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  • j
    12 month high on the stock.
  • R
    Raytheon Don

    "We keep our target price at $53 using a discounted cash flow analysis that assumes HXL won't recover its pre-pandemic free cash flow (FCF) peak until 2028. $53 is also 30x our 2022 EPS estimate (started at $1.79; 2021 cut to $1.17 from $2.11; 2020 to $0.55 from $1.43). Q3 EPS of -$0.29 vs. $0.90 missed consensus by $0.36. Q3 Commercial Aerospace revenue (68% of 2019 total) fell 67% YoY driven by lowered aircraft manufacturer production rates amid the pandemic, particular for wide bodies which are being built at 50-60% lower rates. More surprising was HXL's 36% YoY drop in industrial revenue (13%), driven by the loss of a key U.S. wind turbine customer. Nonetheless, HXL still holds strong global market share in supplying wind turbine producers, in our view, and generated material FCF in Q3 ($76M) even while many peers are burning cash. We think shares are significantly undervalued based on HXL's still sizable long-term FCF potential, with our target price a conservative 38% below HXL's pre-pandemic peak."

    Colin Scarola 10/20/2020
  • b
    The recent price strength in HXL leads me to the conclusion that some institutional players have found a new goldmine to price to perfection. I like the company, but when these guys step in it becomes a trade rather than an investment. It's in-play even as the BA 737MAX issue drags on. I just can;t convince myself everything is fine and dandy, so I are reconciled to watch by the sidelines for now.
  • r
    Have analyst missed the fact that besides battery technology, the weight of an electric vehicle is a significant factor influencing fuel economy?
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    From the CC, HXL sees redeployment of most of any underultilized 737Max materials capacity to other programs, and consequently, maintains FY19 guidance despite potential fallout from the 737 grounding. Very encouraging, but how accurate this assessment will be remains to be proven. If those other programs really do represent sufficient demand to fill out a 737Max demand shortall, then why wasn't HXL expanding to fill that unment demand prior to the 737Max fiasco?

    @@@As of today, we have seen very little, if any, impact from Boeing's announced rate reduction. We will continue to meet all demands for Boeing 737MAX materials and if there are any reductions in demand throughout the supply chain, we are confident that we will be able to repurpose the vast majority of our manufacturing and material capacities to take advantage of other short-term commercial opportunities. And just to reiterate, after taking into account the potential impact we see at this point in time for the 737MAX revenues in 2019, we have made no changes to our annual guidance based on the offsetting, broader market strength we see before us.

    @@@ In our forecast and in our commitment and confidence in maintaining our guidance, we certainly have modeled in an impact -- a negative impact on the 737MAX. And based on what we see, that will be more than offset by the robust growth we're seeing in other aspects of the business.

    @@@Well, specifically, we're very -- our opportunities with our carbon fiber are continuing to go up. Demand is quite honestly one of the reasons why our sales growth this year is so strong. So repurposing fiber assets for another opportunity we have would be similar to MAX margins. It basically wouldn't be noticeable. If you look at honeycomb core, again, it's another area where our engineered core business is just growing significantly, even faster than we're able to put in some assets. So we would divert that honeycomb core very quickly, again, at comparable margins. And we've said it before. If you look in our aerospace business, the margins are comparable. Where you have differences are if you transition and look into our wind business. And I can tell you, none of these assets would be redeployed to support wind or the wind turbine business. So overall, from a fibers, from an engineered core, from a matrix, very quick and easy to sell that where demand is strong. A little bit harder on the structures business, harder to backfill that and it would take a little longer, but it's just a portion of the MAX's overall shipset value we sell.
  • J
    People get ready there's some planes a comin all with Hexcel parts in their engines
    Look at the GE press release on the GE9X .
  • b
    Boeing is close to getting their 737 max planes back in the air. The merger with Woodward looks great to me. Woodward's business is very different than HXL's. This should be good for both companies. They are growing into a major Airplane supplier, there should be some cost savings in common expenses and Cross Selling should help their business!
    Very good article in Barrons this week-end!!
  • S
    BIG movement in pre market. Up 7.5%....?
  • T
    Carbon fiber is going to be in just about everything that moves and the value of this company will start moving with it. Keep up the good work HXL.
  • 3
    I rode this from $28 to $43- a quick run too. I'l back in this week for a longer-term hold, on any dip. I see this in the $50s next year by March and if the pandemic is controlled, $75 is a fair and conservative value. Their carbon tech is had to beat and their reputation as a supplier is stellar.
  • J
    With HXL on the board, FCEL will cleanly create energy and supply carbon building materials for electronics, medicine, transportation and construction. #changebigoil
    The possibility of expanding margins exists.
    New #ChangeBigOil Dream Board for Fuelcell Energy – New Energy Opportunities, LLC
  • J
    love this company waiting for a dip to buy big into it. Hows everyone else feeling about it?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    HXL is up 5.21% to 68.70
  • x
    solvay couldn't buy HXL because - 1. it already owns cytec and it would not meet antitrust requirements - it would control too much of the carbon fiber and adhesive supply base and 2. HXL possess the technology for stealth aircraft and weapons - the US government would not allow a foreign company to own that. it was a fakeover - there have been a bunch of those lately. i hope the federal marshals find out who started the rumor, arrest them and make them pay penalties for market manipulation.
  • K
    WOW.....great response to great earnings.
  • J
    Let's hope some chemical or defense company buys Hexcel out. Hexcel asset value alone is worth $50 a share.
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    Someone is buying up HXL