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Hyliion Holdings Corp. (HYLN)

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    FEEHLEY is a must for any trader. Their watchlist which covers pre-market movers is one of the best researched in the industry. I don’t start trading without reading their daily email each morning!
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    I love starting my day with the daily emails from They equip me with what I need to make wiser investment decisions!
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    The market could be about to tank...Do this now.For more info
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    Electric cars being charged at night are making America's power grid unstable, study warns.
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    Travels from Midland to San Angelo and back. Two days ago, saw two Detmar trucks - one was HYLN. Yesterday saw five Detmar trucks - two were HYLN. Go Detmar!
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    Starting a petition to request information from the Hyllion Sales effort. Joshua Robbins CFA, CTP - VP of Fleet Sales - Hyliion | LinkedIn
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    Sorry folks but I refuse to put Hyliion in the same category of the truck that was running down hill and CEO claimed that it was fully functional.
    We can see the REAL ERX pulling loaded trailers and the demoes are out there being tested daily.
    No comparison and the SP is not reflective of the ERX superior Semi.
    Not even a chance to be put in the same category and same advantages.
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    IS THERE A BETTER SEMI out there being tested and ready for commercialization by end of next year FOR LONG DISTANCE, Total ownership return, has a network of already built stations to refuel or recharge, does not infringe on the electrical weak grid, compliant with all the pollution mandates present and future, and eligible for incentives?
    Please share.
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    So GE received $22Millions of Hyliions' shares close to THE LOWEST PRICE of the year as I was expecting.
    The game could be over now as GE wants those share to appreciate. These games should not be allowed.
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    Has the accumulation phase begun? This is the only green stock I see in my portfolio today.
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    I, as an investor, would like to hear from the sale's team on what challenges exist (customer perspective) to selling the ERX? They have been absent in all the conversations.
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    California wants zero emission big rigs. And we have a big bunch of them.
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    When the absurd projections of billions in sales by this time didn't happen, the stock price had no where to go but down.
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    HYLN looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading and their stocks have been doing way better.
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    Day 5 in Nevada testing under 100 degree testing with 80K lbs load!!!!
    All going well. See the twitt
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    no way
    Congratulations to TH and HYLN for closing on the fuel agnostic with GE. So far no one cares except the shareholders who are witnessing the 500 million dollar spending spree on this science project. The cash burn is getting more rapid now. Oh joy....... where are the sales at dude? 2023 was suppose to be 1.3 billion if you remember the first projections TH put out. What a load of caa caa that was. The ship is sinking and taking on water now. But hey we saw a cool video with the drone on where all the cash is going...... I would luv to hear the revised sales projections now. Bet they don't have any. Sales that is. TH projections um are zero sorry guys its been fun.
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    Nikolas stock price is now less than a dollar from Hyliions. I'm telling you, the market is finally realizing that Hyliions solution to clean long haul trucking is the the only realistic solution to cleaning up the trucking industry.
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    no way
    Since I am down about 250k in this #$%$ it was my plan to triple up and lower my average price per share once we get close to a bottom and try get my average share cost down in the high teens. I keep waiting and the price keeps falling. I see $1 before the end of the year with no sales announcements. But wait the fuel agnostic can run on cat pee. Its gonna charge teslas and when the grid can't. I am tempted to just sell it all today. Probably should since we are waiting on test results for trucks and the fuel agnostic. LOL Test test test makes me testy! We need results jack holes at HYLN. You listening TH. Get your head out of your crack and get on mission.
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    I don't understand. Why is the stock price falling endlessly?
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    The loaded 50k lbs ERX smoked out the diesel brother by 100% the speed from initial start in Hyliion presentation, check it out, diesel 15mph ., ERX30mph.
    The diesel growling , rumbling and shaking, the ERX much steadier and quieter.
    Which truck would drivers prefer to drive and breathe the air around while they take a rest , diesel or pure battery no fumes.???
    .....and by the way anyone noticed the little screen on the right of one of the slide where it said ERX possible future applications. Transportation Busses , refuse and off-road vehicles?????
    Was it too small to see?
    So what will be the next fearmongering discussion?
    Do we all remember the discussion of Engine size and maker and all the skepticism of power?
    We now know that it is a Cummins 12L NG which will be optimized for our application. Case closed

    Do we remember the bashing that Hyliion had no orders for the ERX.?
    Now we know of 200 orders with deposit and 2000 priority reservations. Case growing...

    What about questioning the range? A week ago a video was released showing Hyliion main driver saying that he traveled 780 miles before refueling to reach the next destination. Hell broke loose and ignorant posters (ignorant because they knew nothing about why he refueled or how many miles he could have traveled to empyy) started criticizing that TH had lied about the range...and that if fully loaded it would be half of that...
    Well the last investors' presentation TH clarified that the 780 miles was no where indicative of the ERX range but a convenience refueling before the next available CNG station and restated that the ERX is capable of 1000 miles loaded. Case closed, mouths shut, ignorance educated.

    Another critique was that company never showed the ERX pulling a load.
    Well that wish was accomplished during the video drive presentation AND COMPARED to a similar Diesel truck. Yes now you can see it with your own eyes and stare at that load AND that speedometer as the ERX leaves the older brother behind by a long shot. Seeing is believing.

    How were they going to transition from CNG/RNG ICE engine to an Agnostic generator? That was my only concern, and it was answered.
    They acquired GE Karno.

    What's my opinion? They are checking all the boxes one at the time and with diligence.

    So what's your next thing to pick?