malicious and tonko also has multiple other accounts he uses to downvote posts. I will be emailing The investor relations for ineo to see if there's any disgruntled employees who got fired, this person is trying to influence the stock price and bring it down and it's very obvious. Ignore him and report him and his other accounts
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    real quiet here
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    Ineo has partnered with Fields and McFrugal retail stores and have started to roll out its technology at hundreds of locations all over Canada!
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    This stock could go ballistic once the world gets hold of their advertising potential. Just think of these security advertising gates at every retail store in the world