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Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (HMMJ.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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6.34+0.24 (+3.97%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • M
    I can't make sense of the reverse split on Aug 2nd.

    It was a 1 for two split.

    The share price was 1.80 and it went to 7.40

    thats over 4x, isn't a 1 for two split just doubling the amount of shares?

    Shouldn't it have just gone 1.80 x 2 = 3.60?
  • J
    decent dividend is back. lessens the pain a little
  • J
    Oh just great a reverse split... They only do this on stocks and ETFs because they perform poorly and now this gives shorts more room to short the thing all the way back down to 3 bucks again...
  • J
    Most frustrating investment ever this thing looks like it's going to zero...
  • N
    why is this up a 100% so glad I DCA to get lower postion. must be some big legal moves
  • d
    Buy at 3.5?
  • H
    Is this a flop? Up 94%? I’ll take it!
  • J
    Got burned too many times selling options on this one... Yet again I'm on the hook for shares at 18 and 7 expiring today... No more...

    Terrible management and industry it's left for dead now...
  • J
    So kind of them to take away half of our shares with this stock split
  • R
    HMMJ just issued a reverse split.So 1/2 the number of shares you have at the new price.
  • P
    Whoa.... dividends are back!?
  • K
    HMMJ's price action is heavily determined by its bigger holdings. Tilray, Aphira, and other weed stocks took a hit today, which pushed this down. As much as anyone here tells you otherwise, price-action on this ETF is heavily influenced by overall sector performance. As for my predictions, which is not in any way financial advice, I think we saw a correction and a new influx of investors will continue pouring in. Holding.
  • J
    Jor Jor Binks
    instead of buying into any one risky cannabis company this is my favourite ETF to load up on. takes the risk out of it and get great returns.
  • C
    I’ll be honest, I bought this ETF way back around $22. Averaged down to about $19. Didn’t think there’d be any hope for years to come. The ground this thing is gaining is amazing, and it just goes to show you that patience is a virtue when investing. Still a long way to go, but what a rally. Hoping it reaches the $20s again in 2021.
  • J
    I decided to do a comparison of the price growth of the top ten names in this ETF. Clearly the top names such as APHA, WEED, VFF have been flying ie last 3 months APHA is up 85% while this ETF is up roughly 40%. That's quite a substantial difference... Morever, other names in the top 10 are also significantly outperforming too.. Going forward if this continues it appears to be a better bet and just pour money into the top 3 names and enjoy much faster price gains than this ETF which is being bogged down by other poorly run companies... I understand the top 10 make up roughly 80% but I have no clue with the remaining 20% which I assume are weak companies being held just in case they go higher.

    I think I will begin deploying money directly into WEED, APHA.
  • J
    Today is the Dividend Payment Date, anyone recieve theirs yet?
  • J
    Horizons typically pays their dividends on the 11th or 12th. Did anyone else get their dividend paid?
  • B
    Dividend Payout announced... $0.26355. merry Christmas
  • J
    Great more losses reported by these companies... I guess there won't be upside for a long time.... Investors are so quick so sell on any bad news and do not do vice versa...
  • M
    Bought my shares at 9.20, should i keep holding?