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iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (IAN.CN)

Canadian Sec - Canadian Sec Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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  • K
    If anyone is looking at this stock for the first time run! Run away as fast as you can
  • A
    how is Yahoo finance still saying this company is a strong by with evaluations starting on the low-end above $3 yet it is sitting at $0.23 LOL.
  • i
    Sec meeting regulators have no choice shareholders have rights back to $1.50 would be a good start!
  • T
    B.E stores are selling ghay clothing or weed? They are open 8 hours a week, they are losing money like mad.
  • m
    anyone still holding with an average higher than $3.85?
  • M
    Grow Healthy selling well in Florida due to high thc in their flower. People recognize quality and I am telling u they are simply the best. The company got weed quality right and I hope their other problems will be resolved.
  • T
    Perhaps your company can't cover the loans you took out in order to get things up and running. You're running out of options, but there's still one on the table: fraud. Corporate fraud happens all the time. When it's revealed, it can have severe consequences – and when it happens with the biggest companies on the market, the consequences can be catastrophic.
  • i
    "investors deserve to understand why the Board of Directors hasn’t pursued alternatives that may have put shareholders in a better position." come on! do the right thing geesh
  • a
    Meanwhile Dogecoin is approaching .70 cents. 😂
  • T
    iSCAMthus Has a $650 MILLIONS deficit and accruing hundreds of MILLIONS of exit, interest, legal, and penalties fees. Heading back down to $0.05 usd
  • P
    Multi state operator 9 dispensaries USA company
  • O
    Old Abernathy, Moffockas
    Nothing about SAFE banking will help Ianthus. Capitalization set up as it is will see a 96% drop in price once GGP opens the floodgates on the recap share deluge. Of course, shorting this turd all the way to sub-pennies is a good way to capitalize on the companies 4 year fraud spree.
  • B
    Incredible this negative reaction with such a great NY news. I refuse to take my loss here. It would move the needle anymore. I think I am stuck for 10 years here, a guess they have paid their debt back then.
  • 2
    2012 CLC
    What happened to the $4.00 a share company I bought into a couple of years ago? Been holding ever since.
  • T
    SAFE banking act passed through the house and it is on its way to the senate.
  • T
    Harv got gobbled up by Truieve, ianthus is gonna get gobbled up by cura leaf. They are going to pay 5-10% premium and force you to buy curaleaf shares at all time highs. Stock market is a scam.
  • K
    Why do people come back to this security to bash it? If you sold all your shares for a loss why do you keep coming back to check what is happening?
  • K
    But seriously Gotham G do you have enough shares yet? Can we run this up hahahahah. Only jokes if I say run it down it will go up!
  • A
    Anyone see the OMMU REPORT ... GROWHEALTHY SOLD THE SECOND MOST OZ of FLOWER in FLORIDA THIS PAST WEEK . 2nd to only TRULIEVE . That’s gotta mean something
  • B
    This stock is owned by Gotham Green. They’re a last choice predatory lender. They own I believe 97% of the company. They took control of MMNFF and sold off almost all of the prime assets. They will do the same here and leave you holding the bag. Good luck. I got out after researching Gotham Green. They’re a private LLC. Check it out.