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  • G
    Ppl fail to understand that this has been shorted for almost 3 years . Once bitcoin and ethereum really breakout big hive will freakn run from shorts covering and fomo !
  • j
    When looking at the chart 6 month time we are technically starting a new down trend however this time may not last as long due to the progress the company has made and cryptos recent surge. If this growth is to continue then hive may finally catch up to the other mining companies in value. As a result attracting more (investors). time will tell
  • D
    this is the opportunity to pick up on the cheap. shouldn't be down, but it breaths opportunity, thank you!
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    We are the tortoise and not the hare, the price will move when we get off the otc and venture boards.
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    Someone please confirm my understanding (or not). As per the MD&A hive is using ethereum revenue to pay for btc scaling. Hope this means they’re HODLing the BTC they’ve mined? Also i saw that 154 BTC were mined in Q1– are their total holdings listed somewhere?? Tia
  • C
    wow!!! Bitcoin up to a nice price. What does hive have for bitcoin mining capacity?
  • j
    Maybe when PayPal adds Ethereum (which they announced they will do next) we’ll see a bump commensurate with Bitcoin today.
  • M
    I'm still really new with crypto and companies like RIOT, MARA (currently have 8k shares), and HIVE (80k) and have no real understanding about the tech jargon or tech operations that go along with it. However, I believe crypto will go up in value along with PMs and am willing to put good money into a couple of these companies. Seeing the SP rise with RIOT and MARA without being profitable makes me really excited as a HIVE SH.

    Long-term, I believe this company is a BIG win with rising (hopefully ATHs in the next year) crypto prices. Add on more institutional buying and individual investors along with some FOMO runs *fingers crossed*, and I think everyone will be really glad they're holding shares.

    I for one am trying to accumulate more, but am waiting for Q3 earnings in my gold mining stocks. If I hadn't already added to my ROTH for the year, I would be accumulating more HIVE in it for sure. I haven't added to my wife's yet as I wanted to see where we were at around election time, so I could set her up with some.

    For trading purposes, I'm trying to decide if it's better to hold my PM stocks through Q1 of 2021 or to sell after Q4. Time will tell, but I believe both arenas will be profitable. However, HIVE seems really cheap now, even if it goes thorough some down days during this election time. I wonder what happens psychologically if/when the SP hits $1.00 or Market Cap hits $250M or $500M. Also, we haven't seen the huge volume days companies like MARA and RIOT experienced in early August. Funny thing about the day MARA took off on huge volume is that Jim Cramer gave a "buy recommendation" for Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC).
  • P
    really hope we can start moving up faster with Ethereum. still a great day.
  • K
    Welllll..... hindsight shows that the delay in results was to allow some out at up to 56c earlier in the year, then sentiment has turned down and we cannot catch a break even with an upturn in the ETH price. So you guys caught on the wrong side of the cycle need to hunker down...... or sell up and take it like a man, not a soy.

    There are 3 sage pieces of knowledge much older than you hotshots..........

    1. The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

    2. Don't invest more than you are prepared to lose.

    .........and my own favourite ...... There's nothing new under the sun.

    All 3 of these pearls of wisdom are surprisingly old ....... what % of you Masters of the Universe will have the humility and time to look them up, think about their timeless wisdom and take heart from their message..... ?
  • c
    Who’s ready for the show? Enjoy.
  • S
    Three Super-Positive Takeaways:

    1) 6.6 million Q1 x4 = $26.4 million annualized. $152 million / $26.6 million = 5.71 forward PE. 2) Net Assets minus liabilities increased by approx 25% from last year. 35M vs 28M total worth. HUGE! 3) No longer a negative EPS!

    I personally plan to continue accumulating until it becomes too expensive to do so any longer.
  • T
    Looking forward to Q2 (just considering ETH) -tldr PT min US$ 1.28 :

    1. As at June 30, 2020, the Company’s digital currencies consisted of the below digital currencies, with a fair value of $6,527,297 (5M is ETH, price ETH 30th June : 226; 5M/226 = 22k ETHs)

    2. HIVE has thus far mined more than 32,000 Ethereum (and 121,000 Ethereum Classic) in the quarter from July 1 to September 30, 2020, based on the Company’s preliminary unaudited results

    3. Based on its operating and maintenance costs, the Company’s current cost to mine Ethereum is approximately US$150, while the average price of Ethereum in the quarter ended September 30, 2020 has been US$343 ...

    Soooo they carried over 22k ETH * ('Eth 30 Sep = $360' - 'Eth 30jun = $226') which will either bump the revaluation or gain of sale figure by 3M and mined 32k ETH * ($343-$150) for gross profit of 6.2 M. If depreciation and expenses rose similar to eth output increase by 30%, they should be at ~3.7M (all d & e, incl btc &classic). That means we are looking at q2 net of 5.5M just for ETH , not considering the carry over of 1.2M BTC and Eth classic + whatever they mined of this in Q2... That would be a P/E ratio of 5 for ETH biz alone. Given P/E ratio of 20, PT is US$ 1.28 ... for ETH biz.
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    Yeah, I do not understand how you conclude 'factored in' from my post when I stated PT with 300% upside. I believe you have a point in consecutive quarters needing to validate the upside. But am not worried about it right now. Q2 avg ETH price = $342. Q3, obviously little data so far from Oct, low was $340 high was $384, but avg is probably Q3>Q2 at least currently.

    If P/E ratio of 5 is not intriguing, lets talk potential revenue & gross mining margin of Q2- again only ETH Biz.

    From Q1: "During the period ended June 30, 2020 the Company sold digital currencies for proceeds totalling $6,400,887"

    Lets assume, for simplicity, they sold all 54k ETH in Q2 and did not manage to sell them at peak early Sep when price was > $450 but only at avg $342. The potential revenue would be 54k*$342 = $18.5M for Q2 for ETH.

    As for the gross mining margin in Q2, it is at 1-(150/342) = 56% (39% in Q1)

    Gross gain, assuming depreciation rose 30% as did the output of ETH = 32k*(342-150)-(1.6M×1,3) = 4M (up from 1M in Q1)...

    I personally think some people anticipated a blowout from the wrong quarter. Q1 had ETH prices from $120 to $240 contrary to avg $342 in Q2.

    Hive did well to bring 22k ETH into Q2 as well as increasing output to 32k/quarter. Therefore, I believe it is currently undervalued and not factored in.
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    It's a solid report and although I didn't like hearing that Genesis continues to act like a 2 year old throwing its toys off a high chair by submitting invoices, I am genuinely glad they're out... buh bye. Secondly, I was encouraged to see a note about Kolos - and to me its not disappointing - I remain hopeful that Kolos can and will turn into a JV with an institutional partner by March 2021 (with Fidelity or the like)... IMO, large institutions will over the next year need direct access to crypto mining operators to provide crypto in support of their fiscal needs - global debt is unsustainable and a "great reset" is going to allow for a disruption to their models is greatly mistaken. My biggest takeaway from the report is that the company now shows that it can operate efficiently through adversity... and for as much as I've stated my disliking at times for the "interim chairman, I now must congratulate him... Lastly, IMO, the bottom for crypto is in (barring a total global disaster)...
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    @Jill: not sure what you mean. Wallets are supposed to be available for buying, selling, and holding BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC immediately. Using crypto (all four kinds) will be available for purchasing goods/services early next year. ETH use will be coming online at the exact same time as BTC. Pls correct me if I missed something...
  • N
    The earnings show us that the company is doing everything right and is in a great position to benefit hugely from this newly started bull cycle in crypto.

    I'm very much long and holding.
  • A
    Ok to all experienced stock investors . This is from a person who was trading back before you were born. This is a great example of market manipulation. They did it to CMGI you remember them Apple yeah apple it was $4 once and it stayed there a long freakin' time also Marvel comics also lycos you remember them . yeah you were using pacifiers . This ain't instant gratification sorry you are too snowflaked to handle it. That's your parents fault. Rome ain't built overnight
  • s
    rocket up after earnings release to 5 dollar per share
  • B
    This one has been very disappointing in relation to others. Riot has been doing much better. I just don't get it why Hive hasn't did some kind of gap when cryptos are making significant gains. I sold half my position a few days ago
    and going to buy the crypto direct. May be a mistake. Don't care. Been here for a long time and it's just not doing what I want it to or thought it should.