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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (HNHAF)

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At close: 09:38AM EDT

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  • E
    earnings Aug. 10 should be huge
    they get things done
    they have good workers
  • L
    This is dicey at best . Good call Alex Green!
  • L
    If any of the old gang are still here and know please help me with HNHPD
  • r
    I PURCHASED THIS STOCK THRU THE Tawain EXCHANGE2 years ago for 4.01. from what i can tell ive made nothing so far. alex green has no idea
  • E
    Will hit its target by July $133.00 and a lot higher get up where it should be $ 152.00
  • k
    Gross profit 368,760,179
    Why is this a 7,8 dollar stock?
  • E
    heading to $8.60 all time high 12.45
  • E
    It is nice to see the Vol average picking up very good sign
  • M
    I am having a difficult time finding a brokerage in the U.S. that will trade this stock. Any suggestions - and what ticker symbol is correct? I've seen 5 ticker symbols for this one.
  • D
    How do you buy Hon Hai Precision in the US? I tried both Schwab and Vanguard, and while the ticker (HNHPF) shows up, it is not available to trade. I actually talked to Schwab and was told that stocks from certain countries are not available.

    How do I buy stock for this company?
  • C
    As to the deal falling apart in Wisconsin, I live about 5 miles away and they are moving a heckuva lot of dirt. Projected jobs in this area is 13,000 but they did not say when. Likely 2000-3000 jobs in the first few years and grow as the industry & economy allow. State taxpayer incentives are tied only and directly to the # of jobs actually created...they lost out on several million $$ in 2018 because they were just starting to build. They are hiring contractors to build. Infrastructure on I-94 is almost complete and mostly ramped up due to Foxconn expansions and the need for easier access to Chicago and Milwaukee markets. They are locating right on the east side of I-94 and the interstate expansion goes north all the way to College Avenue in Milwaukee which is where Mitchell International Airport is. My main concern is HNHPF just a holding company and do shareholders really hold a piece of the actual business? Other scuttlebutt is that Corning is looking at land near Foxconn as they currently contract with Foxconn and are willing to expand. Also, just today, the Wis Supreme Court approved the water rights which will allow Foxconn to draw up to 7 million gallons per day from Lake Michigan. The Racine, WI water department can currently handle up to that amount but it will take years to get to that level. It's a great long term play as long as HNHPF is a real stock and I'd feel much better if it got listed on a major U.S. exchange.
  • L
    For the newbies, here, you are buying stock of a HUGE company. Popularly known as Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn has more than 200 subsidiaries and branch offices across over 20 countries. The company has also established research and development and manufacturing centers around the world and owns more than 83,500 patents.

    The company has received widespread international accolades and recognition, including being ranked 23rd in the Fortune Global 500 rankings in 2019. They have steadily grown from being 109th about 10 years back.
    In 2017 Top 50 Smartest Companies in the MIT Technology Review.

    I wish that we have uplisting on NYSE or NASDAQ and this will fly!

    Current SP is below most of the SPACs coming to the market.

    Best wishes - longs!
  • E
    Why is this stock not at 142.00+ 151.00+? HNHPF should be at over 10.50+ with there record sales and Rev. that keeps going up . maybe a split will help 2 for 1 . ITs a great company with good workers . that helped get sales over 1 Trillion in sales . and they put out a good product .
  • R
    Rudi Daddy
    This co is the #1 5G supplier of products for the 5G. They are moving into the EV market now. They are the #1 manufacture of products with contracts with the APPLE co and about 20 more companies. The earnings have been increasing. Blackrock Vangard and Fidelity have HUGE amounts of stock. This co may be the best stock that you will ever own. If it was on the NYSE it would be 10 times higher or more.
  • R
    Rudi Daddy
    this stock is Alex Greens retirement pick. The dividend is x divy July 23 for one year at .29$. The co is in to all types of teck uses and EV cars. This co is the largest manufacturer of electronics in the world.
  • w
    I bought Alex Green $3.00 Retirement stock & right now it’s $7.96. Do I have the correct ticker HPHNF? Never heard of HNHAF. Actually this is the first I’ve seen anyone talking about it! Am I on the right Alex Green Retirement Stock! As I thought it would of done more by now too!
  • J
    Anybody know what HNHPF will be using newly built Wisconsin plant for? If they build EVs there it would very close to the other major car manufactures out of Michigan. Makes sense... then they can be listed on a US stock exchange and make it easier to purchase shares in this company.
  • J
    If you think about this company for a minute, consider that it’s only on the OTC because they are big on the Taiwan Exchange as primary. One of the main reasons for listing on the OTC in the first place as a 2 shares at a time situation has to be somehow connected to staying in line with the guidelines before moving to a major US Exchange like not letting the price go below $1.
    The dividend is good here but the game changer would be the announcement that they are moving from OTC to NASDAQ or another big market. This scenario could skyrocket the price to Tesla and even Amazon status. Just imagine for a minute.
    On the other hand, HNHPF might delist from OTC and go home which would really stink and is unlikely with the potential for US EV Plants!!!
    Just my opinion however I’ve been here for a good while... back when shares were about $5. Let’s go!!!!
  • L
    Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, has begun making servers and other 5G networking gear for a handful of clients, including Cisco, at its manufacturing complex in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.
  • T
    Hi everyone, I’m trying to see if I can trade this stock in us exchange. What is the symbol or can I even trade here?