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    Lmao I can’t believe people are t loading up this one .. it’s sell out price is .26 which even if you held and flipped it you’d end up with a 6 cent profit per share bought right now .?? This deal will go through for sure so I am buying
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    RHC having a webinar June1 to discuss their merge with IHC.V
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    so what will happen to my IHC shares?
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    It’s a good deal for us IHC shareholders. Have some patience and you will see RHC trading well above $1 mid summer. Cheers & Beers
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    Probably bought by $rhc
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    my complement to those smart guys selling now and loosing money, only if you're smart enough to understand that mid June you will dobble your investment
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    What you all think about this is it worth it

    October 2021, Royal Helium holds 348,908 hectares (862,908 acres) of prospective helium rights comprised of 79 five-year permits and 21-year leases across southern Saskatchewan.

    Royal's helium lease/permit land is comprised of 10 main blocks spanning southwestern to southeastern Saskatchewan. Exploration drilling was initiated in 2021 at the Climax block in the southwest resulting in the discovery of the Climax Nazare zone and is subject to further production wells being drilled. Drilling in the southeastern side of the province has been initiated on the Ogema block. Royal has plans to fully explore and develop each of the blocks with detailed seismic, geophysics and drilling. The initial, fully funded budget for 2021 – Q1 2022 is for 10 wells in total to be drilled.

    Exploration plans are to drill test 30 structures of similar size to the existing Wilhelm and Mankota helium pools. To identify these structures, the company is using a combination of seismic data, well logs and aeromagnetic surveys.

    The seven drill targets at Climax were identified in late 2019 after the company first reprocessed 77.6 km of 2D seismic in conjunction with historic well logs and delineated a basement structure of ~3,094 hectares of four-way structural closure. Another 17,676 hectares of helium permits (100% crown) located immediately west of its Climax property were then granted in November 2019. To further define the possible inert gas/helium bearing formations and refine company target wells, a deep, detailed aeromagnetic survey was flown over the Climax central structure in May.

    In January 2021, Royal Helium commenced its maiden drill program on the Climax land block and drilled three wells to a total depth (TD) of approximately 2600 metres. Economic helium concentrations were announced in April 2021, with tests returning levels ranging from 0.33% to 0.64% helium from the Deadwood, Souris River and Duperow formations, with initial high-graded production zones being tested ranging in thickness from five meters to in excess of 30 meters.

    Subsequently, further examination and interpretation of drilling at the Climax project discovered a 39-meter helium bearing zone at Climax-3 in the basal Deadwood "Regolith" which was a previously unknown helium bearing sequence. The same zone was also intersected at Climax-2 and the Company seismically mapped the new zone, renamed the Climax "Nazare" zone, over a total area of 32 square kilometers (12.3 mi2). Based on internal estimates, Royal estimates total helium in-place within the Climax Nazare zone across the prospective area to be between approximately 2.5 billion cubic feet ("Bcf") (low-case) and 6.0 Bcf (high case).

    A fourth well at Climax, designed to be a production offset to Climax-3 to specifically target the newly discovered Nazare zone, was drilled in August 2021. Climax-4 had the highest and most consistently elevated helium shows to date on the Climax block. The Nazare zone was cored so that an extensive geotechnical program on the rock could be undertaken. The testing program also included a series of drillstem tests over a 120m zone that tested some 0.64% helium and also provided valuable information concerning flow rates, pressures, and permeabilities for the Nazare zone. This information was used to design a completions program, which will be completed in Q4 2021. Based on the results to date at Climax, Royal Helium has expanded the development program for the Climax Group and has applied for 2 additional well licences on the block.

    In addition to the development work at Climax, the Company intends to drill additional helium wells in the Southeast land blocks, an area that historically contains some of the highest helium shows in the Province. Royal has completed its seismic evaluations and is undertaking the work required to license two exploratory wells each at the Bengough and Ogema blocks.
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    should have sold my shares at 0.29
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    I don't understand....10% premium? They give us 62 cents of rhc share per IHC shares ...RHC is trading at 40 cents we are down 20 cents ?!?
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    looks like good news
  • J
    Love the target price of .90
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    4x the normal volume on no news…?
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    I can't find any reason for the jump today. Something is up.
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    Well is completed-!!!, now just to test, should see some results in a few weeks.
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    $IHC announced today that it has acquired additional land holdings at its Steveville land base near the hamlet of Princess in Southern Alberta.


    - An additional 17,583-hectare lease has been acquired with rights to a target helium property
    - The lease expansion is in addition to an initial 7,052-hectare lease for the same helium property
    - Seismic data has been acquired to further evaluate the helium property

    Imperial Helium is now further evaluating and defining the helium resource structure, referred to as the Steveville structure, in preparation for proceeding with its work program which includes the drilling of an initial well on the apex of the structure late in the second quarter of 2021.

    $IHC is currently up 5.0% , MC is $35.91M.

    More here
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    I hope the company reads this - I’m planning on buying a large position in IHC.V - my only issue is that they currently do not have enough cash on hand to get to production. It would be nice if the company would announce when they do their next private placement that they have raised enough capital to get to production and there will be NO MORE SHARE DILUTION -

    This was a major reason why people invested in HELI(aside from the oil revenue) and I am 100% on board if this company can make the same commitment to their shareholders.

    There are major helium supply issues in the world for the foreseeable future. Lots of investors are looking for solid investments in the market right now.
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    So I am thinking of buying in on this dip. How would you guys compare this company to Royal helium?
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    Mr. C
    Where is everybody?
    Keep climbin $IMPHF
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    Prices of Imperial Helium $IHC are testing support at $.20 after some heavy buying in early October when prices dipped to ~$0.15 per share. I think we’ll be seeing continued price fluctuation between $.19/$.22 range until some news comes down the line.

    If you bought at the dip you’re sitting pretty at around 40% gains right now. But price action isn’t really leaning any particular way, so I plan to hold until some signs of a break emerge.

    Global helium demand is looking to increase at a healthy CAGR of 4.65% til 2030, so as long as companies like $IHC can stay profitable and continue production shares will inevitably rise.

    $IHC currently trading at $.20 and valued at $17.1M.