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Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc. (HIX)

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At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • M
    I doubled my holding and it is moving up so all is forgiven. I am still down but still hoping to make a little money or even. I am hoping.
  • L
    Ludwig Von Mises
    Very nice movement the last few days.
  • M
    You wonder why I received 100 calls??? Me too!!! Yesterday, I received a Important Notice. We can not reach you and it is very important we speak to you. From John F Barry lll.
    Is this company a fraud? I am now afraid because I have 10K+ shares.
    Should I dump this crazy CO?
    This is scaring me.....................
  • M
    It is insane; Why is HIX calling every hour on the hour!!!!!!!!!!
    Are management crazy???? Yes, I own over 10K shares!!!!!!!!
  • a
    I'd like to get a poll. Where do you think the share price will be in 12 months? And why you think so. Thanks in advance.
  • d
    According to CEF Connect, NAV is $6.70, So if I read the deal correctly, the fund will buy back 35% of the shares at about that price.
  • o
    Seems easy enough, wait for the runup on valuation day (today) sell shares on open market and not risk any adverse market event by tendering shares to company in advance. Saba gets what they want and goes away. Hopefully without destroying the funds ability to achieve its goals now that a huge chunk of capital had to be distributed. Now I just need to determine if it is worth buying back in after things settle.
  • R
    Mass exodus in closed end funds underway. I think HIX won`t see yield hunters buy the dip until yield gets up to at least 8.5%
  • r
    I have not read the entire proposals yet - they did start off with this hadn’t been approved by the Securities or any Governing body -
    An inside deal - they also disclosed that not all shareholders will get the amount of shares bought back - depending on larger investors I.e. institutions.
    I’m wondering if this is a quiet deal with a few larger investors and to make it legal they had to offer the same to all shareholders- and by the time this flush’s out the smaller investors won’t get much if any bought back ?
    And it makes me wonder how safe the dividend is moving into next year ?

    Any thoughts welcome.
  • A
    Bought more today at 5.66. Am I losing it? What am I missing here?

    Objective is long term hold with dividend reinvestment.

    Opinions welcome. Thanks!
  • r
    My HiX has been the most stable position in my portfolio the last 6 months -
    Hope they can rebuild , increasing sp and dividend. I’ve had this for years - back when it was 10+ sp.
  • j
    Why the wonderful spike today???
    People hiding in funds ?
  • A
    HIXRT just showed up in my account statement today.
  • R
    So how can it be legal to do a 35% buyback without using the markets and at a price based on net value. If they had announced such a huge buyback publicly, this thing would have taken off. I will not be taking advantage of this offer....
  • P
    Is anybody following this? Freshest thread is 2 months old. Like to hear some opinions after the 2/24 - 2/26 slide
  • R
    The max trend line points to a stock price of zero. I'm long and need to get OUT.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Western Asset High Income Fund II reached a 52 Week low at 6.11
  • s
    Can anyone explain the recent tail spin in HIX from $7.25 recently to its current price of around $6.50. I know they have some PR bonds but that looks like it is going to be settled shortly according to recent articles in Bloomberg.
  • A
    What price should I start buying at