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    Michael K
    I sent a email twice asking if they hedge their silver production, no answer yet....
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    Going to be HILARIOUS to watch Fred Davidson bankrupt another company, cash dwindling by the month , no profit quarter after quarter even with $20+ silver,
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    im looking for insight on yesterdays mexican lithium nationalization...and if peeps think silver is in danger down there
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    Great buying opportunity!
  • P
    never new Canada didn't have freedom of speech.
    when government can attach your assets to stop you that is not freedom.
    vote those people out of office.
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    Something is not quite right here...

    The price of silver is up $10.00 since July 1 but the share price is the same... Doesn't that strike anybody as odd? The Q2 earnings are nowhere to be seen. and the CEO is selling shares... Not a lot but why would he need to sell $20k and $17k worth of shares does he need the money or what?

    IMPACT Silver (CVE IPT) Insider Trading History
    Transaction Date Insider Name Title Buy/Sell Number of Shares Average Share Price Total Transaction Shares Held After Transaction Details
    7/20/2020 Frederick William Davidson Director Sell 20,000 C$0.99 C$19,800.00 547,750
    6/2/2020 Frederick William Davidson Director Sell 24,000 C$0.71 C$17,040.00 567,750
    7/26/2019 Richard James Mazur Director Sell 41,500 C$0.44 C$18,260.00 228,500
    1/3/2019 Frederick William Davidson Insider Sell 26,000 C$0.34 C$8,840.00 615,750

    In the Crux interview when asked if he was buying shares he said he wanted to but he had blackouts every time he went to buy shares and it was frustrating. When asked how much skin he had in the game he evaded the question and said insiders had 10 to 15% he never knew for sure if they were lying to him or not about it. But in fact as you can see above he only owns less than 0.05% of the company 547,750 shares. Today over 2 million shares traded hands well above average and the share price drops 2 cents while silver up a dollar or so... Houston we have a Problem...
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    All I Do is Win
    With the nice move in silver overnight and the price movement in some of the bigger silver stocks in premarket action, it shapes up to be a solid day for silver equities. Q3 earnings and cash flow numbers for producers will be insane if prices hold through the end of September. If prices stay over $25 through year end, 2021 shapes up to be a major merger and acquisition year as silver companies will be loaded up with cash.
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    stock is acting like the end of the silver market is coming, i will be adding over the next 3 months, this a long term play. lots of silver and gold and they are profitable right now. sit back and watch the show. Hunter and the former VP have sold us out.
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    Impact Silver Corp. - News Releases - Mon Aug 17, 2020
    [Search domain]
    IMPACT Silver Announces the Results of Sampling at Chapanial Including 97.5 g/t Gold and 97.9 g/t Silver over a true width of 0.80 meter and 18.25 g/t Gold and 75.4 g/t Silver over a true width of 0.20 meter
    Impact Silver Corp. - News Releases - Wed Aug 19, 2020
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    The big mover is Silver Wolf, Impact will have its day soon, it just needs to clean up its chart in the short term.
    Long Term it looks good.
    Episode 3 Part 1: Gold Ventures' Silver Sitfolio Review
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    All I Do is Win
    Impact Silver Corp President and CEO Fredrick Davidson joined Steve Darling from Proactive at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to discuss the operations in Mexico.
    Impact Silver Corp (CVE: IPT) President and CEO Fredrick Davidson joined Steve Darling from Proactive at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to disc...
    Impact Silver Corp (CVE: IPT) President and CEO Fredrick Davidson joined Steve Darling from Proactive at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference to disc...
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    Why is this great news for shareholders?
    IMPACT Silver Announces Upsize to Previously Announced Brokered Financing to C$7.0 Million
    08/05/2020 07:31 AM ET

    Fred has been selling shares as of late. That would indicate a cash flow issue personally. The issue with Fred and his shareholders has been a differing of wealth creation. He is not aligned with shareholders. Take Mux and Rob McEwen. His salary is $1.00 per year and he personally owns 20% of the outstanding shares. Fred owns less than 0.05% of the outstanding shares and draws a salary. Now I'm not saying this is bad but he does not make money in the same way the retail investors make money like Rob McEwen does. Rob only makes money when the shares go up like his investors. Fred has very little skin in the game.

    The investors that just came on board from Canacorde are in line with investors they cam onboard for 7 million @ .95 per share and options for more at 1.25. They will own 14X more shares than Fred before exercising options. I would think they are not onboard to chase pies in the sky. They are here for one reason... to make money! If Fred does not produce I can see him being replaced by shareholders. SO I can only see this benefiting shareholders and the company. SO hopefully its onward and upward from here on in.
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    Diamond 💎 hands 🙌🏻 rookies. This should be a 1.50 share price. Don’t sell for less. This is 3.00 min when silver hits 50.00
    Samsung backing can’t lose
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    On a day when silver is up impact silver was down I added 20,000 shares today this is a pure Silverminer that should’ve been up quite a bit on a day like today we are getting to a point were there is going to be a huge explosion upward in the price of physical Silver the country is financially insolvent but the majority of the people are totally clueless I totally suspect by summer the average guy on the street will start to get it every day their dollar greenback will be dropping in value as prices continue to escalate Silver is the bitcoin of 2021 and 2022 go to YouTube and there’s a site called it’s Jimmy when you realize all the money the government can go back and re-amend some of packages that were passed for the coronavirus which will mean trillions of new dollars printed out of thin air to pay for all this universal basic income is a given how long will it be before people do not want dollars a Fiat currency that is losing its value minute by minute.
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    Johnny B
    The Reddit / wall st bets gang is trending - silver to $100. Silver is primed for a short squeeze . Aurcana and impact will make you wealthy.
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    All I Do is Win
    Massive volume on Friday on both the pink sheets and the Canadian exchange. It makes you wonder why was there so much volume on a day with decent decline in silver price.
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    Here's all you need to know. Net income for the year was $2.3 million but most of that was from Q4. Net income for the quarter was $1.7 million. What will that number be when silver is $30, $40, $50 and higher?
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    There was some good analysis about Impact Silver on Seeking Alpha posted yesterday by Robert Kientz. I had been looking for more information about their gold drilling. Here is an excerpt from the article. I had no idea some of the grades were so high. Impact could be a serious gold producer or, as the author suggests, they could sell this part off to a gold company.

    "Now, let's talk about gold and copper in Area 2 known as Carlos Pacheco. The company has sampled 19.6 g/t gold over 2.9 meters. The Carlos Pacheco zone is massive, offering real upside potential for Impact as a sizeable gold/copper operator.

    The second promising Area 4 gold deposit is called Santa Teresa and is likely a felsic intrusion with mineralization. Stream samples indicated up to 114 g/t gold, with 17 samples over 17 g/t gold. The El Canelo vein averaged 6.5 g/t over 1.66 meters along a strike of 50 meters."
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    I’m bout to buy this stock but i’m waiting for it to dip a little lower. Huge potential just need the sp down a little more
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    Still uninvestable dog